13 Annoying Things Men Do On Tinder

It seems to be known that 80% of men swipe right to everyone that pops up in order to maximize connections, and then cull later (at least that was until Tinder put a limit on the number of swipes per day). But girls are a little different. Most women take their time in choosing who will receive the coveted right swipe. It might be because they believe men swipe right to everyone so they want to be selective in who they match with, so as not to be inundated with meaningless connections. In doing so, they tend to come across some very interesting, and often annoying, things over and over again on men's profiles.

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13 Don't fill in their profile

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There is nothing more annoying than when you are serious about your choices, but have to rely on only photos, whilst knowing nothing about them. If their description is empty, you are left with only two options: forfeit the right swipe or look forward to the first few messages being mundane and repetitive, like "tell me about yourself", "what do you do for fun", etc. Since these men gave nothing in their description, you are forced to pry out info from them as early as possible so you can make a decision on if your right swipe was warranted... leaving all the work up to you.

12 Not utilize all six of the photo spots

If a guy has just one photo, no matter how good, you may as well assume that he is actually unattractive and just happened to find one photo that makes him look half decent. Either that or he is lazy. Both are annoying. This is the time for him to show off his personality in as many ways as possible! What possible reason could he have to not do so? This could even be worse than him not having his profile filled out.

11 Start with a shirtless selfie

You want to see the goods... obviously! But not right off the bat. Shirtless selfies get swiped left by serious browsers because they come off as overly forward and sexual. It also shows nothing about his personality, and may in fact hint that he doesn't have one. This is not to say that he shouldn't show off, because that would be a travesty! If he has worked hard on his body, or are just one of the lucky ones, you want to see it!

10 Don't show their full face in at least 2 pictures

A photo with sunglasses on does not count. I repeat, a photo with sunglasses on does not count. Why is it so difficult for him to pick 3 photos that show, very clearly, what he looks like. Tinder is a shallow app and, while you are interested in who he is, you want to see if you are attracted to him physically. Even better, one of these photos should be his first and main photo - and no it should not be a bathroom selfie - so you don't have to dig to be interested.

9 Have huge group photos

This is not to say that he should only have solo images - because then it looks like he doesn't have any friends, or just spends all day taking selfies of himself in the mirror with different hair cuts and facial hair styles. But large group shots are relatively pointless and a waste of space and time for the 6 limited photos. It's nearly impossible to see him in them anyway, so they have no added value. It is far better for him to have a picture that has 2-4 other friends doing something that they love. It could be sitting at a bar, sitting around a table playing board games, or could just be everyone being their ridiculous selves at a campsite. You don't care! As shallow as it is, you are probably judging him based on his friends anyway ;) Hot hangs with hot, right?

8 Put up a picture with a fish

Guys are always complaining that girls just have pictures of themselves either (1) horse back riding or (2) hiking. Well guess what? Probably one in five guys has a picture holding a fish! What is it about men wanting to put up pictures of fish? It is not original and it is actually kind of gross. Unless the picture is of him waste deep in a pond holding up a fish that he clearly chased for an hour and caught with his bare hands, then you are not impressed.

7 Not have a good picture sequence

All of these pictures to choose from and he has no idea how to organize them! There is actually sort of a sequence that seems to create results. One that says "I actually put effort into how I want to be introduced to you, because I'm not here just for hookups." It goes as follows: Up-close, full-frontal FACE photo - no sunglasses, further away shot of you doing something fun (sports, quad, golfing), that shows his full body, shirtless photo (ideally not a selfie... something like a day on the beach. But whatever is available), group shot. Him with his best friends in a fun group shot, something that really shows off his favorite activity. Hiking, biking, golfing, working out, sport, quadding, etc), finally something to seal the deal. Maybe him wearing a goofy hat, a picture with his mom or grandma, or him cooking. Something that makes you want to say "awwww". Gold.

6 Not use proper spelling and grammar

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Nuting iz more annoying then wen u dnt no how 2 right a gud sentence.

Seriously. Immediate left swipe. If his picture is of him standing beside a tree, and you have to question which one is smarter... you are going to be annoyed. If his English is not great, that is fine, everyone has different strengths, but he could at least avoid the annoying mistakes like "r" and "u", and use full words whenever possible. Also, it sucks when the first thing you hear from him is "ur hot."

5 Don't cite their intentions

"Not looking for hookups." It is as simple as that! Then at least you know that if you swipe right you will be able to look forward to nice conversation and a fun date, not just a "let's get to it. Here is my address." Also, it would be nice if they actually stated that they are looking for something more serious, even by making a joke like "looking for someone to inhabit a deserted island with me for the long term." Nobody likes the guessing game or having their time wasted.

4 Don't follow the 80%/20% rule

This seems to be a good ratio for a profile description. When you are reading his profile, you want to know about him and what he likes. Why do some men think that they need to tell you what kind of girl you need to be in order to date them? Doesn't he think you can come to that conclusion on your own? Decide for yourself on whether you are a good fit? Things like "I like camping," "I love to cook," "My favorite music is country," are all things you can read and judge compatibility on. "You must like camping and country music or it won't work" just makes him sound controlling and rude. It is a bonus if he finishes by saying something like "looking for the same" to show that he too is serious about compatibility and won't date just anyone. Even going as far as to say "if you can whip up a mean Mac & Cheese and watch documentaries, we are already going to get along"...  Now that you can get on board with!

3 Don't get to the point

This is usually more of a concern with girl's profiles who explain just about every aspect of their lives. However, some men tend to ramble on forever about themselves rather than stating exactly what it is you want to read. Short sentences are what you want: "I like to mountain bike. My favorite past time is BBQing for friends in the summer. I have a dog named Lucy, or, my favorite first date is a walk in the park." Nice, easy, short, and paints a good picture of his lifestyle. No need for him to go into deep explanations about everything either. Geeze man, leave something to talk about later!

2 Don't put their height

This does seem shallow, but it matters for a lot of girls. This is not to say that he has to be 6 foot 4 for you to look at him, you just want to know that he is taller than you. Tinder is, in the end, an app based on looks, so you want a clear picture painted! If you didn't care about his stature or facial structure, you probably wouldn't need to be on a dating site anyway!

1 When matched, they don't send a message

You did it! You got a match! Now what? You put all that effort into carefully selecting a man who probably just swiped right to everyone and now there is an opening for conversation... and there isn't one. You wait for him to say hi and he doesn't... or worse, when he does say hi that is all he says - again, leaving all the heavy lifting to you. All you want is for him to comment on one of your pictures or on something you said in your perfectly crafted description. Just like real life! Man up!

sources: cosmopolitan.com, buzzfeed.com

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