13 Cheater's Anthems You Don't Want To Find On His Playlist

One of the scariest things about being in a relationship with someone new is the possibility that things will go south and they will cheat on you. Being cheated on makes you feel worthless and brokenhearted and all around crappy. Chances are, you’re not making amends when you find out about his infidelity. Some cry with ice cream, some dig their key in to the side You get the picture, and some just cut the cord and move on to the next hopefully less douchey dude out there. It’s possible that the jams he’s been playing in the car while you two cruise has been hinting to you all along that he’s been lead astray. But wait a minute, you might be thinking, what does music have to do with his likelihood to stray? Well statistics say that 41% of adulterers have a preference for rock n’ roll music – because science. But let’s be real. Chances are, he has quite the wide range of musical tastes on his iPod. Just in case you aren’t sure if your man is cheating or not, here’s a list of anthems you definitely don't want to find on his iPod.

13 Confessions, Pt. II – Usher

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This song is certainly more on the obvious side as it’s called “Confessions”. Some of the first lyrics in this song are: “Every time I was in LA, I was with my ex-girlfriend. Every time you called I told you baby I’m working.” In this song, Usher not only confesses to cheating but also lying to his girlfriend about the betrayal. Few things are more painful than learning your boyfriend is cheating; learning that he’s cheating with an ex might just be the icing on the cake. If this is on his playlist, he might be trying to tell you something.

12 Picture - Kid Rock ft. Sheryl Crow

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Likely one of the most popular karaoke duets of all time is Kid Rock’s "Picture". It serves as both a confession and a country love song as two lovers confess their sins to each other in their absence. “Living my life in a slow Hell. Different girl every night at the hotel…” The positive spin is that this song breathes a little bit of hope into the idea that true love can conquer even infidelity. “I found your picture today. I swear I’ll change my ways.” If this is on his playlist, it might not be good but there still might be a chance to right wrongs.

11 Lips of an Angel – Hinder

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This entire song is about a guy’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend. If you put your shoes in the position of the current girlfriend in this song, you’re really getting the crappy end of the stick. “My girl’s in the next room. Sometimes I wish she was you. I guess we never really moved on... But girl you make it hard to be faithful, with the lips of an angel.” If he’s regularly jamming to this slow, angsty song, it’s possible that he has some unresolved feelings about his ex that he may or may not be acting on.

10 She Don’t Have to Know – John Legend

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Even the wonderful John Legend can sing a song about being unfaithful. Lucky for all you Chrissy fans out there, he wrote this song years before they got together. “Stealing moments just to be with you; thought it's wrong it's hard to tell the truth; Oh No she don’t have to know.” This entire song is about a guy going out in a disguise to meet another woman to avoid getting caught. They say that when guys cheat, it’s to save a marriage, but if this comes up frequently on his shuffle playlist, ask yourself “what don’t she [you] have to know?”

9 It Wasn’t Me – Shaggy

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It can be argued that this is the most well-known cheater's anthem of the last ten years. It’s literally a description of a guy getting caught cheating on his girl with another girl. “Honey came in and she caught me red-handed creeping with the girl next door. Picture this, we were both butt naked, b*nging on the bathroom floor.” This song is often viewed in a humorous light because how could some dude be so dumb as to get caught; but this song hasn’t been current for a while so if he’s been listening to this a lot lately, maybe he’s glamorizing it for himself…

8 Last Time - Trey Songz

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How many times has a girl heard "this is the last time I promise" from her cheating partner? This song takes that concept to 2.0 and it seems to have Trey Songz addressing both his current lover all while referring to his girlfriend, the girl he loves, who doesn’t deserve the way he’s treating her. “Girl, this is the last time, all caught up, and it’s time to put it down… can’t let no p*ssy come before my baby…” Admittedly, Songz sings about the fact that he’s cheating for sex, and not for some other mysterious reason. If you find this on his playlist, it’s probably time to figure out if you’re the girlfriend, or the other woman…

7 Stay – Florida Georgia Line (originally by Black Stone Cherry)

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This song, originally released by the band Black Stone Cherry in 2011, definitely gives off vibes of great regret, deep love and desperation. “But if I told you I loved you, would it make you want to stay? I'm sorry for the way I hurt you and making you walk away. (I should have took the time to tell you) And if I wrote you a love song and sang it to you every day, would it ever be enough to make you wanna come back home and stay?” The real questions in this song are: how did he hurt her and make her walk away? What should he have taken the time to tell her? Sounds pretty serious… It’s clear by this song that the person playing it for you does love you, but it’s for you to decide if love is enough to mend the pain.

6 Sorry – Buckcherry

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With any song entitled, “Sorry”, or apology, the most important thing to determine is what exactly is he sorry for? “Every single day I think about how we came all this way. The sleepless nights and the tears you cried. It’s never too late to make it right.” This is a song about making amends for wrongdoing, in whatever form it took in this case. Though unclear in the context of this song whether apologizing for verbal mistreatment, or just plain cruelty, or for being harsh in his own confession, Buckcherry makes it clear that seeing her cry makes him want to die…. so that’s gotta count for something, right? When this comes on his iPod while you’re laying in bed next to him, try to figure out what he’s so SORRY for.

5 For the Nights I Can’t Remember – Hedley

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The good news: if he’s playing this song for you, he deeply regrets something. Jacob, of the band Hedley, wrote this song to apologize to his longtime girlfriend, for all of the ‘rockstar behaviour’ he engaged in throughout his many tours. The bad news: he has something serious to apologize for. “What if I never let you down and said I’m sorry for the nights I can’t remember. What if I never said to you I would try!” This really is a beautiful song, so remember while you’re listening to it, it’s up to you whether you hold back your tears this time… or unleash on him.

4 Say My Name – Destiny’s Child

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Who doesn’t love Destiny’s Child? Even though this song takes on the female view of the person who is confronting the cheater, it’s possible that he can relate to the lyrics of this song. “Say my name, say my name, you actin’ kinda shady, ain’t callin me baby, why the sudden change?” It’s a song that acknowledges out-of-the-norm behavior and attributes it to the likelihood that he’s not being totally faithful to you. There is also a small chance if he’s playing this, he’s got some trust issues in you, too.

3 Fell in Love with a Girl – The White Stripes

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Well, they do say rock music lovers stray from their lovers more frequently, so here’s another rock song to add to the list. The song is essentially recognition of that moment that you’ve fallen in too deep and the fact that she’s got a someone else doesn’t seem to matter in the least. “Fell in love with a girl. Fell in love once and almost completely… come and kiss me by the riverside, Bobby says it’s fine, he don’t consider it cheating, no… ” The song even says the word "cheating" for you. If this song comes on, and he seems a little too into it, there might be another lady who caught his eye.

2 Runaway – Kanye West

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If the fans know (and love to hate) anything about Kanye, it’s his honesty (and his astronomical ego)… She find pictures in my email; I sent this girl a picture of my d*ck. I don't know what it is with females; But I'm not too good with that sh*t. See, I could have me a good girl; And still be addicted to them hoodrats; And I just blame everything on you; At least you know that's what I'm good at.” Well, they say in life, people will never be happy with what they’ve got, and the same apparently goes for Kanye’s relationships. If your man is playing this for you, he’s probably trying to put on a suave Kanye act in the hopes that you don’t literally go all runaway on him.

1 She Don’t Love Me – Zayn Malik

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Not only did Zayn break up with 1D and break the hearts of millions of tweens across America, but it also seems like he cheated on most recent ex, Perrie Edwards. The song bounces back and forth about how he needs you, but he doesn’t; and you soon determine he’s not talking about his girlfriend, but the object of his desires. Followed immediately by the chorus, which does address the current girlfriend “I think I know she don’t love me; that’s why I f*ck around.” Simply put. Some guys cheat because they don’t feel loved, hopefully you’re not hearing this song after it’s too late to fix the problem.

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