13 Celebs And Their 13 Disney Princess Doppelgängers

Being another person’s perfect double would be pretty amazing, wouldn’t it? Can you imagine all the trouble you could get into and all the things you could get away with? You could watch from the sidelines as the other person takes the hit for what you’ve done. Just thinking about it probably has you rolling on the floor (we know we are). But if we had to pick people we’d love to look like, it certainly wouldn’t be our next-door neighbor, a classmate, or a co-worker, unless of course they’re totally dreamy. Most of us would probably pick the most stunning Hollywood elites or better yet, our favorite Disney princesses.

Disney has done a great job of creating princesses who are independent, smart, strong and willing to do whatever it takes to make their dreams come true. Some of the celebrities on this list may never get the chance to play a Disney princess on the big screen or television, but they definitely look a lot like their real-life doppelgängers. But we’re not just focusing on their physical features. Some of these celebrities also have personality traits that are oh-so-similar, it's uncanny. You’ll see what we’re talking about once you take a peek at our list.

26 Loren Grey Is Rocking The Pop Music Industry With Her New Single, Kick You Out


Loren Grey is a social media star whose career is skyrocketing towards fame thanks to her incredible voice. In fact, many believe she may be the next queen of pop after she started uploading her videos on TikTok, an app that captures and presents the world’s creativity directly from one's mobile phone.

Her single “Kick You Out” talks about a bad breakup that continues to haunt her heart. Her catchy new song helped her overcome the heartbreak that comes from splitting up. "I was feeling really vulnerable, and the song came right from my heart," she explained in a statement, as Idolator reports.

Music has undoubtedly become a coping mechanism for her. But when it comes to romantic hardships, we’re sure her Disney doppelgänger could totally relate to that.

25 Disney Doppelgänger: Rapunzel


Like Loren Gray, Rapunzel was a little naive when it came to love. She fell for Flynn Rider in the Disney film only to realize that he was a thief. Thankfully, it all worked out in the end when he had a change of heart. Loren is young, vibrant, and an all-around human cupcake just like Rapunzel.

But we seriously doubt that Loren's long, luscious blonde hair is as magical as Rapunzel's and can keep us young forever. So don’t go all Mother Gothel and try trapping her in a tower! Loren also has a great voice, and it’s all hers, unlike Rapunzel, whose musical voice comes from singer Mandy Moore.

24 Lily Cole, The Stunning Model Who's Dipping Her Toes Into The Film Industry


You could say that supermodel and activist Lily Cole was very brave to make her directorial debut in her first film, Balls. The movie offers a modern-day twist on the female spirit and its indomitable nature. But Lily herself has been acting since she was six and was even in Marilyn Manson’s adaption of Alice in Wonderland. She was also accepted at Cambridge University to study English and Politics.

So it’s clear that Lily is one fierce redhead who has always had strong ambitions and she thanks modeling for giving her the confidence she has today. She’s a total badass just like her ginger Disney doppelgänger!

23 Disney Doppelgänger: Merida


Lily Cole and Merida, the protagonist from the Disney film Brave have a lot in common. For starters, they’re both redheads and they have the most adorable little freckles. Just don't let that fool you. These ladies are pretty tough! They don’t give up and they certainly don’t need anyone to come to their rescue. We’re not sure if Lily can use a bow and arrow like Merida can. But we’re pretty certain that if your kingdom ever needed a hero, you’d definitely want someone like Lily coming to your rescue.

Merida’s personality was probably one of the most realistic of all Disney princesses because she was a total go-getter who wasn’t afraid to do what she needed to do to get to the top, much like Lily.

22 Dove Cameron Took A Much-Needed Social Media Break To Record New Songs (Yay!)


23-year-old Dove Cameron may be super young, but you certainly don’t want to push her buttons. She may not be able to send you into the next ice age, but she can totally ghost you on social media. Just ask her followers, who were undoubtedly surprised when she announced she was taking a break from social media to cope with her anxiety.

But once she handled her personal issues, she returned with not one but six recorded songs. And just from looking at her eyes, and even her hairstyle, you can pretty much guess who her Disney double is, right?

21 Disney Doppelgänger: Elsa


Dove Cameron and Elsa both have a thing for braided hair, evidently. They also have the same shade of platinum blonde hair, and even their eyelashes are pretty identical, too. But what we love about these two beauties is that they have this no-nonsense vibe that makes them a force to be reckoned with.

Personality-wise, Elsa left her kingdom behind when it turned on her after her powers went all out of whack! In the same regard, Dove left social media when social media prevented her from being the best version of herself. Oh, and did we mention that she played Mal, the daughter of Maleficent in the Disney film Descendants and its sequels?

20 Karrueche Tran Went From Promising Model To Awesome Actress


Karrueche Tran never imagined she’d end up being a Hollywood actress, but life doesn’t always work out the way you expected. She was more popular for being in a relationship with musician Chris Brown. But when the relationship ended, she had to make a name for herself and she was able to do that thanks to her manager. Eventually, she landed the role of Virginia Loc on Claws and she’s absolutely rocking it.

But do we think she deserves being this next Disney princess doppelgänger solely on the fact that she’s an all-around badass babe? No. Aside from obviously being beautiful, she also dreamed of being a restaurant owner. Sound familiar?

19 Disney Doppelgänger: Tiana


The Princess and the Frog Disney movie is set in the '20s and focuses on the story of a New Orleans working woman named Tiana, who's struggling to open her own restaurant, which was originally her father’s dream. In the end, she gets her wish through sheer determination and even finds loves (not too shabby!).

Like Tiana, Karrueche also has lovely caramel skin and hopes and dreams that have turned into reality through hard work. Neither of these women is the type of gal who gives up easily. But somehow, we doubt that Karrueche would consider kissing a frog to achieve her goals and risk falling victim to the curse like Tiana did.

18 Hilary Duff Is Busy Being A Mommy While Shooting Scenes For Her Comedy-Drama Series, Younger


Hilary Duff is one busy Hollywood lady. Not only has she dabbled in music, written a couple of books, and starred in more movies than we can count, she’s also gone on to star in one of the coolest dramedies ever! We’re talking about the show Younger. Hilary plays Kelsey, a book editor and BFF to lead character Liza, a woman who's pretending to be younger after struggling to re-enter the working world at 40.

Despite being pretty busy as it is, Hilary also makes sure to spend some quality time with her kids, Luca Cruz Comrie and Banks Violet Bair. Clearly, this blonde beauty has a lot on her plate, and we can’t help but notice the similarities between her and a popular Disney character who’s always tinkering around with things.

17 Disney Doppelgänger: Tinker Bell


We're all familiar with the adorable Tinker Bell. She’s one of the most popular fairies/Disney princesses in the world. But what does she have in common with Hilary Duff? Well, the two seem to enjoy wearing green and putting their hair up in a bun, for starters. They also have a smile that could win us over in the blink of an eye.

Aside from their obvious physical similarities (minus their height), Tinker Bell and Hilary also manage to juggle a lot of responsibilities all at the same time. But at least Tinker Bell has pixie dust to help her out. Poor Hilary has to do so much without any magic at all!

16 Jasmine Tookes Loves To Share Her Stunning Beauty Secrets And We're All Ears!


You probably know who Jasmine Tookes is (unless you’re a hermit living in the middle of nowhere). She’s a Victoria’s Secret angel and a total beauty junkie. Jasmine is your go-to girl for anything makeup. She told Elle, "My second passion besides modeling is beauty. Ever since I was little, growing up I would always do my friends’ makeup for prom, or my own makeup just for fun."

Jasmine also used to put makeup on her Barbies when she was a child. Now she's too busy walking the runway, going on photoshoots, and rocking social media with her inspiring confidence. Does it sound like a certain princess we know?

15 Disney Doppelgänger: Jasmine


Is it any wonder that Jasmine Tookes would have Jasmine from Aladdin as her Disney doppelgänger? They both have the same name, so that’s a major plus. Plus, they have a similar skin tone and look effortlessly stunning without even really trying.

Both beauties are also very independent and willing to do whatever it takes to become the person they want to be regardless of what anyone else might say. So, while Jasmine is out ruling her kingdom and riding around with Aladdin on the magic carpet, the real-life Jasmine is strutting the runway and impressing us with her badass and confident walk.

14 Taylor Swift Is Back In The Studio Recording New Music (Yay!)


Taylor Swift is one of the world’s leading contemporary recording artists. She loves writing songs about her personal life, particularly her love life. Now it seems like the Grammy winner might be making a comeback. She’s been hinting about a potential seventh album ever since the end of 2018. In recent weeks, she’s also been spotted paying a visit to a recording studio, which at this point confirms the rumors that she’s making new music.

But would you consider her to be a modern-day version of this next Disney princess? Well, Kanye and Kim K might not think so, but we certainly do!

13 Disney Doppelgänger: Cinderella


Like Taylor, Cinderella may look a bit naive, but she’s definitely not the kind of gal who’ll just stand there and take it, at least not for very long. In the movie, Lucifer the cat messed up her floors, and she called him out on it. Taylor did the same thing in RL when she sang about the guys she dated, and basically called them out for doing her wrong.

Like Taylor, Cinderella had big dreams, so she waited for the opportunity to stand out and outshine anyone who stood in her way.

12 Ariana Grande Is Working On Her Own Starbucks Treat And Hanging Out With Big Sean (Yeah, As In Her Ex-Boyfriend!)


Ariana Grande has changed her look over the years, but we’re definitely getting a mermaid vibe from her in this photo. The singer is a smash hit in the music industry, but lately, she’s been collaborating with Starbucks to create two new cinnamon and caramel iced macchiatos containing egg whites that make it seem like you’re drinking clouds instead of coffee.

She’s also been hanging with her ex, Big Sean, at a recording studio in LA. Now, fans are keen to know if they're working on a new hit! But we’re not exactly sure if he’s going to become her Prince Eric.

11 Disney Doppelgänger: Ariel


All right, so Ariana isn’t a natural redhead, but she has sported that color for years. So, that would have been a perfect opportunity for Ari to get cast as Ariel. They both have petite figures, and when Ariel has human legs she’s all-around adorable just like Ariana. You can also call them both "Ari" and they’d turn their head, which is pretty cool.

But while Ariel has had to contend with Ursula, Ariana has had to deal with lots of antagonists on social media, which makes it tough to have a happy ending. Hopefully, Ariana finds her happy ending soon.

10 Anne Hathaway Is Really Enjoying The Simple Things In Life


Anne Hathaway is as endearing as she is lovely. She has a bubbly personality, which is oh-so Disney. She even played a princess in The Princess Diaries, but has since earned recognition after winning an Academy Award, Golden Globe, and a British Academy Film Award. She was also named one of the highest-paid actresses in the world back in 2015.

Now she is set to star in the remake of the classic The Witches and we can’t wait to see her shine brightly like she always does. But Anne also enjoys the simple things in life, like making a carrot soufflé. So who's this elegant beauty's Disney doppelgänger?

9 Disney Doppelgänger: Belle


Belle might not be baking a carrot soufflé anytime soon, but she has a lot of other things in common with Anne Hathaway. They’re both feminists who stand for equality and are super smart. They don’t take foolishness from anyone, and if someone tries, it's "Bye Felicia," and "Thank you next." Belle is a refined bookworm, while Anne enrolled in Vassar College where she took English as a major and Women's Studies as a minor.

These bright young ladies are pretty stunning, and they love dressing up in stunning gowns that are red-carpet ready. Remember that golden dress? That’s something we’d love to see Anne Hathaway try wearing at an awards show.

8 Selena Gomez Is Spending Her Days Making New Music And Hanging Out A LOT With Zac Efron


Selena Gomez may not be a Disney princess, but she’s a former Disney channel star. She played Alex Russo on Wizards of Waverly Place. But that seems like a lifetime ago. Disney isn’t the only thing she’s left behind. She’s also let go of her past with Justin Bieber (who’s married to someone else now) and may have moved on to Zac Efron.

The two have been spending a lot of time together and rumors suggest that they might be Hollywood’s newest couple. We’re surprised she even has time to date given how busy she is making new music.

7 Disney Doppelgänger: Snow White


Snow White was known as being the fairest in the land. Her skin was white as snow, her lips were red as roses, and her hair was deliciously black. Sounds like we’re describing Selena Gomez, doesn’t it? Well, the two are also super young and a bit vulnerable at times, but they have an inner strength that surfaces whenever life pushes them to the limit.

Snow White and Selena are the type of gals you'd love to take on a girls' coffee date, as they're both so friendly, bubbly, and approachable.

6 Nicole Scherzinger Was Dubbed The Most Beautiful Woman In The World, And We Absolutely Agree


Nicole Scherzinger may not have blue blood, but she certainly knows how to party like the elite. The former Pussycat Doll was partying at Sir Elton John’s AIDS Foundation bash and fans thought she looked amazing. She was also dressed like a princess in her plunging pink gown. Fans all over the world thought that Nicole's beauty sort of stole the show. And she truly is breathtaking!

But we love the fact that she wasn’t just there to show off her stunning physique. She was there to support the foundation and everything it stood for. Can we say princess with a heart?

5 Disney Doppelgänger: Pocahontas


Nicole would make a great Pocahontas if Disney was planning on producing a live action movie! They both have long and lustrous black hair that’s truly unforgettable. Both ladies are also free spirits within their own right. Like Nicole, Pocahontas taught us important lessons like loyalty, friendship, and family. She’s totally fearless, too. Who could forget that scene where Pocahontas leaped off the cliff? Or that time when she refused to obey her father’s ideas which saved her entire tribe?

That sounds like something Nicole would most definitely do. Plus, they’re both independent ladies who put their priorities above all else and that alone is more powerful than physical beauty.

4 Arden Cho Claims She Used To Be Super Awkward As A Teen, But Clearly, She's Come A Long Way

Getty Images

Maybe you know Arden Cho for her role on MTV’s hit series Teen Wolf. But she’s definitely come a long way since playing Scott McCall’s girlfriend. She went on to land roles in hit films like Crazy Rich Asians and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. But it’s hard to imagine that she was an awkward teen growing up.

She went from being a teen who lived through romcom movies to actually starring in these hit films. Now she’s changing the way Asians are portrayed on television and paving the way for other badass Asian actors.

3 Disney Doppelgänger: Mulan


Mulan not only had perfect hair like Arden, but also super-expressive eyebrows! She was one tough cookie, too. She did whatever was necessary to protect her loved ones. She even went as far as pretending to be a man to take her dad’s place in the war. She underwent physical training like the boss that she was and helped defeat the enemies. She’s outspoken and stands up for what she believes in.

Best of all, she never gives up and stands up for women who don’t fit traditional stereotypes just like Arden is standing up for Asians everywhere.

2 Zendaya Is Working On Her First Fashion Collab


Zendaya needs no introduction, whatsoever! The beautiful 22-year-old star is now known on a first-name basis. She's been killing the game ever since she played Rocky Blue on Disney's Shake It Up. And she has been "shaking it up" every time she gives a project the Zendaya stamp of approval.

The superstar beauty is definitely a triple threat as she's a singer, actress, and dancer! But she's now adding the title of "fashion designer" to her list of accomplishments, and believe us when we say...it's a pretty extensive list! Zendaya collaborated with designer Tommy Hilfiger and together, they made a splash at Paris Fashion Week. Their collab, Tommy x Zendaya, served some disco realness with their "'70s roller rink vibe" clothes. Zendaya and Tommy celebrated diversity by casting all-black models.

1 Disney Doppelgänger: Moana


Moana is one of the best movies the Disney franchise has ever released. And it's got a lot to do with the fact that the lead character is not focused on a guy, as there's no romantic interest. Moana is a woman in power, and she's not afraid to make decisions for the island and take charge. She's a strong and complex girl with a super distinctive feature: her wild and gorgeous curly hair. Sounds familiar? Yup! We're taken aback by how similar they are!

In the movie, there were tons of relatable hair moments that made fans crack up. Moana's hair constantly got in her way. Meanwhile, Zendaya was caught in an infamous feud with Giuliana Rancic. The reporter made a few less-than-becoming jokes about Zendaya's stunning afro-inspired hairdo. But the girl is a total spitfire, so she clapped back like a queen and eventually, Rancic had to apologize.

Sources: Idolator, Elle

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