13 Celebs With Crazy Eating Habits

When it comes to creating a beautiful slim summer body the split is generally regarded as 20% weight training, 40% cardio conditioning and the final 40% towards the less than prestigious dieting aspect. Particularly with celebs, we tend to marvel at their ravishing good looks while managing to maintain such a tight figure year round. What we take for granted is how hard and rigours their diets can get especially when they are working towards a film where being in shape is an absolute priority. Although it is worth mentioning that most stars follow a concrete diet plan year round.

The following article will take a look at various diets stemming from a range of celebrities. These diets are all quite distinct from one another. One of the diets on this list actually looks at baby food as the predominant nutritional choice of the celebrity. Can you guess which female pop icon follows such a diet? You’ll find out the answer a little later. Other diets consist of a pure veggie intake, strictly liquid consumption and even a diet so rigorous that having a cheat meal every four days is an absolute must.

So now without further ado let’s put the faces on those who follow such crazy diets, here are 13 celebs with crazy eating habits, enjoy!

13 Megan Fox

Like so many other celebrities on this list, Megan Fox is following a trending diet which consists of making meals with less than five-ingredients in under five minutes. The meals are simple to make and require little time, this is especially key when you live such an on the go lifestyle. This type of dieting is based on a book called The 5-Factor Diet by Harley Pasternak. This type of diet is also followed by Eva Mendes, Jessica Simpson and Alicia Keys. In addition to this diet, Fox consumes foods that aid her metabolic rate, in one circumstance she incorporates apple cider vinegar which helps to cleanse and flush out water weight in her system.

12 Beyonce

Countless celebs have embarked into vegan type of diets, superstar singer Beyonce also gave it a try for nearly a month going vegan. Her meals were filled with vegetables and several green types of foods. Although she has stopped, her diet is still mostly plant based with the addition of fish as her choice of protein. Similar to Megan Fox, the star singer enjoys drinks that clean her system up and cut her water weight. Before her appearance in Dream Girls over a decade ago, the singer was on an all-liquid diet consuming cayenne lemon water. Now that sounds rough! Don’t feel too bad though, her liquid diet days are over, she also enjoys incorporating cheat meals once a week which are made up lots of wine and pizza!

11 Angelina Jolie

Jolie is one of the few Hollywood stars that have managed to stay extremely fit throughout her run in the spotlight. A huge part of maintaining such a strong fit physique is her dedication to following diets. As a mother six you can imagine this is easier said than done. The mega star follows the Ancient Grains Diet, which is made up foods that are fat and carbohydrate based. These food types include nuts, quinoa, chia seeds and grainy types of foods. The benefits go much further than developing a great body, they also transcend to her skin and hair health.

10 Kate Middleton

Kate’s transition since becoming a member of the Royal family has been quite remarkable. Middleton made headlines around the UK for her fabulous physique on the day of the Royal Wedding. It was later revealed that Kate followed a strict Dukan Diet in order to get in such amazing shape. This diet type is mostly made up of protein and vegetables, it is also very basic to follow, consisting of three meals per day. The diet changes over the course of different weeks depending on how much weight you want to lose. Because Kate progressed so well early on the diet got easier and easier the following weeks. She still follows a similar eating structure to this day.

9 Katy Perry

Becoming one of the most popular and downloaded singers in the world, Katy Perry has also gone through a significant physique change throughout the years. It seems like the mega pop star gets slimmer and slimmer as the years go by and this is not by accident. Perry is following an M-Plan Diet which is based on mushrooms believe it or not. Ya, weird huh? Katy packs up the mushroom intake for 14 days, consuming large amounts for lunch and supper. Why mushrooms you ask? Well the science behind this diet is that mushrooms remove bulking in certain areas you just don’t want like the thighs and stomach particularly which seems to be a problematic area for lots of women. The real kicker is that the diet still maintains a great curvy shape and doesn’t take away from the bust look.

8 Victoria Beckham

It seems like almost forever now that Victoria has been idolized for having one of the most stunning physiques in all of Hollywood. The fashion icon certainly works hard for her slim figure following a diet yearly. Beckham made headlines when she revealed that her diet of choice was the Alkaline Diet which consists of fruits and vegetables. The goal of the diet is to follow proper pH ratios, so for example consuming an 80/20 ratio based on vegetables and grainy foods. This diet type is quite the trend amongst celebrities. Others that have done this type of diet include Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kirsten Dunst.

7 Zac Efron

It seems like his transition went down over night, going from skinny High School Musical star to a muscle hunk appearing in the new Baywatch film alongside The Rock. His transformation was certainly not overnight and took some serious dedication in and out of the gym. Diet wise, Zac went nine days without any carbohydrates or sugar. Efron went strictly organic consuming grass fed protein along with organic greens. With such a strict diet, cheat meals are a must in order to spike your metabolic rate and keeping your sanity. Zac would indulge to the fullest on his cheat days eating steak, mac and cheese and several desserts.

6 The Rock

He still remains one of the top fitness advocates in all of Hollywood, what so many tend to forget is The Rock goes through some crazy diets along with his training habits we all see via his social media accounts. Like Zac, Dwayne went through a serious diet before shooting the Baywatch film. Rock followed a low carb diet which was generally protein based barely consuming any type of carbs at all. As you can imagine, his cheat meals like Zac were absolutely epic needing to incorporate one every four days believe it or not. This meal would consist of steak and eggs while consuming some serious amounts of carbohydrates coming from a chocolate chip banana pancake. Thank God for cheat meals!

5 Lady Gaga

Her style and swag is so out there that most of us failed to realize how much leaner the star singer has gotten throughout the last couple of years. As you can imagine, her diet wasn’t the most generic or main stream. Gaga followed an odd diet which consisted of eating baby food. Yes, the plan does in fact replace your first two meals with actual Gerber baby food. This is later transitioned into a nutritious supper which features the more generic grown up foods. Believe it or not some other high profile names have attempted this diet. The likes of Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston are among the high profile names to have tried the baby food diet.

4 Madonna

Known in the Hollywood realm as the ageless wonder, Madonna seems like a glitch in the system managing to stay fit over the course of her long career in the spotlight. Among other things, the singer can thank her strong dieting habits over the years. A diet she has followed for a long time is a really tough Macrobiotic Diet which takes out wheat, meats, dairy and eggs. Meaning, the diet is pretty much vegetable based which includes countless amounts of greens to consume per day. At the age of 57, the platinum artist is still going strong.

3 Christina Aguilera

The mega pop star seems to be the queen of yoyo dieting going from slim to thick on a yearly basis as it seems. During her rigorous dieting days, Christiana predominantly followed a Fresh Diet. The diet is actually derived by a home delivery meal plan by a Cordon Bleu chef. The diet plan mainly consists of luxurious foods that have a healthy low calorie spin on them like a strawberry pancake for example. This diet type is a dieters dream but as you can imagine it probably doesn’t come at a cheap price when you’re sponsored by some of the top chefs in the world. Oh if only it can be that easy for the rest of us!

2 Marilyn Monroe

One of the most iconic faces in all of Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe also followed a strict diet during her prime years. As you might have imagined, Marilyn consumed a fun diet which consisted of foods she enjoyed while keeping it low calorie. She typically had eggnog for breakfast, while skipping lunch in order to save more room for dinner which would include a protein meat along with carrots. Monroe would also indulge from time to time adding in a hot-fudge sundae.

1 Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez

Crazy to think that both these stars are over the age of 40 while still maintain tremendous physiques throughout all these years. Although different physique types, the two stars at one point followed a similar diet stemming from celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson. The diet was actually a flexible diet plan which consisted of options, something dieters love as you can imagine. Eating the same thing over and over again can get quite boring. The diet was very macro friendly featuring anything from eggs with eggplant to coconut flan. Caloric totals are vital when it comes to diets, but this doesn’t mean you have to eliminate your favorite foods. This diet exemplified this by allowing you to keep those foods while consuming low calories. The two still follow a similar diet type, although Lopez admits she doesn’t want to lose much more weight because that will cause her to lose her curvaceous identity we all know her for.

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