12 Celeb Couples Who Will Break Up Before The Year Is Over

They are the most beautiful and talented people that exist, but when it comes to relationships, celebrities have a pretty short shelf life. Still we love to watch them love on each other! A few celebrity hookups stand the test of time, but most disappoint us fairly quickly. We still root for them of course! 2017 has already brought us a brand new group of celebrity love affairs to watch closely. Which ones will stand the test of time remains to be seen. Some we are excited about, others we hope to fizzle before they get going. Occasionally they create the love of a lifetime like Will and Jada. Given that most only last a few months, or even a few years, there are a few we predict will be over before we can ring in the new year again. 2017 is just getting started so fans can hope for many more exciting hookups in the months to come!

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12 Britney Spears and Sam Asghari

Adding to the long list of leading ladies who date backup dancers, Britney has scored herself a hot one! The couple met on the set of her Slumber Party video and hit it off right away. The 35 year old mom of two took months to contact Sam after they originally exchanged numbers. This pop princess hasn't had a serious relationship since 2011, and none of her couplings seem to last long. We don't expect that this one will either. Not only did she jump on the backup dancer bandwagon, Sam is only 22....boosting Britney into the cougar category. In the footsteps of Demi and Jlo, we predict this one will also fizzle. No doubt Britney will enjoy her time with this hunky, Persian, fitness model but their differences are vast. Spears claims she isn't looking for anything serious right now so time will tell...

11 Teen Mom Jenelle Evans and David Eason

The Teen Mom everyone loves to hate took to Instagram Saturday to announce her engagement to boyfriend David Eason.“We’ve decided on forever! #PerfectTiming,”. The couple already have a daughter together, Ensley Jolie, born just three weeks ago. All seems well but this Teen Mom is notorious for outrageous behavior and emotional outbursts which frequently turn violent. Jenelle has been engaged before to the father of her son Kaiser, 2. Obviously that one didn't work out. She also has a failed two year marriage to Courtland Rogers. Everyone is rooting for Jenelle to finally settle down and raise her children in peace as she attempts to regain custody of her first son Jace. The couple has been together for two years now, so it's possible Janelle is in this one for the long haul. Given her tumultuous history, fans are skeptical.

10 Ariana Grande And Mac Miller

This couple has been super sweet lately but we are hoping they cool off soon. Ariana is only 23 and so cute we just can't handle it. Why does Mac get to have her all to hisself? The couple announced their romance in September of last year on the Ellen Degeneres show and have been all over the place with sticky sweet PDA. The couple fell for each other while collaborating on a love song. Isn't that just too good to be true!?! Grande has been to linked to several stars but her most recent breakup was with Big Sean in 2015. The attraction between Grande and Miller is obvious in their video for "My Favorite Part" . Cupid must have hit them during filming because the pair has been tight ever since. Ariana plays the girl next door and Mac is her love interest of course. This couple will be one to watch over the next year for sure.

9 Jojo And Jordan Rodgers

These Bachelorette stars still haven't set a date and we all know JoJo was expecting a commitment . Given the history of Bachelor and Bachelorettes that actually tie the knot......this one will be calling it all off soon. Fans have been waiting for a wedding since the finally but in a recent interview, Jojo dished about their upcoming plans."We're just enjoying this time. We're taking it slow," Fletcher told Access Hollywood. Jojo did let it slip that she would consider a TV wedding. If that's the case, we are all wondering if Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn will attend? The brothers have been estranged for a few years, but there is nothing like a wedding to bring family back together. The couple have begun a new life together in Dallas but we expect to hear breakup rumors sooner than later.

8 Kylie And Tyga


There is no couple more celebrated than Kyga....but seriously, we're over it. Between the baby mama drama and the on again off again status, it's time for something new. His name doesn't even start with a K so you know he won't last anyway. No doubt they will continue to share their super lovey groping pics for a while but things are sure to fizzle soon. Fans have had enough of their snap chat filters and matching track suits. They are starting to bore us, so unless Tyga puts a ring on it....let's move on. Their fast food trips are making us yawn. Every now and then a decent marriage rumor pops up, but get real, she is only 19! Tyga is pushing 30 and it's possible the rapper could be thinking of settling down again, but that would be selfish. Plenty of Hollywood hotties deserve a chance to try out those luscious lips.

7 Selena and The Weeknd

They are just so freakin cute! Imagine how amazing it would sound if they collaborated on a baby together. They hold hands and go to Dave & Buster's but when couples are this adorable , it just can't last. Fans are desperate to figure out exactly how this new "IT" couple happened. Some say Selena broke the girl code, hooking up with friend, Bella Hadid's ex. Bella unfollowed Selena on social media after the pair made their relationship paparazzi official. Selena's ex, Justin Bieber, says he is not a fan.“Hell no I can’t listen to a Weeknd song! That sh*t’s whack.” The pair have recently been spotted all over Italy and it appears Selene can't keep her hands to herself. Don't worry Justin, we don't think this romance is forever. The heart wants what it wants....and we are pretty sure she wants you.

6 Miley And Liam

This couple is just plain awkward. Miley is wild and crazy with a unique sex appeal. Liam's classic good looks and nice guy next door attitude have made him a favorite among ladies from 16 to 60. We just aren't sure what this pair sees in each other. Their roller coaster romance, engagement, un-engagement, and re-engagement has lead us all to believe that this love affair will be over soon. The couple are regularly spotted out and about in LA, but don't seem quite as cuddly as they used to. Miley has been wearing her Neil Lane engagement ring though, so who knows for sure. The couple are expected to elope but plans repeatedly get postponed while she is a judge for The Voice. We expect Liam will eventually get fed up and move on.

5 Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry

This overly romantic couple spends most of their time impressing us with their amazing bodies. They love going on vacation and always make sure fans get to enjoy their destinations too by exposing their gorgeous bodies to paparazzi sans clothing. They may be gorgeous, naked, and hopelessly romantic but this couple is a little boring. They have been drooling over each other since 2013. Both stars tend to have relationships that last a few years so their expiration date should be coming up. After all, if he liked it he would probably have put a ring on it by now. Katy recently threw Orlando a surprise birthday party for his 40th. We got no amazing PDA pics , not even a smooch or a thank you. Totally unlike them! Could this mean they are already on the fizzle?

4 Khloe Kardashian And Tristan Thompson

This glowing couple is definitely nice to look at, but chances are it won't last. Their whirlwind romance has become hot n heavy super fast. Khloe gushes over this hottie on her website and admits to being absolutely crazy for him. The couple will have to overcome a few challenges if they want to make it through 2017. Lamar is on the prowl, announcing in several media outlets that he wants his ex-wife back. If that wasn't enough, Tristan has an ex in the picture as well. Jordan Craig, Tristan's gorgeous ex-girlfriend, just gave birth to his baby in December. That's quite a lot for such a new relationship but the couple admits they are already saying " I love you". They've even been spotted around Cleveland wearing matching outfits.

3 Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna

We predict this on again, off again couple will finally call it quits in 2017. When their daughter, Dream, was just one month old the couple had an explosive fight. It all went down in the media and the high profile couple appeared to be done for good. The couple seemed to be on the mend when they were spotted partying together New Years Eve but split again shortly after. A recent health scare landed Rob in the hospital for his diabetes and like a good wifey, Blac rushed to his side. The pair acts more like a ticking time bomb than an engaged couple raising a new baby but she is still sporting that ring and reps for both stars claim that the wedding is on. Rumors swirl that Rob's family is not supportive but we don't think they will need to hold out much longer. This relationship is doomed.

2 Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani

This Hollywood super couple took everyone by surprise when they hooked up. Both parties were coming off of high profile celebrity divorces. When Gwen joined the cast of The Voice, nobody would have guessed that she and country crooner Blake Shelton would hit it off. Their romance has taken off quickly, but what goes up must come down. This is a double rebound relationship and the couple is under a lot of pressure to turn it up for the cameras. Glake snagged a hefty bonus to keep it hot on set but fans will soon tire of all the lovey dovey madness. Will this couple call it quits once the tabloids lose interest? There are rumors that we will see an on air proposal this season which seems totally staged. The new season is set to debut on Feb. 27 and fans will get to judge for themselves whether this pair is legit.

1 Demi Lovato And Bomba Vasconcelos

Demi clearly has a thing for Latin lovers and MMA beefcakes but will this one last any longer than her last loves? The 24 year old singer has reportedly dated Guilherme "Bomba" Vasconcelos before and it didn't work out. The couple announced their relationship in January. Demi was spotted ringside showing support for the fighter at his most recent battle, the Bellator 170 in Los Angeles. He reportedly pointed at the singer during the fight and went to her first when it was finished. Apparently she brought him good luck because he came out the victor! Demi's BFF, Joe Jonas even approves. This couple is super cute for now, but Demi is going through hunks left and right lately so nobody thinks this will be a long term deal.

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