13 Apps That Girlfriends Need To Know About

Relationships are hard. The chemical, biological, and social influences on a human interaction are so specific and yet so vague that understanding how to maneuver one without incident is nearly impossible. Thanks to these apps, however, your relationship just got a whole lot easier. Or did it? And which relationship? Turns out that many interactions are handled safely behind the screen of a phone for many people. Those that have downloaded any of the following apps are maneuvering in a dangerous and digital space and girlfriends need to know about them!

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13 Private SMS & Call


Private SMS & Call is an app used to hide and save private call logs and text messages into a password protected vault. This may be where he is storing the conversations he has had with the venue for the romantic evening he is planning to propose to you at. Private SMS & Call also has the ability to block calls and texts from certain numbers at any given point.

12 Blackbook


The digital version of the little black book you used to have. This Blackbook is packed full of contacts that are not suitable for the regular contact app on a phone. But you won't find this app on any home screen. A secret code must be typed in to even uncover it, and then it is password protected in and of itself!

11 Date Mate


Date Mate allows people to track everyone new in their life. Who they went where with, what they talked about, how good their courting was, their... name. Date Mate allows you to give a star rating and make notes in a variety of categories. Scary hun?

10 Tiger Text


If only this app was available when Tiger Woods was trying to hide his affairs. But if it were, it may not have gotten its catchy name. Tiger Text deletes previous messages from your messenger, leaving no trace of conversations had. No hiding behind secret passwords, these flirty digital love letters are just erased, clawed out to never be found again.

9 Photo Safe


In an age of sexting and nude pictures, people may have a few jpgs they are looking to keep for their eyes only. Photo Safe encrypts desired photos with a password so that when your phone gallery is open there is no trace of a nip slip. This app holds all of your naught photos in one convenient place.

8 Ashley Madison


The #1 cheating app around. After the big scandal the uninstalling of this app was probably wide. However, if people are not as smart as they are hot they still may have this not-so-subtle app hidden in a folder somewhere on their phone. Ashley Madison is a dating service for married people looking for some side action. It is like any other dating app with a profile and 'likes' and 'dislikes', except that everyone's status is 'taken'.

7 Stocks


Boooooringggggg. Right? Or are they? Would you find stocks more interesting if they were actually encrypted password-protected nude pictures saved in this inconspicuous app? If you open the app you will find... stocks! Seriously. If you don't know the password all you will see is line graphs next to red (-) and green (+) with some numbers.

6 Binder


If you find this app on his phone get prepared for a major blow. Binder is the spin off of tinder in which instead of finding 'love' you end it. The user types in all of his girlfriend's information and uploads his least favourite picture of her. Binder will then notify her with a break up message more along the lines of "Ill be happier without you" than "you deserve better" sending them both back to the original 'Tinder' in no time. Even if she refuses to read the text she will receive a voice mail, complete with Scottish accent, telling her to move on. Good riddance.

5 Hero Boyfriend


Hero Boyfriend, on the flip side, will be notifying your boyfriend when it is time to remember something important about your relationship. The app is complete with reminders, facts, and will even offer gift suggestions to keep him out of the dog house. This may even be the type of app you will want to install on his phone for him so that, rather than receiving the lackluster items he got you last year, you may start getting things that any girl would love - and on the right date!

4 Girlfriend Keeper


Girlfriend Keeper is one more step up from Hero Boyfriend. This app will remember your anniversary and birthday and will text you all on its own with romantic texts you didn't see coming. All your boyfriend has to do is fill in the app with the information he knows about you, from important dates to eye colour. From there you will start getting texts like "Sarah, your birthday is in 65 days, maybe I will get you something green like your eyes." The app then notifies him when it sends out a message so, when questioned, he can back himself up.

3 Cell Tracker


This is just as it sounds. Does he have a tracker on your phone? Should you put one on his? Maybe one of you is questioning faithfulness and this is the only way to truly be sure, or maybe you just want to know when he is leaving work so you can surprise him with dinner. Cell Tracker will track the exact path that the cell phone user has followed that day, and is currently following, as well as the times in between.

2 Cate


You can install this app on his phone to monitor his actions, and he, yours. Spy on every call he makes, text he sends, or dirty picture he receives. Cate is password protected and the evidence can be erased with the shake of a hand. You can also install it on your own phone if you have something to hide yourself.

1 Nosy Trap


And in the end, snooping is far less effective than asking outright or communicating in a way that encourages honestly and loyalty. Or at least that is what you will have hoped you did when he comes to you with a video of you sneaking through his phone, as taken by the Nosy Trap he installed when he started to suspect. NOW who is caught red handed?


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