13 Crazy Vintage Women Mugshots

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13 Crazy Vintage Women Mugshots

We love vintage photos because they remind us of how much things have changed. Yet, in many ways, things have stayed the same. Vintage photos give us the ability to peek into the past, it’s a portal into what once was. Looking at vintage photos also allows us to go a little wild with our imagination. In this collection of crazy vintage woman mugshots, you can let your imagination get carried away. And you should let yourself invent whatever story feels right for you. After all, it’s just for fun! Have a look at this list of vintage photos and share with your friends. See what stories you come up with individually and then collectively. See how crazy you can make some of these stories. But in all seriousness, these are real mugshots –and while we don’t know the outcome or even the reason behind each woman’s story, remember that women are arrested on a daily basis and are sentenced often without sufficient evidence or cause. Keep safe out there and make sure that you aren’t doing anything that would run the risk of landing you in a situation where you, too, might have a mugshot.

13. Not model behavior, but could be


So it look like mugshots were a chance to get in some free glamour shots. How bizarre is this mugshot montage of photos? Nothing about it feels criminal. Everything about it feels runway, sashay, and beyond the concepts of today’s mugshots. Clearly, this woman has been around the block a few times, it’s as though she’s as eloquent in her mugshots as she is with the entire process. She knows how it goes. She seems to take the photos very seriously, too –as if to say, this might be the only pictures that ever exist of me. Remember, not all families had cameras. It was a luxury to have a camera or even the ability to get film developed. Most families waited until a loved one died to get that family portrait. But some people were nomads and wanderers, rebels and criminals and waited until they got into trouble to get their pictures taken. This woman is case in point.

12. Not one is free from criminal behavior


Don’t get it twisted. Even the most innocent looking women can be pulling the wool over your eyes and you won’t even know it. That’s the gift they have –they were either born into it or learned the trade so well that their crime game was super tight. Well, not super tight because many get caught, like this unassuming woman who looks like she could be anyone’s mother or aunt, the local secretary or school teacher. Through these vintage mugshots, we get a peek into the world of crime and police work as we’ve never seen it before. Plus, we can admire some of the outfits that woman had to wear on a daily basis. Yes, their wardrobes were limited, but they made the most of what they had. Maybe that’s a reason many turned to crime, tired of wearing the same old outfit day after day, week after week. Surprisingly, hats were permitted in mugshot –today, not even glasses are allowed.

11. Hat tricks


Many of the mugshots featured here don’t have a backstory. Female criminals have been archived by their mugshots, yet the stories behind their arrests have all seemed to disappear. That leaves it up to us to create what we want from a vintage picture, which can be fun, but unfortunately, not as interesting as reading the real reason why many of these women have been arrested. Or, in this case, why this woman wears a hat in the frontal photo, but not in the profile picture. Who knows what was going on and we only have our imagination to rely on. What is certain is that there is something behind that look of hers, something that seems to want to tell many dark secrets that she’s been holding in for way too long. But we might not be ready to hear what’s she’s been keeping inside. Maybe it’s for the better that we don’t know the backstories after all.

10. Eyebrows on fleek in ´67


Here we have a fashion forward naughty girl or a fashion disaster criminal master. Whatever the case, one thing is for sure –she was not messing around when it came to her eyebrow game. She took her eyebrows seriously. And we think we’re the first generation to put eyebrows on fleek. It appears that women like her, and those who came before her, had already put the concept on the map, long before we had some of the tools and utensils we have today that dominate the art of eyebrow work into something truly glorious. What makes this photo crazy is beyond eyebrows, but still deals with hair. Talk about a coiffeur! Imagine the amount of time spend on her hair –all the effort and product. Love that she seems un-phased by the fact that she’s just been brought into custody.

9. Tormented into twists


Every time a vintage photo makes its way into our lives, we are touched by the spirit and energy of that person. In this photo, we are touched by the anguish in this woman’s face. It’s not full-on anguish, but there’s a heavy feeling about her facial language. It feels like she wants to tell us about her life, a hard life that brought her to a life of crime and pain. There’s something missing in her eyes and who knows if it’s the result of her life or perhaps a mental illness. We just don’t know. What we do know is that whatever she does requires her to keep her hair up in twisted braids just atop her head. Who knows what’s behind that hairstyle choice, but it feels like it’s related to something sinister.

8. Working that coy look


This female seems downright pleased with herself. Something feels very flirty about her look which might lead us down the pathway that leads us to her crime. Of course, we don’t want to assume anything about her because that would be wrong. But this woman feels all sorts of vixen even thought she’s just been arrested. Something about this mugshot screams classic southern flair and if we notice, she’s been arrested in Texas. She oozes southern charm or that southern belle persona even though her mugshot. It’s really quite shocking to see how much has changed between vintage mugshot poses and our modern versions. Nothing about mugshots today have this coyness about them. There is a darkness behind female mugshots today that doesn’t seem to be present in many of the mugshots of yesterday.

7. Chilling like a villian


Here’s a chick who seems like she might not even realize she’s been arrested. It feels like she’s spacey, like she might be in her own world, like she might be high on something or perhaps just on life. Whatever her crime was, it doesn’t seem to bother her one bit. Or she might be innocent and is looking forward to nailing the system with a lawsuit. No matter, what’s been captured in this vintage mugshot is a lovely face. She’s so stunning it feels as though, without the number plate, this could be a vintage model shot from an agency. Even her profile is striking. But we could be fooled by her pretty face. Some females choose their line of work because they know that their pretty face will help them con what needs to be conned for their own survival. She very well might be one of those gals.

6. A tortured soul


The tortured soul could be hers or it could belong to her victims. This woman’s mugshot feel dastardly. It feels like she was up to no good and wasn’t even concerned with getting caught. She feels like super witchy, like even looking at her vintage mugshot today could cause us harm just by the mere act of looking. It feels like conjuring and it feels dangerous af. No one knows her crime, but what’s remarkable is that we still have documentation of female arrests that date back to the early 20th century. It makes you wonder how mugshots today will be perceived by humans of the future. Whatever you do, though, don’t stare at this vintage mugshot for too long –its feels like a spell could enter your life without warning or remorse.

5. Amused or boozed


This young thing has got something on her mind and she’s not afraid to let is show. Something in her eyes seems to be saying, Yep, I did it, so what! And depending on her crime, that’s a frightening statement. She could be totally void of feelings or not even realize that what she did was wrong. Or it could have been such a petty crime that she’s amused by the cop’s energy they put into arresting her. Either she’s totally amused or she’s totally boozed. Even in her profile picture, she seems to be saying, F*#$ off, let me get this glamour shot pose in right quick. Crazy thing is that they allowed her to smile and smirk like that. Today that would be unheard of.

4. Not even granny can escape the mugshot list


Whatever grannie did, better be sure she’s an expert. It doesn’t matter that she got caught. Maybe that was her plan the entire time. Maybe she sacrificed herself to save someone else from being arrested. Grannys be kind like that, they be sweet as molasses. She seems neither bothered nor stressed. In her profile picture, she feels lost in thought as if worrying about something or someone. Use your own imagination as to what granny did to get thrown in the slammer. Ask your friends to guess what they think she did. Did she steal bread for her family? Did she steal pantyhose to look respectable for Sunday service? Did she forge documents or checks? Your guess is as good as mine.

3. When doves cry


This honey child feels distraught. It’s written all over her sweet little face. You can see the tears in her eyes and the anguish in her profile picture. This vintage mugshot, if nothing else, is quite beautiful. And that’s a little crazy considering it’s a mugshot. She feels both bad girl and aristocrat. But if you look deep into this vintage mugshot, you can see the heart of a girl who might have done something in the name of love. Her mugshot seems to scream heartbreak and giving her all in the name of love. She’s not holding back her emotions which makes her vulnerable and we do that most often when under love’s spell. Breaking hearts should be a crime. But in this case, it feels like she is the victim here.

2. That smirk, tho


Here we have a straight up Victorian female who looks like she gives zero f*$#s. That smirk is worth a thousand pictures and a thousand words. She looks both guilty and innocent at the same time. Both shots give us a different perspective of who she might have been. What’s incredible about this vintage mugshot is how closer it is to our modern day mugshots –the close-up shot and the no nonsense feel about it. In other mugshots there’s a campy even playful vibe, but this one feels much more serious. Get a good luck at the hairdo, too, which was super high fashion for the era. Today this hairstyle wold be considered a look one wears while lounging around the house. Oh how things have changed and thanks to vintage photos like these we can really study those changes closely.

1. Prostitution ring


Apparently, this is what the leader of a prostitution ring looks like. And this is not her first time being arrested either. She’s not stranger to the mugshot or the slammer. At least, that’s what internet sources have said about this vintage mugshot. However, without proper support of documentation, it’s hard to say, but those are the rumors that have been going around about this woman. And today with the internet, rumors circulate fast. But maybe not as fast as how many females came into and out of her employment circle or how many Johns cycled in through her ring of females. Prostitution rings move fast, they collect girls, earn quick cash, and disband. Be on the lookout because you never know who could be the leader, even unsuspecting females who look like they wouldn’t hurt a flea.

Source: twistedsifter.com

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