13 Great Reasons For Morning Fun

Getting intimate with your partner is cool any time of day, but a lot of people get in the habit of doing it at night, often before bed. That is great, but you definitely should not overlook doing it at other times, like the morning. What could be better than starting the morning with a literal bang?  Why wouldn't you want to spice things up with your partner? A boring physical life is not one you should be living. Sure we all like some vanilla every now and then, but did you know there's benefits to stirring things up and having a little morning fun?  Here are 13 reasons why you should consider having some morning fun if you haven't already. And if you already do it occasionally when the time allows, these reasons might make you motivated to actually create the time for it. They're good reasons, we promise.

15 You Can Chill Out Before Your Busy Day Starts

Is there really any better way to start your day? Starting your morning with a little fun between you and your partner can actually give you a sense of calm. Starting your day with a little down time after some moments of fun with your partner help with the busy day ahead. The aftermath of a fun session can be pretty relaxing, and getting into the relaxed zone at the beginning of the day can be just as important as at the end. While we al love a little relaxation after a long day of meetings and dealing with clients, projects...your boss, choosing to switch things up and starting your day this way can set the tone for the rest of your day, even if it's just for a moment. Sure, you might need your caffeinated boost to really get going, but then you can carry the nice memories of your morning fun into your workday. When your morning meeting would normally be getting on your nerves, you can just smugly sit and think about the ending to your morning you just had.

14 It Increases Oxygen Flow To Your Brain

Besides making you relaxed, of course, reaching the big finish can increase blood flow plus oxygen to your brain. The more blood and oxygen that flows there, the more overall activity in your brain. So basically, morning fun can actually make you smarter throughout your work day. It's basically like starting off your day with a little yoga in the morning to help get your oxygen flowing and your mind going....except we think this version of doing so is a little more fun. Is that not a totally awesome way to jumpstart your creativity or what? A study at Rutgers University confirmed this by having women perform this task inside of an MRI machines so they could look at their brains. So, yeah, this does mean that a solo one works, too. So for all you singles lady reading this who aren't snuggling up to someone in their bed, have no fear because you can benefit from a little solo fun too.

13 Feeling Groggy Can Make It Great

Most of us feel super groggy in the morning, and as far as getting intimate goes, that actually works out super well because it means more relaxation, less over-thinking. Waking up in the morning takes a little bit of adjusting and realizing that hey it's time to wake up and get started with your day. But if you're still in the groggy stages of waking up and your partner feels like having a little morning fun, this actually works out in both your favors. You're already in bed, in a semi-undressed state which makes the whole thing feel pretty natural, and for some people, this means that they are less likely to feel self-conscious or pressure to perform, which generally makes your time together much better. It's the closest you can get to the supposed freedom of drunk fun except it's way better because there's nothing to get in the way like drunk sloppiness.

12 You Don't Need To Speak

There's something pretty sexy about waking up feeling a little freaky when waking up next to someone, and when that happens, morning fun can get going without even a single word. It's like there is an unspoken understanding between the two of you, and your bodies are so in sync that there is no need to figure out how it will go down because for some reason you just know. No planning or organization needed (even if the so-called organization is just moving from the couch to the bed). You're already there! Willing and able, first thing. Not that there's anything wrong with talking before or during the deed, but if that's normally how you do things, the morning can be a fun time to switch things up and let your bodies do the talking instead. And honestly, how many people actually talking in the morning before they've had their first sip of coffee? Exactly. So think of how amazing and seamless this morning fun can be!

11 It's Super Intimate

That quiet nature that tends to go along with the whole early morning thing can also make the experience much more intimate. Everything about the morning is stripped down, including the two of you (well depending on how you choose to go to bed at night). While you and your boyfriend might be living together, it's not every day he gets to see you in your natural state. This means the you who goes to bed with her hair tied, makeup off. So it is a very intimate moment for the two of you to spend the first few moments of waking up next to each other in both your most natural forms. Morning time means it's light out which means you can actually see each other, and if you were snuggling when sleeping, that means you're already physically connected in a way before you even get to the sexy part. Nighttime cuddling can actually help you and your BF bond, just like cuddling when you're actually awake.

10 It Reduces Pain

Thanks to the hormones that getting physical gets flowing, the act can help reduce pain from common ailments like headaches, menstrual cramps, and even joint pain. Instead of popping a painkiller on those more painful mornings, try a friendly romp instead. What's better than a natural remedy? Some research has found that even a little stimulation without reaching the big finish can help reduce chronic back and leg pain. Those menstrual cramps can be handled with some solo time if necessary. There is nothing we love more than finding healthier ways to making us feel better. Some people are not into popping some medication in order to help with these very common pains and instead of having to go a whole day feeling these pains, there a little quick fix that you can do to start your day off right. A fun way to heal is never a bad thing in our books.

9 It Makes You Look Younger

A study done at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland found that people who regularly engaged in getting intimate with their partners were thought to be seven to 12 years younger than their actual age. The researchers defined what was regular intimacy as around four times a week. Why? Additional testosterone and estrogen released during these moments you spend together can make our skin and hair look healthy and younger. Starting off your day with a little fun can give you a confidence boost since you know that your skin looks flawless. Also, women go to great lengths in order to find ways that will make them look younger. There are also women who will spend a lot of money to get those effects as well. So why not opt for something that is not only free but also something that you enjoy and can bring both you and your partner closer together.

8 The Timing Is Convenient

We are all busy, and for some couples, it can be hard to find the right time to connect physically on a regular basis. Not to mention that by the end of the day, most of us are tired or busy, or stressed out... or way too full from dinner and just not in the mood. We've all been there, right? Sometimes the aftermath of the whole day catches up to you and you want nothing to do than get in your PJS and get some shut eye as soon as possible. But in the morning, none of those issues and emotions exist, and if you're both in the same place at the same time with enough time, morning fun can be way more convenient. There really is no better tie because the two of you are both at the same place together and your clothes are already barely on.

7 It Keeps You In The Moment

Think of it like a free yoga session. When you decided to engage in a little morning fun with your partner you are going from sleep mode to intimate mode. During this time you are transitioning from your dreams and getting physical with you man, so there really is no time to think of anything. You'll be present and in the moment, maybe a little unsure about what is going on at first but once you get out of the grogginess and into the moment that's where you'll stay. You've been asleep for x amount of hours so you have no reason to be thinking or to be distracted by social media and what is going on with your day. being present is something that a lot of us millennials have a hard time doing. So what better way to be in the moment than in the morning with your partner?

6 It Makes You Happy

You already know that being intimate with your partner releases endorphins which making you happy in the moment, but it can also affect your long-term happiness. This is good for minor mood improvements but also for preventing depression. According to therapist Dr. Stephanie Buehler: “When a person is able to get to the end alone or with a partner, it gives a boost to serotonin and raises endorphins and opioids, the brain’s so-called happy chemicals.” With enough time, that chemical stability means you're more likely to stay on the cheery end of the spectrum. Think back on all the times you've woken up in the morning wishing you can ignore the world and go  back to bed because you literally can't even today. We've all suffered those mornings, and let me tell you they aren't pretty. So instead of going about your day feeling like you'll chew off the head of the next person who speaks to you, why not get in on some morning fun and do everyone a favor.

5 His Testosterone Levels Are High

When men sleep, their testosterone levels are replenished, which means he might be feeling extra in the mood in the early hours of the day. In fact, some studies have found that for every hour of sleep he gets, his testosterone levels can rise 15 percent. The endocrine system goes to work during the REM cycles producing plenty of testosterone to get him through the upcoming day. If your man is getting enough sleep, then think about the morning benefits awaiting you.Plus, without the distractions of life, he might also have more stamina and not only that but because he has more energy and can go longer, you can also have him do all the work. Ahhh how great does that sound? So maybe you should reconsider saving all those episodes of your favorite tv show for late at night and force your man to get to bed as early as possible. Trust us, you'll thank us in the morning...the show can wait!

4 It'll Keep You Healthy

Having a regular morning session with your partner can increase levels of the antibody IgA in your body, which fight various diseases and infections. You probably already start the day with a healthy breakfast and some vitamins, so it's along those same lines... but a lot more fun in our opinion. The body presumably does this to keep you healthy enough so that you can continue to have regular sessions, so you've got to be working with a partner to get the benefits in this case. The optimal amount of intimacy to have to increase your immune function? Two to three times a week. It is important to keep yourself healthy. We are part of a generation that are health nuts, looking for the next best wagon to jump on. We can't think of any other thing to get on board with that a regular morning session with your partner.

3 It's A Workout

Anything that allows us to skip the gym is a big win in our books! Imagine getting the same benefits from going to the gym, but you are actually just waking up from a good night's sleep, staying in bed, and enjoying some time with your bae. Where do we sign up for this? Anytime you can get your heart rate going at an increased rate counts as aerobic exercise. Depending on how things go between the two of you that morning, this might be a mild or major increase, but either way, it counts for something. And we're not mad at it. It's not going to be enough to skip your regular gym sessions, but getting your heart rate up multiple times in a day can increase your overall calorie burn by a lot. It's essentially like getting the metabolism going and then stoking the fire without completely letting it go out.

2 You Get The Glow

The endorphins and hormones that get released during the time you and your partner are getting intimate can give you a healthy, happy glow, and who doesn't want to look extra cute in the mornings? Think about all the times you've wasted trying to pack on the makeup to get that perfect glow. Now with a little bit of fun in the bedroom, you can achieve just that and in a healthier way too. It also sounds a lot more fun than spending time in the bathroom getting ready with your regular routine. There's also the fact that your blood circulates faster during this time, which moves more oxygen to your skin, which could help the body pump out toxins faster than normal. Some proponents suggest that being able to reach the ultimate goal in a day is as important for your looks and well-being as brushing your teeth and washing your hair. Consider it an order from Dr. Love.

1 Why Not?

Probably one of the most simplest answers and reasons anyone can give you for why the two of you should get it on. Sometimes the best reason does not have to be backed up by science or give you just the same benefits as something else. Sometimes the best reason why anyone should do something is because they want to. You do not need an excuse and you do not need a reason, you might not be a morning person, but who is going to turn down some morning fun with their partner.There is no harm in engaging in this to test out the waters. Try something different instead of your morning routine and see if it's maybe something you will enjoy. Hey turning over and kissing someone with morning breath isn't everyone's favorite thing to do but it's worth a shot. Who knows, maybe you'll discover something but you and your partner enjoy doing before your busy day starts. Can you even think of a reason why you would turn it down? Bet you you can't and that is exactly why engaging in some morning fun with your partner is more of a...why not?

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