13 Celebs That Give Us Bikini Body Envy

With bikini season fast approaching, stars scramble to get into shape. “In shape” to a celebrity has a very different meaning than it does for middle working class America. In shape for us, is being able to climb a flight of stairs without having to stop to catch our breath, or being able to go from a sitting to standing position, without the use of our hands. For a celebrity, it means being able to compete in a triathlon at a moment’s notice or lift a car off a toddler at the local Whole Foods. We hold celebrities to a higher standard; we emulate them, we look up to them, we expect them to be real life Gods and Goddesses. And boy, do they deliver.

These stars work around the clock 365 days a year to maintain their bodies. I once went jogging for four mornings straight, I thought my legs might fall off. It seems a necessary requirement for these A listers, after all, image is part of their money making machine. No matter how much progress we make as a society, we are still a long way off from plastering our sitcoms with aging, heavy set celebs. Until we are able to break down that barrier, we will contain to put immense pressure on famous people, therefore immense pressure on ourselves to look like them. A vicious, unending impossible to achieve/maintain cycle. When viewing the best beach bodies that give us bikini envy, be sure to remember that you’d look pretty amazing too with a personal trainer, chef, hair, and makeup team.

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13 Aubrey Plaza

via: popsugar.com

How much do you want to be friends with Aubrey Plaza? This wisecracking sarcastic actress embraces the darker side of comedy and does it like a champ. She’s shown the world that the awkward quiet girl can also be a bombshell and labels are a thing of the past. Don’t let her wit fool you, she’s rocking a bod that will leave anyone jealous and inspire us to look our personal best. She has a somewhat self conscious air about her that makes her real and even more relatable, but also an “I don’t really care” attitude, without being off putting. Well played Plaza, well played.

12 Isla Fisher

via: popsugar.com

Doesn’t it kind of irritate you that people like Isla Fisher exist? She’s beyond talented, so sweet, and then steps out with this bikini body, not to mention the fact that she got to grow up in Australia. Envy all around. It makes sense now, it’s so hot there, one must always be ready to don a swimsuit. She’s doing something right, and we want to know what it is. At least we can take solace in the fact that she works hard and is well deserving of her bikini body. It’s interesting that her swim garments cover up far more than her husband’s Sacha Baron Cohen...

11 Nicole Scherzinger

via: mirror.co.uk

Do people like this exist in nature? They must, because Nicole Scherzinger definitely exists. This Hawaiian born singer has been blessed with a voice and a body that people would die for…or kill for. While she enjoyed some moderate success with her all girl singing group, she definitely has not fizzled out. While the singer may be taking some time to figure out her next big career move, she seems to be enjoying her fun in the sun. The pressure to stay at your top physical peak must be immense, but Scherzinger is making it look easy.

10 Emma Roberts

via: eonline.com

Emma Roberts may have gotten a leg up on the competition by being the niece of the famous Julia Roberts, but it is her talent that has kept her in the game. This quirky actress has an incredibly wide range and we are able to see her grow as an actress and become more confident. Not just in her films, but in her image. Growing up in the spotlight seems like the hardest thing child actors face, yet Roberts has done so with incredible grace and poise. Her confidence alone leaves women envious, not to mention her slim figure.

9 Rihanna

via: popminute.com

Very few women can find that balance between good girl/bad girl, tattooed/put together, and rocker/sweetheart yet Rihanna does all three flawlessly (and with what seems like no effort, just a natural charm). She exudes confidence, adding to her already smoldering sex appeal. It must get overwhelming when every man wants to date you and every woman wants to be you, yet Rihanna has been able to maintain a quiet composure throughout her career, focusing on her music. In a dog eat dog world, she seems very grateful for her opportunities and our envy only grows. We can’t help but love an adorable grounded celebrity.

8 Serena Williams

via: dailymail.co.uk

This powerhouse has the ultimate athlete’s body. In a world of practically emaciated runway models, Serena Williams has made her mark as a beautiful, healthy, successful woman who embraces her image and feels not only comfortable but confident in her skin. With her killer body and dedication to her craft she's given young girls a role model that is outside of the “model thin” beauty and hopefully in the very near future our world is plastered with more women like her. Athletes work ridiculously hard to achieve even a fraction of what Williams’ has, and we admire her all around; brains, beauty, bod. If tennis can do that, sign me up for lessons tomorrow.

7 Mariah Carey

via: pinterest.com

Mariah Carey has been dominating the world since the 90’s, when her “Vision Of Love” song dropped and was a mega success. Very few celebs can disappear from the spotlight for some much needed rest and then stroll back onto the scene and top the charts yet again. Mariah Carey has shown us, yet again, she is truly unstoppable. After her wildly successful professional life and caring for twins in her personal life, she still finds time to have a bangin’ body. She seems to have it all together giving us not only bikini envy, but life envy! Some things just aren’t fair.

6 Katy Perry

via: popsugar.com

Katy Perry stormed onto the music scene and won’t be leaving any time soon. Perry is very open about her life, which adds to her appeal, allowing her fans the opportunity to connect with her on a level that most artists try to hide. She displays her emotions and doesn’t shy away from her heartbreaks, lending her an incredibly endearing quality. And did you know she has a ridiculous body? Of course you did, she is not afraid to show it off. Katy Perry is a breath of fresh air in this industry and is the bikini body envy of quite a few women.

5 Kristen Bell

via: zimbio.com

Kristen Bell can do no wrong. This adorable actress has enjoyed a life that most people can only dream of. She’s had an amazing career, married a hilarious and devilishly handsome husband, and you would never know it just by looking at her, but has even popped out a couple of kids. Not only is the world envious of her bikini ready body, but the playful relationship she has with husband Dax Shepard. The two seem to have a blast together and while we’re jealous, we can’t help but be happy for her. She’s tiny, yet fierce, fiery yet vulnerable and knows how to rock a swimsuit.

4 Beyoncé

via: pinterest.com

I'm pretty sure it’s a rule that a list can only exist if it has Beyoncé on it. Seems logical, it’s Beyoncé for crying out loud. You know you’re bad a$$ when you can pull off the one name title. This woman is unstoppable, not that anyone wants to stop her (or would be able to). Is there anything that this woman doesn’t have? No, the answer is no. If you’re feeling particularly down, just look up a photo of her rocking a swimsuit and you’ll be sure to feel a million times worse. Killer voice, lethal body, famous husband, adorable child…yeah, I’d say Beyoncé is worth your envy.

3 Jennifer Aniston

via: bodyrock.tv

Everyone loves Jennifer Aniston, from her Friends days to the hit comedy Just Go With It Aniston has proven she’s here to stay and we’re happy about that. We’ve seen her style evolve over the years and how she can even drastically influence hairstyles, but the one thing she hasn’t changed is her amazing body. Aniston gives us everything from bikini envy to husband envy, to just plain life envy. She has risen above the Hollywood drama and has moved forward in her personal and professional life, and we love her all the more for it

2 Alessandra Ambrosio

via: eonline.com

Okay, a Victoria's Secret Angel had to be included. After all, they are practically the definition of “swimsuit ready”. There is literally no person in the world that isn’t envious of Ambrosio. Not only is she on this list for her famous body, but for her perseverance. Killer body, down to Earth, appreciative mother who worked her butt off (literally) to get ready to hit the magazine covers once again. Can you imagine a career where your body is literally your job? Don’t keep up with it, get the boot. Sure, one can say she has it all, but nannies and personal trainers play an integral role in maintaining success!

1 Kylie Jenner

via: pinterest.com

It is no surprise that Kyle Jenner made our list! The youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner Klan is slaying with her snapchat game. She is no stranger to posting racy videos or pictures and is proving that she is all grown up. She is now on her own business venture with her Kylie Jenner Lipkits which literally break the internet every time they go on sale. Although in her prime, any picture of Jenner showing off her assets definitely makes us have major bikini body envy!

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