13 Hilarious Pictures of Women Being Savage

These women just say it how it is, and we love it! They're so savage, you can feel how painful their burns are. It's amazing because the savage girls say what we're all thinking and really don't give a damn. Plus, they're hilarious. People say the most stupid things online. It's so entertaining when they get shut down with an epic comeback. You know we all love a bit of drama.

Celebrities like Rihanna and J.K. Rowling are the queens of Twitter clapbacks. They know how to handle the trolls and haters. Women on Tinder are coming back with the wittiest responses to the douchey, sexist lines and it's epic. Oh, and you know moms and grandmas are the worst for savagely trolling people (including their own family) on social media. There's nothing funnier than when someone gets shut down by their mom on Facebook!

These savage responses to utter idiocy, in some cases, are telling people, don't try to come for us because we will come for you and it will be way worse. You can't handle the savagery. And don't go thinking it's cruel, because in a lot of cases you know that it's well-deserved.

13 You're officially uninvited

This is an even more savage piece of shade thrown by RiRi. The Kardashian-Jenners are admired by so many people who put them up on a pedestal. But you know who doesn't give a shit - Rihanna. If Kendall Jenner is going to get all sassy, saying that Rihanna has to play this track or that track, the singer is going to tell Kendall to step off. In all honesty, Kendall is probably just fan-girling and trying to show Rihanna some love for her music. If it was any non-celebrity fan who said this, we'd get it, it would be cool. But because it's Kendall Jenner and some people see her as a princess with an ego, it comes across in a different way. It comes across as demanding. And nobody demands anything of Rihanna.

12 Yes mama!

Tell me this isn't the best thing you've heard all day and I won't believe you. It's the most epic comeback to sexism ever. The wife is sooo in the wrong. An innocent mom is feeding her baby and it's distracting her husband because he's a perv. What kind of a person wouldn't berate their husband for that and instead tell the mom to breastfeed elsewhere. Someone who is an idiot, that's who. So she deserved to be squirted with the mammary gun. They both deserved it actually. This mom was probably at the end of her tether, because moms take a lot of stick for breastfeeding in public and it's stupid because it's the most natural thing in the world. She is giving her baby life, not getting her girls out in public for people to look at (and perv over).

11 When your Facebook insult backfires MASSIVELY

People write the most stupid stuff on Facebook, that's pretty much a given now. This kid was obviously trying to show off because his ego had been knocked. Showing a vegan videos like that is not funny, it's mean and gross. It proves how immature this boy is. But, man did his ex get one up on him! This chick clearly thought, if you're gonna come for me, I'm gonna come for you ten times harder... and embarrass you in front of everybody you know. It just goes to show that if you treat people badly, they're going to treat you badly in return. If you're going to behave like a douche on Facebook, then the recipient of your douchery is going to get savage and knock you down several pegs.

10 Alison showed off her cooking and got burned

Here's another epic tweet from Scotland. Tattie scones are basically like a pancake made out of mashed potatoes and they are delicious, in case you didn't know. But Granny Hazel clearly didn't think Alison a very good job with her tatty scones by the looks of that comment. It's so easy to love this savageness because it's a grandma, and you know grandmas tell it how it is, they're too old for BS. Secondly, people post annoying food and cooking shots on Facebook all the time and they don't always look great no matter how proud someone is of their culinary skills, so thank you Hazel for your honesty. The funniest thing is that Hazel is about to school her Facebook friend on how to do the job right, saying she'll post a pic when she's cooked her scones.

9 Yikes. Rihanna is a boss at being savage

Don't mess with the queen of savage, Rihanna, because you will lose. This tweet in response to some tabloid-style, clickbait post about her, is the reason why we love Rihanna so much. Celebrities are humans too and Rihanna is young and at the top of her game, so of course she's going to party like a rock star.  Why can't she enjoy herself and do her thing without people having something to say about it. But, because Rihanna has been in the game since she was a teenager, she's probably dealt with this trash over and over again. That's why she's telling MTV, that she doesn't care anymore, in the snarkiest and most hilarious way possible. Rihanna is so savage online, there are ton of comments and clapbacks that's she made and it's so entertaining.

8 Tinder guys ain't got nothing on the girls anymore

Look at this epic comeback to a cheesy, sleazy Tinder message. There was a long time when guys were just sending out these grim messages thinking it was going to get them somewhere. Nope. We're not having that. The girls are coming back with messages that are wittier and smarter than the original, and messages that are savage af. It makes you wonder if guys think twice these days about sending out their stupid lines, because they know they're going to get burned in response. Probably not, to be honest. The arrogance is real. Nevertheless, this clapback is hilarious. The guy thought he was being so funny (when really he was being a creep). But it doesn't matter because the girl definitely won this one. Bye, boy, bye! We bet he was speechless after he got that message.

7 Moms are definitely the most savage

Our moms didn't grow up with social media. So, a lot of them just don't get this desire to post your whole life on Facebook or Instagram. They also don't get why people are trying to make their lives look so fun and amazing all the time in order to impress other people. The trouble is, they know the truth. They know that you just posted a beaut, smiling selfie, but earlier in the day you were a hot mess, in bed with period pain. So they're not having it. This is clearly the case for this mom, whose daughter probably posts to many pics on social media. She really goes in on her daughter and the daughter was probably insanely angry at her mom for writing this, while mom is probably sitting back, cackling at her handiwork.

6 She might cast an unforgivable curse on you

We need to pick up our glasses of butterbeer and cheers J.K. for that one. Ouch! Among celebrities, J.K. is probably the fiercest on Twitter when it comes to savage clapbacks. It's not really surprising though, she's a smart lady and a writer, so of course she's going to have an epic response to whatever it is you try to say to her. The funny thing is that these trolls come for her on twitter and mama just doesn't care because she has been so successful and made a ton of money. So it's like you can say whatever you want because J.K. knows better. Like this dude, who is a Trump supporter by the way and that says it all, calls her a shitty writer but it's pointless because how can she be a shitty writer if she's created one of the best selling book series of all time?

5 Poor Michelle isn't so poor

Michelle Williams has gotten crap from the start for being the less popular member of Destiny's Child. She has been the subject of jokes and memes with the hashtag #poormichelle. But this is her epic response to the haters. You can just imagine her doing a little hair flip after she posted that tweet. Because she might not be Beyonce but she's richer than all of the haters out there trying to talk about "poor Michelle". According to The Richest, Michelle Williams is in fact worth $8 million. So she certainly isn't lying with that tweet. She's done amazingly well for herself. Will that stop people making jokes about the Destiny's Child singer? Probably not. But at least Michelle doesn't care about the trolls as we can see from her savage tweet.

4 You better werk

Here we have another stupid Tinder guy. How do they not understand that they're not going to get anywhere by talking about sex straight away? But this girl did the right thing by responding to the sexist remarks with an empowered message. Of course her favorite position is CEO. The guy in question probably felt like a right idiot after she sent him that. His Tinder technique was a big fail. Women won't take that kind of BS anymore because we're not just toys for guys to play with, we're strong and successful and we're killing it. It's great how she managed to shoot someone down with just three letters, that shows how savage and awesome this girl is. This guy needs to start speaking to women with respect if he hopes to get a girl as cool as this one.

3 Surprise, surprise

Who doesn't love a bit of sarcasm, eh? You've got to laugh at this savage response to a ridiculous statement. It's simple, yet brilliant. Tumblr is a goldmine when it comes to hilarious comments, people aren't afraid to dish it out on Tumblr, honey. So, these doctors are just coming out and saying that menstrual cramps can be real painful... We know that already, duh! We all know that period pain can be so bad sometimes that it prevents you from going about your day as normal. You just have to curl up in bed with a hot water bottle and as many chocolate bars as you can get your hands on to make you feel better.  The doctors just weren't listening or paying attention to women's stuff. But that's not much of a surprise either, is it?

2 The stupidity is astounding

How do you respond to the biggest idiots on the internet? Be savage af and teach them a lesson, of course. The first girl must be living in a previous century with that attitude. It's just mind-blowing that some people can think that way. She's obviously trying to make herself look good. But anyone with a couple of brain cells isn't buying it. Here's hoping she actually learned something with this schooling she got from the second girl. The best part is when she refers to herself as a "boss ass hoe" who is going to employ her some day - it is well and truly savage. Yass. She's got the right attitude. Women can do whatever they damn please, whether that's cooking or concentrating on school. You don't make the rules, girl!

1 Halloween done the Scottish way

There are pages and pages on the Internet dedicated to the hilarious things that Scottish people have done. They're the best because frankly they don't give a shit. This photo just goes to prove it. And it's quite a good idea. It's inspirational even. It makes you think of all kinds of obscene messages you can make with a pumpkin. And if you don't want kids hammering on your door all night on Halloween, you just make the message clear with your pumpkin carving. You know she stuck it in her window for everybody to see. It makes you wonder if this lady got some backlash from angry moms because of the language. But in all honesty, because it's Scotland, the moms probably just applauded the lady and had a good laugh.

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