15 Bizarre Places You Can Rent On AirBnB

More often than not, your choice of accommodation can make or break your whole traveling experience. Staying at a two-star hotel with icky cockroaches and poor customer service can pretty much ruin even the most romantic trip to Venice. On the other hand, a stay in one of those luxury hotels in Maldives may be super tempting, but certainly not an option for the average mid-budget traveler.

Thanks to Airbnb, your accommodation options when traveling are no longer limited to fancy luxury hotels and shady inns and hostels. Whether you want to stay in a chic apartment for a couple of weeks or just a spare room from a gracious host, Airbnb offers a lot of choices for you – often at much cheaper prices than traditional hotels.

But what adds to the charm of Airbnb are some truly unusual yet unique lodgings that will surely enhance your travel experience. You may even decide to visit these places so that you can stay in the following Airbnb dwellings.

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15 Bow Top Elle Gypsy Wagon in Cornwall, United Kingdom

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If you don’t have any problem with tiny spaces, then this cozy gypsy wagon in Cornwall's unspoiled Lizard Peninsula might just tickle your fancy. Built on an original dray with traditional gun carriage wheels, the Elle Gypsy Caravan retains its old-world, fairytale charms while also featuring modern-day amenities like electricity, heating, and plumbing.

The charming gypsy wagon has a small semi-lofted bed complete with beddings and towels. It also has an original “Queenie” stove that gypsies actually used for cooking and heating. Outside, there is a charcoal-burning fire pit where you can light a bonfire, sit under the stars, and cook marshmallows.

And just in case you are wondering, the bathroom with a flushing toilet is located in an adjacent, much bigger caravan, which also has a cooker, fridge, table, chairs, and a bed for travelers six feet and up. You can even experience showering in a horse-box!

The Elle Gypsy Wagon can be booked for a minimum of two nights.

14 Inkijkmuseum in North Brabant, Netherlands

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An art museum, warehouse, and guesthouse may initially sound like a weird combination, but this three-in-one lodging in the Netherlands begs to differ.

Located in the historical Washhouse build in 1884, the Inkijkmuseum is a shipping container-turned-apartment that features two small rooms that can be rented separately. The unit is fully equipped with bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens that you share with the people living in the house. The unit also doubles as an art museum as it houses hundreds of small paintings made by artists all over the world.

The location is also pretty accessible, as the Inkijkmuseum lies only 250 meters away from the bus and train station and 100 meters away from various bars and restaurants. Those attending an event in the Effenaar Music Center will also find the Inkijkmuseum an ideal refuge since it is only 65 meters away. There is also a supermarket and shopping center nearby.

13 Cubehouse in Rotterdam, Netherlands

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This bizarre-looking home may look a little rough around the edges, but the Cube houses' crazy angles are sure to give you a truly unique experience in the Netherlands.

Located in the heart of Rotterdam, the Cube house is a three-floor home created from a collection of cubes that merge together to form an intriguing architectural masterpiece. Because of its open plan, it features dozens of huge windows that offer a wonderful view of the bustling city center.

The Cube house has two bedrooms with four beds, plus one bathroom on the first floor. It also has a cozy chill house with a 360-degree view of the city at the top floor.

With regard to accessibility, the Cube house is situated right next to the train station, which allows you to reach Amsterdam in just 50 minutes. One of the biggest markets in the Netherlands can also be found right in front of the house, together with some excellent restaurants just around the neighborhood.

12 A Yurt in Rhone-Alpes, France

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Looking for some peace and quiet in the middle of nowhere? Check out this yurt – a giant tent with vertical walls and a conical roof – found in the snowy valley of Wallows in France’s Savoie Mont Blanc. It sports a beautiful and unspoiled 360-degree view of the Bauges Mountains, providing you with a perfect place to revel in solitude and meditate.

But in spite of its seclusion, there are a lot of activities that you can do around this yurt, including trekking, mountain biking, and mountain climbing. You can even visit the nearby lakes of Aix Les Bains and Annecy, provided you bring some maps of the area that the host is gracious enough to lend you.

This place is also accessible during winter, as the yurt has a big stove inside to help with the heating. As for the bathroom, it is located in a small wooden chalet just outside the yurt.

11 Trullo Edera in Brindisi, Italy

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A trullo is a traditional dry stone hut with a conical roof commonly found in the Apulia Region in Italy. If you have always wanted to experience living in the Italian countryside, then living in the Trullo Edera is the perfect way to realize that dream.

According to its Airbnb listing, the Trullo Ederra is a place for nature lovers, as it is located not far from the forest walks and beaches. Its elevated location offers a stunning view of the surrounding town of Cisternino, which is easily accessible to the airports of Bari and Brindisi.

The quaint town of Apulia itself is home to many attractions, such as the caves of Castellana, the excavations of Egnazia, the baroque cities of Lecce and Martina Franca, and the zoofari of Fasano.

This enchanting trullo only has one bedroom but it can hold four people for a minimum stay of two nights.

10 A Medieval Castle in Galway, Ireland

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Live like a king in this 15th-century Irish castle located in the picturesque city of Galway just two hours away from the Irish capital of Dublin. Considered as a national monument, this medieval castle has been restored to its original state using traditional materials such as limestones and oak beams but coupled with modern conveniences like solar water heating and improvised bath and showers.

If you decide to book this castle, you will stay in the master’s bedroom found on the highest floor, with direct access to the turret. It also features a living room, dining room, and two guestrooms, as well as some storage rooms downstairs. Since the castle is built of solid stone, it also has a huge fireplace with a cooker to keep the place warm.

Just take note that you would need a car to get to this place, as the medieval castle is two miles away from the nearest public transport in Craughwell.

9 Geodesic Dome in Andalusia, Spain

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For those who like socializing with other travelers, you can book one of these wooden geodesic domes – rentable igloos that feature canvas panels that can be rolled back for an al fresco stay – set on a wooden platform with an adjacent deck and a dinner table.

Since the dome is placed in a commune-like setup, you can access the community kitchen in the nearby guesthouse. You can also eat your meals in the middle of the shaded patio and laze in the hammock for your after lunch siesta. Just next to the dome is the outside shower with a Moroccan style toilet – definitely a whole new experience in itself.

The geodesic dome is also a great place for birdwatchers since all migrating birds to Africa fly straight above the area. It also boasts of a breathtaking sunset that lasts for two hours, as the sunlight is being relayed through the water of the nearby Atlantic Ocean and reflected back to the sky.

8 Elqui Domos Astronomic Hotel in Coquimbo, Chile

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Speaking of geodesic domes, these domes from Chile take it a notch higher by being one of the only seven astronomic hotels around the world.

Located in the Elqui Valley, the Elqui Domos prides itself on being the only astronomic hotel located in the southern hemisphere. The shape of each dome is perfect for stargazing, with the beds located as high as possible near the detachable roof to allow each tenant to gaze at the night sky without disturbance.

Each of the seven geodesic domes is composed of two stories, with a living room and bathroom on the first floor and a bed and detachable roof on the second. It also has a terrace, plus other amenities like a fridge bar, free tea and coffee, and specialized astronomic literature. The hosts also offer hour-long specialized astronomic tours, as well as nighttime horse rides lasting for two and a half hours for a truly unique experience.

7 The Love Nest in California, USA

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Have you ever fantasized spending a steamy evening in a barn? Well, The Love Nest in California is just about to make your wildest fantasies come true.

This barn loft is actually a private room with a large deck set up high above a barn, which is part of the Genuine Draft, a working horse ranch in Morongo Valley. While the room is furnished with a king-size bed and a bathroom with a bathtub perfect for romantic stay-ins, you can also do a plethora of activities in the area.

Aside from a complimentary tour of the property, you can also socialize with the animals in the barn, do some hiking, relax in the 25-foot adult swing, get a drink at the saloon, and take a jeep ride to witness a panoramic view of the valley. Those who want to keep it strictly romantic may get a massage and facial in the aromatherapy room.

6 St. Pancras Clock Tower Guest Suite in London, UK

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Sleeping in a clock tower may have never crossed your mind, but if you are partial to the idea, then you should try staying at the mini apartment located within the clock tower at St. Pancras International Station.

The clock tower where the ten-meter high guest suite is located was designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott. It was supposed to be like an Italian bell tower, but it never held any bells.

The guest suite overlooking the Kings Cross Station and St. Paul’s Cathedral features a double bedroom on the fourth floor, complete with a double bed, living area, a small kitchen and dining area, and its own bathroom and shower. If you are worried about the noise from the railway, it is barely noticeable except for very light sleepers since the apartment is fully equipped with secondary glazing.

Since this room is heavily booked, another option is to stay at the St. Pancras Clock Tower Master Suite located in the same apartment.

5 CoolBus in California, USA

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Sleeping in a bus does not have to be uncomfortable, especially if that bus is fully equipped with a Tempur-Pedic queen-size bed, remote-controlled LED lighting, and a flat screen TV.

The one-of-a-kind CoolBus was once a school bus that that was converted into a pretty unique and comfortable lodging for anyone who wants to experience living in the middle of a 5-acre ranch in Monterey County, California. This is perfect for nature lovers since the location is pretty secluded. In fact, a car equipped with Google Maps is highly recommended for getting around the area since it is quite far from public transportation.

You can interact with other guests when you visit the nearby Pacific Grove Community Center, which has a full kitchen, shared bathroom, refrigerator, microwave, cable TV, and free Wi-Fi. You can even join the morning yoga session with Kundalini yoga master Sukhmandir Singh beginning at six in the morning.

4 A Windmill in Utrecht, Netherlands

via airbnb.com

Channel your inner Don Quixote with a stay in a windmill just a few miles from Amsterdam. With three bedrooms housing a double bed each, this pretty spacious windmill can accommodate up to six people. It also has a full-size kitchen, a living room, and two bathrooms.

Though the windmill is accessible to public transportation, it is still secluded enough to provide you a solitary time close to nature. It is surrounded by green fields where sheep and cows graze, as well as a slow river that is suitable for swimming. The town of Abcoude is just a mile away, while Amsterdam can be reached via a 15-minute drive. The hosts are ready to cater to your every whim as they live nearby.

If you want to stay at the windmill, make sure that you book it for a minimum of two nights. However, it is available for a minimum of six nights from June 1 to August 31.

3 Dog Bark Park Inn B&B in Idaho, USA

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Dog lovers out there would surely love staying inside this beagle-shaped building with dog-themed interiors. The Dog Park Inn B&B located at the edge of Cottonwood in rural Idaho is one of the few places in Airbnb that actually allows animals inside the premises, so your pets would no longer be left alone at home. They even serve foods for your dog.

This giant dog-shaped inn has expansive views of prairie grain fields and mountains that look spectacular any time of the year. You can even do some stargazing on clear nights on the second story deck of this inn. The place is also close to the famous Hells Canyon George of the Snake River, so you can book a jet boat tour to explore the area.

Adjacent to the B&B is the Dog Bark Park visitor area, which also doubles as a gift shop an artist studio where the owners fashion dog carvings by chainsaw.

2 Bookeen Hall in Galway, Ireland

via airbnb.com

It may look a bit creepy, but the Bookeen Hall in Galway City is actually a 200-year-old restored church with a really homey interior. It was a former Church of Ireland Chapel built in 1820 and used for services by the Dunsandle estate’s congregation.

Now that it has been converted into a home, the Bookeen Hall boasts of a large open plan living and dining room and two bedrooms. The host is renting out the guest bedroom, which has an access to its own bell tower-slash-reading room and private bathroom with a claw-foot bathtub. With a king-size bed and a single bed, the guest bedroom can accommodate three people at a time.

The surroundings are quiet and peaceful as it is surrounded by woodland and fields full of sheep and cattle. The location is easily accessible by car as it lies only two minutes away from the Dublin/Galway motorway and 10 minutes away from the neighboring towns of Athenry and Loughrea. You can also arrange day trips to nearby scenic spots like the Cliffs of Moher, The Burren, and Connemara.

1 A Mirrored House in Pennsylvania, USA

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If you love looking at your reflection in the mirror, then you will have a field day in this unique artist mirrored house in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is just a 10 to 15-minute drive to the local business district, where you can visit coffee shops, restaurants, and happy hour spots.

Located in a tranquil suburb near Fox Chapel, the house is covered with glasses and mirrors inside and out, which make for an incredible light show during the day and make the place seem a lot brighter and bigger.

The host offers the entire guest bedroom with a private entrance and off-street parking. The room features a 42-inch plasma TV, free Wi-Fi, sunken tub, and walk-in shower. It is also decorated with original artworks and furnishing – all carrying the mirror theme. You also have access to other amenities in the house, such as the kitchen, living room, library, home theater, backyard pond, garden, and porch.

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