13 Dating Statistics That Will Seriously Surprise You

It seems that the world of dating is constantly changing. There are new trends like ghosting or breadcumbing or whatever else every week. Technology obviously changed the game completely and so there are always new online dating rules too. It's hard to keep up.

Because of its ever-changing nature people find dating a fascinating subject to study. We have some of the fascinating results of these studies for you right here. Because it's always good to be in the know. You can see if your dating life is like that of others or if you buck the trend. You can learn the facts to help you navigate the world of dating, because it's tough out there.

You will certainly find some of the claims here shocking, such as the idea that women send out as many unsolicited sexts as men do. But that claim comes from Tinder, so you can judge for yourself whether you think that's a misleading claim or not. But hopefully, some of the information here will help you out.

So, let's take a look at some interesting dating statistics that will likely surprise you...

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13 The average Tinder user spends 90 minutes per day on the app

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In 2014, The New York Times found that Tinder users went on the dating app on average 11 times per day. Men spent around 7.2 minutes per session while women spent around 8.5 minutes per session, altogether that adds up to approximately 90 minutes spent on the app for women and nearly 80 minutes for men per day. That seems rather excessive. But I suppose when you're using apps on your phone you don't always notice how much time you're spending on them. Considering the amount of effort people put into finding a boo and dating, perhaps they are spending a lot of time on Tinder without realizing that it adds up to well over an hour each day. And because Tinder is a bit like a game, it can become addictive. That might be another reason why people spend so much time on the app.

12 You can tell if you like someone in just four minutes

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A couple of scholars at Stanford analyzed four-minute-long speed dating sessions to see if it's possible to "click" with someone after just four minutes. They found that, yes, it is possible to make a meaningful connection with somebody in such a short period of time. It was certain "conversational behaviors or speech features" that led to such connections. For instance, women felt they clicked with men when they used appreciative language, such as "That's awesome" or showed sympathy, such as, "That must be tough on you". Women also felt more of a connection when the men interrupted, not in a rude sense, rather they were showing they were paying attention and were engaged. Both genders felt that they "clicked" when the conversation revolved more around the women, showing that men may not be as self-interested as you previously thought. Enthusiasm and shared stories were also strong factors in forming a bond.

11 Equal amounts of men and women admit to sending unsolicited naughty texts on Tinder

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Tinder carried out a study this year in an attempt to debunk some of the negative stereotypes about the app. As part of the study they found that the same number men and women admitted to sending unsolicited sexts - it was 50:50. It's very surprising, because really all you ever hear about are unsolicited d*ck pics. But don't forget that the terminology Tinder is using is "sext", and that could encompass a lot of things including saucy messages and less explicit pictures. So it would be best to delve a little deeper into this subject to find out what people consider sexting in this context before Tinder can lose its bad rep. Presenting the results in this way serves Tinder, so you wouldn't be blamed for not entirely trusting their statement about unsolicited naughty messages.

10 Millennials are 125% more likely to feel addicted to dating than older generations

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This statistic comes from Match's annual "Singles in America" study for 2017. It's not necessarily surprising that millennials are more likely to get addicted to dating, but the extremely high percentage is surprising. It indicates the sheer level of young people who feel addicted to dating. Although, it's also important to note that men are 97% more likely to feel addicted to dating than women. So it seems that it's the guys who are interested in bagging as many dates as possible. It's probably because online dating is so accessible these days. People aren't spending as much time trying to see whether someone is a good fit for them. If there's even something small that they don't like about a person, they can simply move onto the next person from the dating app if they want to.

9 Women are 22% more likely than men to forgive cheating


A British survey carried out by Illicit Encounters (one of those affair sites) found that 60% of women had previously forgiven a cheating partner, while only 38% of men would be willing to forgive a partner for cheating. Researchers believe that this is because women are more likely to think that they can change their partner than men. And Illicit Encounters suggests that because women are so forgiving, their partners suffer no consequences for their actions, so are more likely to cheat or cheat again. This kind of shifts the blame onto women for the cheating though, which is pretty gross. Women don't have to feel bad about themselves for being kind, forgiving people in general. They aren't to blame for the douchey actions of their partners. There are a ton of different reasons why some people are more likely to cheat than others.

8 Singles say the ideal kiss lasts 10 seconds

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Match and ColourPop surveyed 3,000 single men and women to find out about their kissing preferences. They found that the ideal kiss should last around ten seconds and over at Elite Daily they reckon that this length of time is way too short for a make-out session. I dunno... Ten seconds is longer than you realize. If you're making out on their doorstep at the end of the date, it's not going to last for minutes. If you're making out on their couch before moving to the bedroom then it probably will and should last a hell of a lot longer than ten seconds.

Another interesting insight from the survey is that 70% of single people say that a bad first kiss is a deal breaker. What do you think? Should the percentage be higher because it's pretty important? Or should more people be given a second chance at kissing?

7 31.5% of Ashley Madison members consider kissing cheating

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Lots of people have different ideas in terms of what they consider cheating. Some people don't even consider sleeping with another person cheating if there is no emotional attachment. A survey carried out by Ashley Madison discovered what people think about kissing and cheating. 31.5% of Ashley Madison members believe that kissing is cheating. 44.1% of members think it depends on what type of kiss it is, and how intimate the kiss is. And 24.3% don't think kissing is cheating at all. 46.2% of members think it doesn't matter who initiated the kiss, just that it happened. But do these statistics really represent what people think in general? It's hard to believe that members of Ashley Madison would have the same kind of moral and ethical standards as non-members.

6 More online daters have had committed relationships than offline daters

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This is another result taken from Tinder's survey on the myths of modern dating. They found that 74% of online daters have had more than one committed relationship as adults, as opposed to 49% of offline daters. They also claim that only 9% of men on Tinder report that maintaining a committed relationship is difficult. If this is all true, then it's rather a surprising statistic. We often think that those on Tinder are just after a quick hook-up before moving onto the next person as opposed to a committed relationship. But I suppose that all this data really tells us is that people on Tinder have had committed relationships in the past, not that they are actively seeking out committed relationships right now or that they are seeking committed relationships on Tinder. Again, more questions need to be asked.

5 34% of singles and almost half of millennials will have sex before a first date

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This statistic from the Singles in America study indicates that quite a few people (half of millennials) don't feel the need to wait until they've gone on several dates with a person before they get busy, they don't even need to go on one date in fact. Why should consenting adults have to wait? It's a personal choice whether you want to sleep with someone before going on a date or not. It's up to you and nobody else's business. I'm surprised that there aren't more people who would be willing to have sex before a first date. The study also found that men are three times more likely than women to use a one night stand to initiate a relationship. This indicates that more men than women would prefer to start out the relationship by getting down and dirty before making things more serious.

4 Most British adults (72%) don't see themselves as "completely straight"

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This is a fascinating indicator of modern sexuality. People are starting to realize that not everybody fits into a box labeled gay or straight. There's a spectrum that we fall upon and people are admitting it, as can be seen in this survey. Those that took part in the survey were asked to put themselves in one of seven levels of sexuality with 0 being 100% straight, and 6 being 100% gay. The results showed that 72% of adults overall put themselves as something other than completely straight, and 49% of people aged 18-24 put themselves as something other than completely straight. So, those who might describe themselves as heterosexual but put themselves at level one are saying that they're straight but homosexual feelings or experiences might be possible. This means that sexuality isn't as clear-cut as we may have previously thought.

3 74% of women have ghosted someone as opposed to 52% of men

via metro.co.uk

Ghosting is a pretty awful dating trend that has emerged recently, in which people simply choose to cut all contact with someone their dating or let their contact fizzle out instead of telling them outright that they don't want to see the person anymore. Men get labelled as players and f*ckbois all the time, but these statistics from Cosmopolitan show that in fact, women are the ones who ghost more than men. In conjunction with Reddit, Cosmopolitan interviewed a 1,000 men and women between the ages of 18 and 35, and found that 22% more women than men had ghosted someone. That's quite a significant and unexpected difference. One male survey taker said that lots of women are looking for hook-ups whereas he would prefer to casually date and get to know women more. So, maybe the ghosting happens when men and women realize they want different things from their encounters.

2 93% of young women would like to meet their next partner IRL

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This statistic also comes from the Cosmopolitan/Reddit survey. It's very surprising considering the popularity and accessibility of online dating. You would think that because online dating is so easy women would be happy to simply meet their next partner online. But in reality the large majority of women would prefer to meet their next SO in person. This could show that women are getting disillusioned with online dating. There are many reasons why they might prefer to meet someone IRL instead. Perhaps they would like to get to know someone face-to-face because it's easier to be fake or give off false impressions when you meet someone online. You can pretend to be someone you're not when you're hidden behind a screen. In person, you can make more of a real connection with somebody.

1 The three words that men find most attractive on women's dating profiles are "sexy", "honest" and "confident"

via mirror.co.uk

This news comes from a survey of 400,000 people. So if you are online dating you can get some good tips here concerning what buzzwords to use on your profile. Similarly, the top words that women find attractive on men's profiles are "honest", "intelligent" and "confident". But I suppose you also want to know what words to avoid when making your profile. The words that men find least attractive are "shy", "trustworthy" and "happy". Is it me or is that a bit weird? You can have "honest" but not "trustworthy". Perhaps it works in the opposite way, like you shouldn't have to say that you're "trustworthy" because that should be a given, so if you do put that down then men are thinking that you're the opposite. Or maybe it implies that you have been labelled untrustworthy in the past so you feel the need to say that you are trustworthy. Who knows?

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