13 Cities To Visit If You're Looking To Find Love

In the midst of spring, love is certainly in the air. On every corner, you see lovers holding hands, exchanging kisses or cuddling on park benches. If you’re one person shy of a couple, then this can sometimes be torturous to witness. If you feel you’ve exhausted every possibility of romance in your small hometown or even the big city where you live, you may be looking for love in all the wrong places. Maybe you’re feeling the urge to get away, escape the mundane and see the world. If you’re looking to find love while exploring something new and exciting, then visit one (or more!) of these 13 cities to find true love’s kiss:

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13 San Francisco, USA

San Francisco, California is home to so many interesting and unique people who also just happen to be single and looking. This colorful city houses some of the greatest and most forward thinking minds of our generation. The city itself is filled with beautiful landscapes, culture and cuisine, making it the perfect place to just “bump” into your next great love story.

12 Tel Aviv, Israel

Vibrant nightlife, gorgeous Mediterranean beaches, delicious cuisine and stunningly attractive locals make Tel Aviv the perfect destination to find love. This lively city attracts great minds and spirits (just like yourself!) so it is ideal to look for love here. The city itself is deliciously romantic and filled with cute singles. The warmth in the air and the vivaciousness of the people will make you fall head over heels (with both the place and your newfound love!).

11 Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danish people are said to be some of the happiest in the world. This is due to many factors but one of which is called “hygge,” an essence of feeling cozy that is hard to describe. Hygge is creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with lovers and friends. This beautiful sentiment is plentiful in Danish culture and people are always looking for that perfect someone to cozy up with. Explore the beautiful capital city with old architecture and romantic little canal ways and try to experience a little Danish hygge yourself; you just may find the person you’ll cozy up to for the rest of your life.

10 Austin, USA

Austin, Texas is a hotbed for meeting your partner in crime. Arguably one the hippest cities in the states, this culturally rich city is crawling with young millennials who are looking to start the next big thing, play in the next big band, and find their next great love. With so many talented and interesting people populating this city, it would be hard not to fall in love with Austin and the special someone you meet there.

9 Auckland, New Zealand

For lovers of nature, find your soul mate in the nature capital of the world: New Zealand. Beaches, rainforest, mountains, lakes, New Zealand has every picture-perfect image for your outdoor adventures together. At the heart of all that New Zealand has to offer, Auckland is home to thousands of friendly, laidback, and very interesting singles. This beautiful city is a playground for lovers just waiting for you to explore it.

8 Montreal, Canada

This beautiful city is a masterpiece of culture, architecture and style. The second-most primarily French-speaking city in the world (second only to oh-la-la Paris), these locals have love in their words and on their tongues. A playground for singles, Montreal boasts lots of nightclubs and bars throughout the city for whatever style of dating you hope to enjoy. Fall in love with the charm of the city; fall in love with your newfound romance.

7 Las Vegas, USA

In the City of Sin, what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Vegas. That is, of course, unless you find your one true love there. Flashing lights, popping bottles and all the glitz and glam you could ever hope for, Las Vegas is a breeding ground for love. Gamble a little in one of the most visited sites for singles. Let that cute guy at the bar buy you a drink or stay a little longer at the poker table to really get to know your new friend so that you can leave this city one “plus one” richer.

6 Prague, Czech Republic

A portrait of romance itself, Prague is a stunning city of beauty, history and culture. This picture-perfect metropolis will create a love story with its sheer beauty, but will fill out that story with all the interesting and unique people you will meet there. The home of thousands and thousands of looking locals, travelers and expat singles alike, Prague is the perfect setting to the greatest love story of your life.

5 Barcelona, Spain

From the beautiful, old Gothic quarter to the modern and unique outskirts of this bustling city, Barcelona is filled with romance. So many interesting people flood the streets of this cultural art and music haven just waiting to meet their special someone. Wander through the markets, stroll down las playas, stop for some tapas, photograph some Gaudi architecture, or take a walk down La Rambla. Wherever you go, you’ll be sure to run into some interesting (and cute!) people along the way.

4 New York City, USA

Arguably one of the most diverse cities in the world, New York has something and someone for everyone. The Big Apple is chock full of exciting, exotic and interesting people just waiting for you to approach them. With compact restaurant and bar spaces throughout the city, starting up a conversation with your neighbor is a breeze. A hotbed for culture, visit your favorite museums or theaters to chat it up with similar aficionados or go to a live event with your favorite sports team or music artist to meet fellow like-minded fans. With such a rich and diverse population, you will find the person for you in this densely populated metropolis.

3 Buenos Aires, Argentina

A city embracing romance in all its glory, Buenos Aires is the place to go when you’re looking to find love. The birthplace of one of the world’s most sensual dances, the tango, this capital of Argentina hosts parties and clubs until all hours of the night making it the perfect playground for you to dance the night away with your new match. With Latin blood, Argentinians hold each other and gaze into each other’s eyes for hours and you can jump right into the heat of it. Visit this beautiful old city of South America and be swept away by the beauty and the romance of this captivating metropolis.

2 Rome, Italy

Romance just springs to mind when you think of this capital city of Italy. Good wine, good food and ancient picturesque architecture make this city the birthplace of good dates. The Italian people have a grace and charm about them that is hard to beat and hearing anyone speak this language of love will knock you straight off your feet. The history and the glamour of beautiful Rome will make you fall in love (and it’s the perfect place to meet other singles too!). Ahhhh Roma!

1 Paris, France

Let’s face it: no one quite knows love like the Parisians. Parisians just know love. They speak the language of love, live in the City of Lights and love, and are all around lovers of life. Another world cultural center, meet someone with similar interests at an event or art gallery. The home of so many great romance stories, Paris is a no-brainer choice when looking for love because it is Paris, after all. What better romance could there be than to be able to say: “We’ll always have Paris."

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