13 Foolish New Year's Resolutions You'll Never Stick To

Well it’s a new year which means new resolutions to break. Let’s face it, New Year’s resolutions are bogus. Why do we have to wait for a new year to eat healthy or find a new job? These resolutions put a lot of pressure on all of us. We make unrealistic goals for ourselves and then get mad when they aren't met in a given time frame. Instead, we should be setting mini goals for everyday and reward ourselves for the little things we get done. If you’re like the million of people out there who are eager to get into your skinny jeans and feel your New Year’s resolution will help you achieve that, you might want to put down the celery and listen up. While some resolutions might be successful, there are plenty that are not, including these 13 foolish ones that no one will keep.

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13 Get Yourself Organized

Sure, being organized is great and it’s an awesome thing to strive for, but just because it’s 2016 doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get your desk, much more your life in order. If you set this as your New Year’s goal, you’ll probably find your closet will look like a hurricane hit it in no time. Instead of putting all this pressure on yourself to create a more organized year, why not take it day by day? If you find being organized is really hard, don’t get too carried away. Set a goal each day to tidy your desk after you’re completely finished with your work and don’t allow yourself to touch anything on it until the next day. Isn't that easier than giving yourself the whole year?

12 Quit Being So Stressed

Yeah, this is logical. Because your daily life doesn’t cause you stress? You can’t omit all things stressful (bummer) so why are you setting yourself up to fail? Stress happens all the time and sometimes when we least expect it. While everything seems to be going fine, something happens to shake things up. Your dog gets sick, your company is laying people off, you weigh one pound more today than you did yesterday. See how easy that happens? So instead of trying to give up stress completely (because, well, you can’t), vow to figure out a healthy way to deal with your stress. Give yourself a moment to breath and relax when things get rough. Take a painting class or do some yoga to help deal with stress rather than trying to remove it completely.

11 Get Married

So many women out there feel once the ball drops at midnight it’s their queue to go on a hunt for a man who will be her soon-to-be husband. Don’t be one of them. Who knows what could happen in a year. You might have a plan to find a man, get married, and have kids, but life has something else in store, like a better job. Or some really hot dates with Mr. Right Now. Don’t base your resolution on finding a man so you can get married this year. Do put yourself out there to mingle with potential hotties. Just don’t let the obsession over the wedding dress get in the way of having fun.

10 Become A Reality TV Star

We all have a vision of being famous now and then, but that’s all it is: a vision. A fantasy. Not a reality. Striving to get on a reality TV show this year is not a realistic goal. You have plenty of other things you can control instead of hoping to be seen by the right person and the right time, so that you and your best friend can have that comedic television series on Bravo. Focus on the things that are happening around you instead of what’s going on inside the television. Seriously, there are much more exciting things going on than finding out who the Bachelor picks for his make-believe love interest.

9 Go On A Strict Diet

Getting healthy is always a good goal and is one you should live by every day. However, if you are looking to try a crazy diet or one that is currently trending on the Internet, don’t do it. These diets rarely work and if they do, they won’t keep the weight off. If you’re looking to become healthier, do some research and figure out the best way for you to do it. Speak with a dietician or your doctor. Learn about healthy foods so you can make smarter choices when it comes to what you eat. A strict diet will only make you miserable because you’re hungry. Who wants to start off 2016 like that?

8 Get Your Ex Back

Ladies, he’s your ex for a reason. You shouldn’t try to get him back. The relationship didn’t work in 2015, so why do you think it will work in 2016? It won’t. He’s just as much as a jerk now as he was back then. The new year is about the future, right? So forget about the past and move forward. Instead of focusing on getting your ex back, focus on meeting new people. Write a list of your ex’s best and worst qualities to help determine what it is you’re looking for in a mate. This will help finding someone new and improved much easier.

7 Make A Drastic Career Change

You may have been wanting to change in your career for some time now, but don't make any drastic movements because it's a brand new year. Don't stress about being in the same job for three years straight. While understanding you want more in your career is key, over-stressing about not already being there is not. Understand these things take time. Branch out and network, apply for jobs and revisit your resume. Make sure you're set and ready to switch jobs before quitting your old one. Don't let a new year make you feel like you need to change right away. Set a goal of learning about what you want in your career and how you plan to achieve it.

6 Change Yourself 

You never want to change yourself into someone you’re not, especially if you’re doing it for a significant other. This is not a good resolution. Reality check: you are who you are, and no amount of makeup or personality tuneups will change that. And really, why would you want it to? Don’t let a new year make you feel like you have to morph into a woman your man wants you to be. Be happy with who you are and the woman you have become over these years. Besides, if you feel like you’re with someone who wants to change you, it’s best to recheck that relationship entirely. New resolution to abide by: ditch the dud.

5 Revamp Your Look

It’s a brand new year so you’re ready for a brand new change...with your looks. But before you pick out the box color or call up your stylist to arrange for a cut, wait. Do you really want to change how you look? Or are you just doing it because you feel guilted into it with the new year? Is there something else you wish you could change in your life but can’t and therefore want to take it out on your hair? Take a moment to really consider whether it’s your looks that needs fixing or your way of thinking. Don’t let the new year push you into anything you don’t want. And if you find that you do want a revamp, go for it! Just don’t do it because you think you’re supposed to.

4 Make Extravagant Travel Plans

Of course you want to travel! We all do. And you should do it, but it doesn’t need to be your New Year’s resolution. What if you’re too broke from the holidays (and life) to pay for a plain ticket to Bali? Then how will you feel? Who knows when you’ll be able to fulfill your resolution for the year and that will only make you anxious and frustrated. Vow to save some money each week so you can have enough money to travel to Europe or Mexico, but don’t give it a certain time frame. It will only be too heartbreaking if it doesn’t go through.

3 Losing A Certain Amount Of Weight

It’s 2016 and you've given yourself the entire year to stress about losing 20 pounds. Great. Something to look forward to, right? Wrong. Putting that much pressure on yourself will never help shed the pounds. And when they don’t come off, chances are you’re going to feel even worse about yourself which is not good at all. You know how that chocolate tastes when you're sad. Instead, tell yourself you're going to eat healthier, drink less, and exercise more. Try not doing it to lose a certain amount of weight, but do it because you want to feel your best this year and for many to come.

2 Stop Going Out So Much

So what’s the plan? You’re going to stop going out with your friends and stay home every night alone to watch Seinfeld reruns? No way. While you can be a little more strict about going out so often (you are saving money for that trip, right?), you don’t have to quit having a life. Going out allows you to experience different things and without that you don’t get to learn and grow. So go out with the girls on the weekend or call that guy back from the cafe and make a plan for a date this week. Life is too short not to enjoy it outside of your living room every so often.

1 Never Ever Eat Junk Food Again

Right. Tell that to your PMS. Cutting out junk food is never going to happen so don’t even kid yourself. Sure, you shouldn’t eat it all the time, but once in a while you’re allowed to indulge. You’re human after all. Forget about trying to deny yourself of something sweet. Instead, tell yourself you are going to try hard to eat the best you can. And if you get an urge around that time of the month, you will allow yourself to enjoy that big chocolate chip cookie without any guilt. Just try to be good and not inhale another when you’re finished with that one.

sources: forbes.com

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