13 Celebrity Homes You Can Find On Airbnb

Whether you’re looking for a year round home or a vacation spot, renting a home can be a great option for those not ready to buy. Renting a home is exciting. Renting a luxury home even more exciting. Renting a celebrity home, well that may just be as exciting as it gets. And yes, celebrities do put their homes up for rent. Especially those who have multiple homes to keep up with. Ready to take the leap and rent a home of the rich and famous? Or just looking to fantasize? …Or are you maybe a little curious to see exactly how some celebs live? Either way, take a look at the list below.

13 Bing Crosby


This Palm Springs getaway was once home to Bing Crosby. Hard to imagine the Christmas crooner laying by the pool, soaking up the sun’s rays, isn’t it? But the pool is definitely the star of this four bedroom, four bathroom house. You will find a full wet bar, seating for up to 30 people, and citrus trees all out by the pool.

12 Denzel Washington


Ok, so let’s say you’re looking to stay on the beach. How about a home with 180 degree views of Malibu’s gorgeous water? But don’t worry, you’ll still get plenty of privacy since this bluff-top three bedroom, two bathroom house is the former home of not only Denzel Washington, but also Jimmy Page and Jan Michael Vincent. $490 per night.

11 Elizabeth Taylor


Ms. Taylor was known for living a glam life. So it’s no surprise that those looking to get a little taste of the good life often rent her Palm Springs home. At $625 per night, guests can enjoy three bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, and a ton of artwork displayed throughout the home. A pool, state of the art kitchen, and outdoor kitchen and bar are just a few highlights of this home.

10 Jim Morrison


Iconic rocker not only slept and ate here; he also allowed journalists to come conduct interviews at this two bedroom home filled with character. Fittingly, the home is decorated with vintage furniture, The Doors Memorabilia, and 60’s themed décor. Thinking of renting this beauty? Plan on staying for at least thirty days and spending over $3,000.

9 Mickey Rooney


Looking for a place near the beach? Mickey Rooney’s former Topanga Canyon home is close to Malibu and surprisingly not as costly to rent as you would think. At $220 per night, guests can enjoy vintage décor, a “high tech” kitchen, and a ton of amenities. The home only has two bedrooms, but, uniquely, it has four dining areas.

8 Ava Gardner


If you’re looking for an affordable stay, the former one bedroom home of the beautiful Ava Gardner may be just what you’re looking for. Located in Burbank, California, this home was built in 1938 and has been renovated twice within the last 10 years. A library stocked with books, complimentary continental breakfast, and internet and DirecTv are all included in the price - $85 per night. What a deal, right?!

7 Bode & Morgan Miller


If you don’t follow volleyball, you may not recognize Mrs. Miller’s name. But the professional volleyball player went so far as to tweet her Airbnb listing of her and her Olympic skier husband’s home. The three bedroom, four bathroom is currently listed for $895 per night. The listing also states that renters will be able to use Bode Miller’s skis during their stay.

6 Charles Dickens


Are you a writer looking for a little inspiration? Possibly just someone looking for a nice place to stay while visiting. Perhaps a stay in the former abode of Charles Dickens will spark your creativity. This London home, surprisingly, has a very modern look and full kitchen.

5 Charlie Chaplin


Charlie Chaplin’s Los Angeles apartment is not only affordable ($125 per night) but also features beautiful architecture with tiffany stained glass windows, a true beauty indeed. Another bonus is that this place is close to Melrose Avenue, Sunset Boulevard, and Santa Monica Boulevard.

4 Charlie Chaplin Family Home


Another Chaplin home is also available for rent. But it is just a little ways away from the Los Angeles apartment – In London. The Kennington home has a much more posh vibe than the LA apartment. Built in 1850, it was the home of Charlie, his mother, and his brother.

3 Jimi Hendrix


A tropical retreat sounds fabulous right about now. At $165 per night, this adorable gingerbread house in Makawao, Hiawii is a pretty spectacular option. I mean if it was good enough for Jimi Hendrix (he stayed at this home in the 70’s while filming Rainbow Bridge) then it’s good enough for me. This home is close to shopping and restaurant and located within a gated community.

2 Julie Andrews


Is your favorite movie the Sound of Music? Mary Poppins? You may want to seriously consider saving some funds for a trip to Accord, New York. Why? Julie Andrew’s (alleged) former home, now dubbed “The Rubber House,” is available for rent. Only $500 per night. The two bedroom, two and a half bathroom home is located in the woods and has a uniquely beautiful design.

1 John Steinbeck


Located in Pacific Grove, California, this cozy, former home of American author John Steinbeck is a “home away from home” type property. This 1920’s studio features one bedroom, a full kitchen, and modern amenities such as cable TV and wireless internet. $175 per night.

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