13 Embarrassing Questions Other Women Are Asking Google Too

As a woman – or really, as a human – something is bound to happen that's out of your comfort level. It's something you haven't experienced, something new. Something you didn't know how to deal with. Something you didn't want to ask a doctor. And something that was pretty, well, embarrassing. And you did what any normal girl in the year of 2016 would do and you looked on the Internet. Then you immediately deleted your browser history so there was no record of the event whatsoever. We get it, you have questions and the Internet has answers.

In fact, you aren't the only one asking. Research shows that we're all Googling one embarrassing question after another. So rest assured that you aren't the only one out there, and you definitely aren't the only one with questions. Really, the only real question should be how people solved problems before the smartphone came along. So sit back, relax, and see what other women are wondering too.

13 Is [Fill In The Blank] Normal?

We're all dying to know if what we've got going on is kosher, or if it's something to be alarmed about. Whether it's something South of the border, a hormone issue, reaction to your addiction to Mountain Dew – we're all dying to know if there's something to be alarmed about. And if we should really be embarrassed about what's taking place. So don't fret ladies, you aren't alone. We're all doing something, well, interesting, and we have no idea if it's a cause for concern. No matter what your specific arrangement might be.

12 How Do I Get Rid Of A Zit?

Or ingrown hair, or gray hairs, or wrinkles – as a gender, we really have a lot of unsightly things we'd rather didn't exist. Which also means we're looking for the latest and greatest way to get rid of it once and for all. So what better medium to ask than the all-knowing Internet, which will have all types of ideas? If it grows on you, or near you, chance are ladies are searching how to do away with such a problem once and for all. So keep Googling, maybe you can even give out some advice of your own.

11 Is It Supposed To Hurt … There?

Seriously? We need to know. Like, right that second. Whether you wake up with an ache or started feeling questionable pains in the middle of the day, inquiring minds want to know. Is it supposed to be hurting there, is there something wrong? What can we do to make it better? And exactly how much pain is "too much"? And at what point do we need to call our moms? These are the big questions in life – at least while they're happening – and the Internet helps us find our best answers possible. And as quickly as possible.

10 What Is That Weird Thing My Period Is Doing?

It can be argued that no two periods are the same. While every woman has very different symptoms and side effects than the next, she herself is likely to experience all types of periods throughout her fertile years. So when it's not normal, or normal to you, you need some validation telling you you're on the right path in life. That your period is just acting up, and in a few days this whole thing will all be over. Thanks for the peace of mind, Google, we could really use it in our fragile state.

9 What Is That Position Called?

Maybe you heard about a new position, or invented something yourself. You need to know if people have tried it. Then more importantly, if they liked it. Was there a learning curve, and what tips do veterans have to offer? Sure you can talk about sex with your girlfriends … and your partner. But sometimes you get more of an education when searching online first (and answers to the questions you're too ashamed to ask). Show off with your extensive knowledge base in conversation, and when testing them out for the first time around.

8 What Are Guys Thinking?

I mean, good luck with this one. But just because it's a question with no answer doesn’t' mean it isn't worth asking … every single time it comes along. Men are definitely cut from a different cloth than women, but that also means there's likely to be a few of them out there offering their advice. No guarantees that it's actually going to be helpful, but that won't stop us from asking any less often. Besides, every once in a blue moon there's bound to be some success, right? Someone has to have a right answer, even if that means it's a man.

7 How Does Makeup Work?

There's so much of it. And sometimes makeup can be, well, downright tedious. So who can blame us for asking our fellow sisters of the beauty loving questions for a little help? There are simply too many steps – from sharpening that favorite eyeliner to figuring out exactly how contouring can help instead of making you look like a kid who got into mom's makeup, we have questions people. And we aren't the only ones. Whatever beauty question it is you're researching, remember that others have had the same. You aren't alone, ladies, ask it proud.

6 What Is My Ex Doing?

This one might not be exclusive, but you can bet that women everywhere are stalking their exes online. Thanks to the availability of social media and the sheer amount of information that's now available via the web, we're checking in often and regularly. We might not like what it is that we find, but that doesn't mean we're checking any less. Even if we won't admit it (or admit how often it actually happens). Hang in there ladies, they might even be virtually stalking you too. Only the owner of IP locators really knows.

5 Am I Pregnant?

Whether it's a flat scare or would come as some happy news, many women have turned to Google in their time of need. Is the stomach supposed to feel like that? What is implanting and did it already happen to you? There are just so many unanswered questions, and we need Google to sort it out for us. No matter what the outcome might be. Check online to see answers to your biggest questions, and to know what steps to take next. Even if that means by looking at what steps not to take first.

4 How Many Calories?

We all want to feel guilt free when eating that second piece of chocolate. Or when piling on the dessert. But the truth is, even if we don't feel guilt-free, there's a pretty good chance we can talk ourselves into not feeling bad. By looking at calorie counts, weighing nutrition benefits, etc. we can pretty much decide if any meal is a healthy one. Even if that means looking at others' worse decisions and then feeling better about our own. And more often than not, that's a step that starts with, "How many calories is in a…?"

3 Is He Interested?

Here we go again with the men. While some signs are more obvious than others, there's always that guy who can just not be read. Maybe he doesn't want you to know what's going on in his head. Maybe he can't decide himself. But rather than face flack from our friends, we choose to ask the Internet instead. Again, the results aren't always what we want to hear, but they are out there all the same. The next time you have a guy who's hard to read, consider asking online for some serious friend advice … just without the backlash.

2 What Is That Thing Growing?

The older we get, it seems as though the more random bodily functions that take place. Skin changes color, it gets bumpy, and that's only what's happening on the surface. There's plenty of other body changes that are on the rise. And before you bust out the camera and start sending snaps to your lady friends, it's time to ask your trusty, non-judgmental friend, Google. Their answers are far harder to get, but come with zero commitment. So have no shame ladies and start Googling away. It's the fastest way to get an answer, especially when dealing with something out of the ordinary.

1 What Is That Thing Everyone Is Talking About?

Ok, so your friends have been talking about this thing – whatever it might be – for weeks now. Maybe even a few days. You haven't had the nerve to ask them what it is. Too much time has passed and you're officially in too deep. So instead, you Google it. Sometimes when you're still with them. Just because you're too ashamed to admit you don't know what they're talking about. Thankfully, sites like Urban Dictionary, social media sites, and the rest of the entire Internet are there to save you. And put you back on track.

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