13 Exercises To Do With Your Partner

To go or not to go? That is the question! A common problem that so many women face when contemplating if they should go to the gym or not. Having a gym partner (or a partner) can make your decision a little easier. Training with your partner can not only help you with your fitness goals, but can also create a closer bond with your companion.

In addition, working out together allows you and your partner to learn from each other by adding different workouts from the ones you are used to doing. Changing it up can only benefit your body. The human body likes change, so always remember once in a while to change up your routines and opt for some new exercises.

The following exercises focus on movements that stimulate your entire body, from your upper body, to your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and abs. There are also some exercises you can do with your partner that work out your entire core. So without further ado, here are 13 exercises to do with your partner, enjoy!

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13 Decline ab crunch with medicine ball throw

via: livestrong.com

This is a great ab workout for you and your partner. The goal of this exercise is to throw the ball to the lifter, after the lifter catches the ball, it is up to them to perform the proper contraction before moving down on the decline. Once you contract upwards, throw the ball back to the lifter. The catcher will proceed to throw the ball back to you before you go down for the next rep. Go for 8 to 12 reps if you’re just starting out. For those with experience, anywhere between 12-20 reps are ideal.

12 Single leg medicine ball pass

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This is a great workout that stimulates your glutes, while increasing your mobility and flexibility. The goal of this exercise is to stand in front of your partner, who is 3 feet away from you. Throw the medicine ball to your partner while on one leg, and continuously switch legs every time it is your turn to pass the ball. Go for 15 passes each for this exercise, and aim for 3 sets.

11 Norwegian hamstring curl

This is another great core workout that targets your hamstrings and glutes. The goal of this exercise is for your partner to hold down your calves by pinning down your ankles. Once this is done it is your goal to contract all the way down and then quickly shoot yourself back up. Make sure you are experienced before tying out this movement.

10 Medicine ball twist pass

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The medicine ball twist contracts your abs and obliques. To perform this exercise, stand back to back with your partner as your starting position. With your feet planted, twist your waist towards your partner and pass them the medicine ball. Then, proceed to get the pass from your partner on the opposite side. Make sure to go at a nice and slow pace when performing this exercise.

9 Wheelbarrow push-up

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The goal of this exercise is to create a steeper push-up, with your partner holding up your legs, which is similar to holding a wheelbarrow (hence the name of the exercise). To perform this exercise, have your partner grab your feet while you lock your arms into a push up position, then go down and complete the push up movement. Aim for 10-15 reps for this exercise.

8 Partner side by side squats

via: livestrong.com

This exercise is an excellent combination of strength, balance, and coordination. This movement aims to work your core, glutes, hamstrings, and quads. To perform this exercise, stand back to back with your partner, then push up against their backs and lower yourself into a squat position. Positioning yourself on your partner's back actually allows for improved form, keeping your back straight during the squat. After squatting 90 degrees, lift your body back up to the starting position. Aim for 12-15 reps.

7 Medicine ball sit-ups

via: livestrong.com

Sit-ups with a partner can be much more challenging than a regular sit-up, especially when you throw a medicine ball into the equation. To perform this exercise, make sure you and your partner have locked each other’s feet down on the ground. When holding the medicine ball, go down for a sit-up, once you contract and get back up, pass the ball to your partner, your partner will then perform the same movement. Continue this for 15-20 reps.

6 High-five push-ups

via: livestrong.com

The push-up is a great movement which stimulates your upper body muscles. Adding a high-five to this movement creates an increased amount of difficulty to the exercise. In order to perform this movement go face to face with your partner. Once you perform a rep and reach the top, raise your right arm sideways and high five your partner. Repeat the same motion with your left hand on the next rep.

5 Medicine ball slam

via: nasm.org

This can be an especially fun exercise to perform with a partner if you’re having a bad day. It can help blow off some steam and engage your core at the same time. To perform this exercise, stand face to face with your partner about 20 feet a part, keep your core tight and arms straight. Once this is locked, throw the ball onto the ground in the direction of your partner. Aim for 12-15 ball slams per set for this exercise.

4 Partner plank with a single-leg hip raise

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This exercise is very unique, and allows you and your partner the opportunity to perform two different exercises while supporting each other. To perform this exercise, one person must hold a plank position while the other person lies perpendicular on the floor and places their calf on their partner's back. The partner in the perpendicular position must perform the exercises one leg at a time, while the other partner holds the plank position. Once completed, switch roles. Go for 15 reps on each leg for this exercise. The partner must plank the entire time as you are completing the 15 reps on each leg.

3 Lunge and medicine ball throw

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This exercise is great in simulating your glutes, hamstrings, and quads. Throwing the ball also stimulates your chest, arms, and shoulders. This exercise is great for a full body workout, because with this exercise, you are working your upper and lower body.

To perform this exercise, stand face to face with your partner, make sure you guys are a fair distance a part from one another, about 10 feet. While in a lunge position, throw the ball to your partner, after doing so, your partner will go down and also perform a lunge. While in the contracted position, throw the ball back to your partner.

2 Lying leg throw down

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Lying leg throw downs are a great way for you and your partner to get ab ready for the summer. This exercise is simple yet very effective. One partner stands while the other lies down on the ground holding the person who is standing ankles. Lift your legs and contract your abs, once your legs are 90 degrees, your partner will throw your legs down. By doing this, it will cause a great amount of tension to your abs. The goal is that once your partner throws down your legs, you have to avoid having them touch the floor. This will really allow you to feel the burn! Go for 12-15 reps for this exercise.

1 HIIT cardio

One of the best ways to exercise with a partner is during a cardio session. Cardio can be quite grueling and straight out boring. Having a partner motivating you and be by your side, is one of the best ways to burn some extra calories. Doing so with HIIT cardio is a great way to exercise with your partner.

HIIT alternates between short intervals of high intensity cardio, mixed in with less-intense short intervals. The high intensity intervals can be a great way to motivate one another, while less intense intervals can be spent by having a casual conversation with your partner. Having a partner for any type of cardio exercise can be very beneficial.

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