13 Apartment Organizing Hacks You Need to Know

Let's be honest, living in an apartment can mean a lot less space than say living in a giant house. But that's just the way things go sometimes. Just because we're making do in smaller spaces for the time being, does not mean that we need to suffer through living a life of clutter and mess.

Sometimes, living in a small space can actually be a good opportunity to let go of things that you don't need anymore, and to get in the habit of staying on top of your organization. Here are some must know organizing hacks for living in small spaces, that you need to be using.

13 Put Some Magnets In Your Medicine Cabinet

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Magnets on the walls of your medicine cabinet  is a great way to store any metal items that you have in your bathroom. Think of those tweezers that always seem to be hiding right when you have a rogue hair in sight, small scissors, etc. You can also attach small magnets on the side of plastic items like your pencil sharpener and stick those on the wall as well. Many medicine cabinets are metal as is, so the magnets will stick to that, but if you have one made out of a different material, you can simply attach a magnet strip with some hard core sticky tape or something.

12 Hanging Baskets In Cabinets

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Ever notice how much space there is in cabinets that don't have shelves in them? Well you can make use of that unused prime real estate by having hooks for small baskets. In some cases this is even more convenient than having shelves in there, because you can actually see everything and you can remove the baskets as you need the items if you need to. You can also take them with you, like carrying a basket of cleaning supplies from the kitchen to the bathroom instead of juggling the individual bottles.

11 Make Use Of Your Corners

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Corners can make up a lot of unusable space in an apartment...except they are not really unusable at all. There are some shelving systems that are built specifically to fit into corner spaces if you need extra shelves, but you can also turn them into hanging areas for clothing. If you run a straight rod across a corner it can the perfect spot to hang jackets or even set out your clothes for the week. Unlike using a hook, you can actually keep the clothing on a hanger this way, which can reduce wrinkles and make everything easier to see.

10 Use Wonder Hangers

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Wonder hangers are this cool contraption that has rungs going vertically off one main hook so that you can basically hang five things in the space of one thing in your closet, since the clothing hangers all hang off of the wonder hanger as opposed to the closet rod. You might not want to do this with all of your clothing since it is slightly harder to see the clothes hanging (but not much), and it is the perfect way to make space with your off season clothes or even stuff you just don't wear that much.

9 Use A Hanging Shoe Holder For Pretty Much Anything

Hanging shoe holders are basically just a wall of pockets begging to be put to use. They work great for shoes of course, but you can hang them on inside of any door for pretty much anything you could need to store with easy access in small organized sections. You can also cut them down and use them on the inside of bathroom cabinets to store makeup, toiletries, medicine, or other supplies and create some extra drawer space. They work on the inside of kitchen cabinets as well for your "junk drawer" items if you don't actually have an open drawer to store your rubber bands and pens and such.

8 Use A Wine Rack To Store Your Purses

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A vertically hanging wine rack can be an awesome place to stash purses and clutches, it doesn't get in the way, and still allows your bags to be totally visible. (As opposed to tossing them into a basket or something where you almost are guaranteed to forget that one or more of them even exists.) This way, they all get a fair chance of being chosen as your right hand man, and they'll never make any sort of clutter. You can also use a vertical hanging wine rack as a towel holder...just simply roll them up and store away. This not only saves space from the closet where you would normally keep them, but it actually looks really nice.

7 Put In Shelves Over Doors

This one requires some tools and the shelving, but the space above doors is totally blank space that you can utilize if you need it. Use it to store anything you don't use too often that isn't too much of an eyesore up there. Think bathroom items tucked away in cute boxes or even paperwork in file containers. Books that you've already read are another great option that will look cute. Just be sure you get the shelves up there real good and safe since you know, we happen to walk through doors quite often and you don't want anything falling loose and clocking you in the head.

6 Use Magazine Holders As Vertical Drawers

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Magazine holders are awesome because they hold a bunch of stuff and stand on their own, but are also thin like drawers so you can find what you're looking for instead of having things stacked somewhere. You can use them for pretty much anything, like cutting boards that are always getting in the way, your aluminum foil and plastic wrap or other kitchen things, unopened mail or paperwork that you need to get to, or your curling and flat irons. You can slide them out one at a time to grab what you're looking for without cords getting tangled and things toppling from high heights.

5 Use A Magnet Strip To Store Spices

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If you live in an apartment you might not have a real pantry, which means that the cupboard space you have will have to go double duty as a pantry at the same time that it houses of all of your cups, plates, etc. If you have a lot of spices taking up room, think about putting a magnetic strip underneath the cupboard. Then you can transfer your spices into cute containers with magnets on the lids, and stick them all up in a line. This will not only save you tons of space in the cupboard, but it also organizes everything pretty well and it looks cute.

4 Use Ice Cube Trays To Organize Jewelry

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If you have the drawer space for jewelry but can't ever find anything because it's all thrown together in there in a real jumble mess, try putting some ice cube trays in there and separating everything out into the individual cubes instead. It doesn't really take up any extra space and it allows you to see things and organize them into a pattern that makes sense to you. Like costume rings on the left, nice things on the right, or whatever is going to save you time when it comes time to accessorizing.

3 Put In A Suspension Rod Under The Sink

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Have a lot of cleaning supplies taking up space under the sink and making a mess? There's a hack for that. Get a short suspension rod (like the one in many showers but smaller), and put it up against the walls in your cupboard under the kitchen sink. Then you can just hang your spray bottles on there and not stand them up on the ground where they just fall all over the place. Since they're just hooked onto the rod you can also push them back and forth as needed without hassle to grab things behind them, whereas with a hook or something that doesn't work out as well.

2 Use Bread Tags To Label Your Plugs

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Okay this might not save you any space or anything but it might save you some sanity which is good enough. If you take used bread tags and write on them with a sharpie, you can then use them as a label to hook on the ends of your electronic cords. That way when you are under the TV console all up in the power strip tugging on cords trying to figure out what they all belong to...you will already know. Think of how much happier you will be when you stop unplugging the wrong electronic and having to restart the whole system for doing so.

1 Paint Your Keys With Nail Polish

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Again not a space saver, but an organizational dream. If you have a lot of keys on your keychain you're probably spending way too much time trying to figure out which one is which. Especially if you've made copies of keys at the same key place and they used literally all the same key shapes. Nail polish is pretty much the perfect way to fix this problem. Use a different color to paint the head of each key and then remember what they each correlate with. You will never again be stuck outside your front door trying out five keys that look identical.

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