13 Celebs Who Seriously Are Gym Obsessed

A large part of the success in the fitness industry comes from the celebs that have single handily put it on the map and made it “cool”. Celebs like The Rock have managed to put an emotional attachment associated with working out, this has inspired millions upon millions to grab a dumbbell and start a fitness journey of their own. Dwayne isn’t the only star to transcend his passion for fitness to the public, the Kardashians also made a seismic impact embracing the curvaceous look which seems to be the trend amongst women trainees nowadays.

With all this motivation for us, comes a passion for these celebs. In order to inspire so many of us, this passion must develop into an obsession in order for it to resonate with millions of people worldwide. This article will take a look at some of the most popular faces in Hollywood that fit this criteria. Despite their jam packed lifestyles which has them constantly working and traveling, they make time for the gym and fitness. So now without further ado, let’s find out who these inspirational figures are. Here is a list of 13 celebs that are gym obsessed, enjoy!

13 Vanessa Hudgens


Staying fit can seem like an uphill battle for a lot of us, now just imagine if you are a celebrity trying to squeeze in a workout. Vanessa Hudgens actually makes it a priority of hers to live a fit life while eating healthy and exercising regularly. According to Hudgens the feeling of getting in a good workout is “amazing inside out”. She also credits fitness for making her feel alive and with so much energy throughout the course of her day. Fitness does in fact spark your metabolism and heart rate providing you with more energy over the course of the day. The actress splits her meals into five which include two snack meals along with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Her meals are loaded with protein, fruits and vegetables. Training wise the musician loves cardio based exercises, she also partakes in Pilates courses.

12 Matthew McConaughey


When you’re the star of a mainstream male movie, chances are you have to be in pretty decent shape in order to accept such a project. Luckily for the film Magic Mike, McConaughey was the perfect contender for the starring role. McConaughey credits his fitness obsession to simply wanting to stay active and not just sit constantly. Matthew also loves the feeling that comes after a workout, something he thrives on. In addition to his active lifestyle, McConaughey fits in a perfect eating routine daily, you can’t do one without the other. His diet is loaded with vegetables which he consumes with every meal. His motivation for staying fit, as he says “Just keep livin”.

11 Michelle Obama


Even one of the most significant figures in the world of politics, Michelle Obama is a huge fitness activist. For Obama, training is more than just something physical, she describes it as being therapeutic as well. With millions of followers on Instagram, the First Lady spreads her love for fitness on the big mainstream stage, she has served as one of the most influential celebs who are gym obsessed. At the age of 52, the Chicago native is in tremendous shape physically and mentally. Her contributions have touched millions and inspired many people to change. We hope she continues this positive trend in the future.

10 Miley Cyrus


Even with a horrible travel schedule, Cyrus remains gym obsessed and makes it a priority of hers to stay in shape no matter how crazy things get. Her slender figure is not the cause of starving herself, the star follows a strong diet plan along with a full on training program. Among other things, Miley does Pilates five to six times a week when she is back from her hectic road schedule. She also loves to perform yoga poses in her own home. Diet wise, Cyrus seems to take a liking to trending foods, especially the green ones like avocado, spinach and green tea.

9 Kevin Hart


Believe it or not during his rise to fame, Hart has been putting as much time as he can into the gym. Kevin has made fitness an essential part of his everyday life landing magazine covers and articles on such fitness companies as Body Building and Mens Fitness. His passion for it is what strikes so many of us just because of his laughable demeanour on screen. Away from the camera, Hart is very serious about his fitness gains, training almost every other day. Kevin’s workouts are pretty brutal with a mix of weights and body weight exercises. The goal of his training is to keep the intensity high at all times.

8 Cameron Diaz


Hard to believe Diaz is passed her 40s, a strong devotion to fitness has made it seem like she never ages. Cameron became one of the first celebs to go mainstream about her fitness obsession. As opposed to a Kardashian style of body, Diaz is still keeping that sexy slender look alive. Training wise, Diaz maintains a healthy blend of strength training intermixed with regular weight training. She also goes really hard during her cardio sessions following a workout. Her biggest driving factor when getting in shape is staying in the zone at all times when she’s in the gym. Easier said than done especially for a celeb but this is a mentality she has kept throughout her fitness obsession.

7 Channing Tatum


Not really surprising, but yes Tatum is gym obsessed. The popular actor rose to superstardom because of his physique, so you can say that fitness put him on the map. During his road to Magic Mike, Channing followed a crazy training routine which featured separate stints of cardio sessions and intermixed weight training which focused on weighted and body weight exercises. According to Tatum, the biggest thing is to find the time and enjoy it, don’t see it as a burden. When not training for a movie, Channing likes to keep things fresh, just recently he changed his routine to a more Cross Fit oriented program.

6 Emily Ratajkowski

As if being a stunning popular model wasn’t enough, the 25 year old took her talents on screen instantly becoming one of the most popular faces in Hollywood. Staying in shape is absolutely essential for the UK native as you can imagine, so being gym obsessed isn’t too shocking. Emily credits yoga and hiking in the LA area as one of her strongest fitness practices. Eating wise, she loves meat and does not count on salads to get it done. She ensures her body gets the proper amount of intake for her health and spiritual energy.

5 Zac Efron


Starring in a Baywatch movie alongside The Rock, becoming gym obsessed was absolutely essential for the 28 year old star. Efron took his body to another level in preparation for the movie, he not only added some rips but also gained some serious muscle in the process. Efron credits this to a constant healthy lifestyle in and out of the gym. His workouts were intense, featuring weighted and body weighted exercises along with some serious cardio spells. Even after the film is over with, expect Zac to continue his gym obsession.

4 Demi Lovato


What started off as a wonderful success story turned into an obsession for the popular musician. Lovato embraced her curves while giving it everything she had in the gym. This mentality inspired millions around the world to get in shape and change their lives just like Demi. Today, the 23 year old is still kicking butt in the gym having lost over 30 pounds since her journey began. Lovato credits fitness for not only helping her physically but just as much mentally.

3 Justin Bieber


One of the biggest stars on the planet, Justin Bieber finds ways to fulfill his gym obsession, despite living a crazy lifestyle which sees him being constantly on the road. His entourage claims Justin sometimes trains in the bus on the way to a show. When in a gym setting, Bieber is focusing on adding some size while staying lean at all times. He uses a healthy mix of strength training and cardio to meet his goals. Remarkable to think how hard he works to maintain such a figure despite living one of the craziest lifestyles amongst his Hollywood peers.

2 The Rock


It’s no secret, Dwayne is gym obsessed and if you don’t know it by now, you’ve been living under a rock (see what I did there). The Rock is certainly one of the most motivating fitness figures out there, using his social media account to show the world his drive and passion waking up as early as 4 am to get in a workout before his busy day starts. So many fitness enthusiasts love The Rock because of his ability to hold fitness close to his heart, his effort and mind set is absolutely contagious making him one of the most loved fitness celebs in the entire world. With a new sponsorship with Under Armour, his stock will only rise up even further.

1 The Kardashians


The Kardashians, particularly Kim are pioneers in the fitness industry. Kim embraced her curves while pursuing a healthy lifestyle, this mentality inspired millions upon millions of women. Before you knew it, a sexy sleek physique was replaced by a curvaceous body. The change happened over night as it seems.

Kim is gym obsessed, obtaining such curves requires a steady calorie intake along with some serious squats. Her sister Khloe also went through a remarkable change becoming gym obsessed, she has now become one of the most popular fitness celebs out there. You can track her routines on various social media outlets like SnapChat and Instagram. Their fitness obsession has transcended to millions of fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

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