12 Zodiac Combos Who Need To Get Together ASAP (And 12 Who Should Just Stay Friends)

Everyone has their perfect match out there somewhere in the universe. We get into relationships, and sometimes they just don’t work out for whatever reason, but usually, it's because we weren’t compatible with that person. Perhaps we would have been better off being just friends with that person? If you were able to tell who you would be the most compatible with would you want to know? If you answered yes to that question, look no further because you have come to the right place!

Thanks to our zodiac sign, we are able to find out key elements that help make our lives much more manageable and a bit easier as well. When it comes to love, dating, and relationships our zodiac sign can tell us which the most compatible sign for us is. This lets us know which sign we should get with as soon as possible. On the other hand, it can also tell us which signs we should just remain friends with instead.

Continue reading to find out what zodiac sign you are most compatible with so you track down the love of your life! Or, to learn if you have to friend zone your current love interest, instead!

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24 Need To Get Together ASAP: Aries And Libra

When Aries and Libra get together, there is not one thing on this earth that will be able to separate them. And when they work on their bond – together – their relation can equal out to be two souls meant to be together.

When it comes to their intimacy, they are 80 percent compatible – that is a very high rate!

This can be a couple who is very attracted to each other intimately. Although the trust between them is at 40 percent, this is one of those things that they can work out the longer they stay together. Aries and Libra also have a communication rate of 55 percent. Their communication has the possibility to improve drastically.

What is really amazing with these two zodiac signs is that they have an astounding 99 percent when it comes to their emotions and being able to understand each other. That is as close to perfect as you will ever be able to get! And to make it even better, they have a 70 percent compatibility when it comes to their values! This is definitely a couple that was meant to be together for the long haul! Even though they are only 30 percent compatible when it comes to shared activities, everything else makes up for it! It’s safe to say that Aries was meant to be with a Libra!

23 Just Stay Friends: Aries And Pisces

Aries and Pisces tend to have trouble connecting with one another. They may often feel like the other person is dull or boring, and they have a horrible time trying to open up to their partner. They are just not meant to be together and will always make better friends. When it comes to intimacy and attraction, they are only 20 percent compatible – which is not much. They may pass each other on the street and never take the time notice the other’s beauty since they are not physically attracted to each other most of the time.

When it comes to trust, there is only 1 percent between an Aries and a Pisces. Which just adds to the reasons why these two zodiac signs should just be friends. However, there can be good communication between the two because they have a 70 percent compatibility in this field, but when you add everything all up, it really won't help these two out at all.

On an emotional level, Aries and Pisces are only at 5 percent. This is one of the reasons they feel like they cannot get out how they feel inside to one another. When it comes to shared activities, they are at 40 percent. It’s not the worst, but these two would not be able to work things out to even out a bit. Overall, these two are only 29 percent compatible, so it is definitely safe to say that an Aries and a Pisces should really only just be friends.

22 Need To Get Together ASAP: Taurus And Scorpio

Taurus and Scorpio focus a lot on their intimacy and attraction on one another. It’s always them against the rest of the world forever and always. No one else could even begin to compare or come close to what these two zodiac signs have for each other. They can sometimes become possessive of one another, but in their little world, they see absolutely nothing wrong with that because it necessarily isn’t a bad thing.

When it comes to intimacy and attraction for a Taurus and a Scorpio, they are 95 percent compatible, which is great!

Their trust levels are at 80 percent, and they could use some improvement, but not too much. These two signs would be able to bring that up over time. Their values are at a whopping 99 percent. It is simply amazing that there two signs want almost the same exact things out of life. That makes it so much easier to be with another person when you both want to end up in the same place.

When it comes to shared activities, these two signs are 85 percent compatible. Which is at a perfect level, because while they like to do their own individual thing, they share a lot of the same interests which make date night a breeze! Overall, Taurus and Scorpio are 89 percent compatible! They should definitely get together ASAP!

21 Just Stay Friends: Taurus And Aquarius

When it comes to a Taurus and an Aquarius, they almost seem to be from two different worlds. When they are together, it is easier for them to be outcasted than included in anything. They hardly ever get to a good point in their relationship where they can actually ever really understand each other. Taurus is one who would like peace, while Aquarius likes excitement. These two are just on two very different levels all the time.

When it comes to their compatibilities with intimacy and attraction, these two are only 15 percent compatible. They would be almost no trust in a relationship between a Taurus and an Aquarius because they’re only at 20 percent compatible. Although, trust is their highest level incompatibility. When it comes to an emotional level, these two only sync up at 15 percent. And you may as well forget their values because they are only at 1 percent. That is almost at zero! How horrible is that?

They even only share 5 percent of the same activities and interests together. That really is not much, and overall, they are only 11 percent compatible. That is absolutely horrible. It is safe to say that these two zodiac signs are better left as just friends since they are way too different for them to make anything work.

20 Need To Get Together ASAP: Gemini And Sagittarius

When a Gemini and a Sagittarius come together, they can make one incredible couple! These two signs may not always find each other right away; they may even spend some time browsing the market for the perfect partner. But once you finally get these two signs together, they will usually immediately feel like they were meant to be together. With Gemini’s ideas and Sagittarius’ beliefs, they are able to reach for the stars together and achieve great things.

When it comes to intimacy and attraction, these two signs are at 90 percent.

What’s even better than that is when Geminis and Sagittariuses get together they are 99 percent compatible with their trust, communication, and shared activities!

That is nearly perfect! These two really need to get together ASAP if they aren’t already! These two signs could really make one another very happy.

Great communication is one of the key elements in a good relationship and right along with that is trust. Both of which these signs genuinely can have together. It is as close to perfect as a person would ever be able to find. And since there is no such thing as perfect, this is as good as it gets! Altogether, a Gemini and a Sagittarius are 92 percent compatible! Talk about a perfect match!

19 Just Stay Friends: Gemini And Taurus

When it comes to the zodiac signs Gemini and Taurus when these two attempt to get together it is almost as if they were destined to fail most of the time. These signs show absolutely no promise together, even from the very beginning when most relationships hold so much potential, these two just never had any. A Gemini and Taurus can usually last long enough to the point where they get to know each other, but they are never fully able to get over their differences.

When it comes to intimacy and physical attraction between these two, they don’t even make it to 6 percent. Trust would also be an issue in a relationship between a Gemini and a Taurus because the trust compatibility between these two is only at 10 percent. However, on a good note, these two signs would have decent communications skills at a 60 percent rate. But just because they have one decent thing between them, doesn’t mean that they would be good as an item.

Emotionally, they would only be 35 percent connected, and their values come in at only 1 percent. It would be hard to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t share any of the same values as you do. That would be like being in a long-term relationship with someone who doesn’t want to get married when all you want to do in life is settle down, get married, and start a family. Overall, these two should really just stay friends.

18 Need To Get Together ASAP: Cancer And Capricorn

With the zodiac signs Cancer and Capricorn, the possibilities are endless! It would be a once in a lifetime love story between these two. If they can respect each other's personalities, they will be able to come to an agreement about anything that gets thrown their way. These two share a common ground of valuing stability and practical sense which make it even easier for them to get along.

When they first meet, they typically feel like they have known one another their entire lives, and they would never take each other for granted, either.

Their attraction to one another is almost 100 percent. They even have 90 percent of the same shared activities. It usually hard to find someone who is interested in the same things that you are. When you find someone like that, you really need to get with them as soon as possible, so they don’t slip between your fingers.

Even the way these two communicate is well above your average relationship. And what is even more amazing, is that typically they will understand how their partner feels three out of every four times when it comes to their emotions. Overall, Cancer needs to get together with a Capricorn ASAP! There is definitely some major sparks there!

17 Just Stay Friends: Cancer And Leo

When it comes to a Cancer and a Leo, they are just two complete opposites, and opposites don’t always attract! This could have something to do with the fact that their attraction to each other is only at 30 percent, which is definitely on the lower end. When it comes to making each other happy, a Leo will never be able to fully be the root of a Cancer’s happiness. They just always seem to be at two separate places, and the fact that they both have strong personalities seems just to make them clash. Cancer and Leo really do have a lot of love to give, but just not to each other.

While this combination does have trust in each other – to a certain degree – they will never be able to fully trust one another. When it comes to communication between these two, they may as well be speaking different languages because they are only at 10 percent in this area. That leaves a full 90 percent up to miscommunication. As for their values, they are both on distant paths that never seem to meet up at the same time. Their compatibility in this field is only at 1 percent. Cancer may never want to get married, while Leo may have already picked a wedding date or vice versa.

However, they do have some activities in common; it would never be enough to satisfy both of them. Overall, a Cancer should just remain friends with a Leo because they are only 29 percent compatible.

16 Need To Get Together ASAP: Leo And Aquarius

A Leo and an Aquarius seem to build off of each other's creativity, which can really make a Leo shine bright. That makes these two quite a pair. They see each other as both being really strong individuals, and they respect each other for that. The attraction that flows between this two zodiac signs is nearly at 100 percent. A Leo and an Aquarius may actually spend their entire lives searching for one another, and they may not even realize that this is what they have been looking for until they actually find it.

These two may sometimes have that little nuisance voice in the back of their head saying not to trust one another, but that is only because they know they have found what they have been searching for.

In the bigger picture, the trust is actually really there. They have a 90 percent communication rate which is simply amazing. It’s like a Leo can finish an Aquarius’ thoughts before they even get to say them. When it comes to their emotions, they always seem to understand what the other one is going through. They are 80 percent compatible when it comes to their values. They both have their sights set in the same direction most of the time.

They also have a ranking of 90 percent when it comes to shared activities. Usually, for date night, when one picks something, the other will almost always love it! These two can really be a couple who cherishes and understands each other wants and needs!

15 Just Stay Friends: Leo And Virgo

Leo and Virgo are not what you would happy a “happily ever after” combination. If they were to ever get into a relationship and Leo feels even the slightest nudge that they weren’t meant to be with their Virgo partner, they would start to look out for other suitors. Someone who would be a better match regardless of how long they have been together. Leo is always searching for an Aquarius which means Virgos would never stand a chance.

On a Leo’s end, their attraction and hopes for anything intimate with a Virgo just really is not there. They are only a 5 percent match when it comes to attraction. They do have a decent amount of trust in each other, which would benefit them in a friendship, but that is exactly where these two should stay – in the friend zone. It can be a hit or a miss when it comes to them trying to communicate as well. Emotionally, they only understand each other about 1 percent, which leaves a lot of room for misunderstanding and hurt feelings.

Another thing that would make these two great friends is the fact that they are a 55 percent match when it comes to shared activities. Whereas that would be a bit low when it comes to relationship standards. These two were meant to friends and nothing more.

14 Need To Get Together ASAP: Virgo And Pisces

A Virgo and a Pisces may have some of the greatest challenges, but they also have the greatest potential to fall madly in love with one another. These two have the full potential also to find and discover everything that is beautiful in this world and in their life – things that they could have only imagined in their wildest dreams – when these two lovebirds come together.

A Pisces can awaken a Virgo’s emotional side, especially since they're 95 percent compatible when it comes to understanding and tending to one another's emotions.

These two are fully attracted to each other almost perfectly. A Virgo will love everything there is to love about their Pisces partner and vice versa. Those are just some of the reasons why these two should get together as soon as possible – and there is plenty of more reasons as well.

These two have a lot of trust in each other. If Virgo likes to do something is almost 100 percent guaranteed that a Pisces will love to do the same thing. They almost never have a bad date because of this. It’s amazing how well this pair can communicate. They can stay up all night have these massive intellectual conversations with one another that will never become mundane or boring. It is definitely safe to say that Virgo and Pisces need to get together ASAP!

13 Just Stay Friends: Virgo And Scorpio

Virgo and Scorpio may have a lot of different areas where they have a decent compatibility rate such as such as their ability to communicate with one another and the amount of trust that they can put into each other. Those may sound like perfect things in a relationship, which they really are, but you need more than just communication and trust to actually make a relationship worthwhile.

These two may be able to, eventually, get together and have a decent relationship for some time, but it always seems to turn into some serious trouble, and their fights can sometimes lead to emotional blackmail.

They may also try to control each other’s lives to the point where they feel they have no personal, independent freedom. It is not really a good thing when you try to control everything your partner does. Usually, it is one-sided where one person will try to be the controlling one leaving the other person to be kind of submissive. But in this case of a Virgo and a Scorpio, they are both very controlling with one another.

These two also tend to have constant criticism between them. They nitpick at every little thing their partner does. This is some serious reasons as to why these two should just remain friends.

12 Need To Get Together ASAP: Libra And Aries

When it comes to a Libra and an Aries, any problems that these two may encounter at the beginning of their relationship can be worked on to actually bring up their compatibility with one another. When there is a good connection between these two, and there usually is since their attraction to one another is 80 percent, there is a really good possibility that these two can fall madly in love. A Libra and an Aries will usually always find each other in the end.

A Libra will always be able to understand an Aries' emotions, and vice versa.

This is because when it comes to their emotions, they are 99 percent compatible. These two also share 70 percent of the same values, so they really do want some of the same things out of life. So, they really should get together as soon as possible!

Their trust and communication really should be worked on a bit, but a Libra and an Aries will be able to work those differences out in the end. Sometimes it takes being with someone a while because their partner can fully begin to trust them. They are only compatible 30 percent when it comes to liking some of the same activities, and that’s okay. They can always take turns doing what one person likes at a time for date night.

11 Just Stay Friends: Libra And Gemini

When it comes to Libra and Gemini being together, let’s face it, Libras can sometimes come off as being a bit too needy and clingy in the relationship in their quest for feeling the togetherness between the two of them. Geminis are just not about that. They need their personal space and freedom. They don’t want that crippling feeling a Libra partner hanging onto their leg as they try to walk out the door. Not literally of course, but that is what it usually feels like to a Gemini. Like their Libra partner is some little girl who doesn’t want their mommy or daddy to go to work for the day, so they start to cling onto their parent’s leg in hopes of getting them to stay and spend some one-on-one time with them.

Libras are not very independent individuals, and they usually need to be taken care of. They sometimes act like they don’t know how to do anything on their own, which at times can drive a Gemini insane. A Libra will let their Gemini partner lead the way every single time. Geminis will almost become a leader to them since they are typically incapable of being able to lead the way themselves. In turn, a Gemini can start to feel horribly burnt out. These are two people who really just need to stay friends.

10 Need To Get Together ASAP: Scorpio And Cancer

When a Scorpio and a Cancer get together, if they are truly into each other, the possibilities for these two are endless as a couple. It is always worth a shot for a Scorpio and a Cancer to find out if they were meant to be together because they usually are. It especially helps that these two are 90 percent compatible when it comes to intimacy and attraction. Almost everything that they have been searching for has been right there waiting for them when they finally come together.

These two can also have some great intellectual conversations.

They can communicate to almost a perfect level because they have a compatibility rate of 99 percent in this area. That is as close to perfect as they will be able to find. Who wouldn’t love to be able to have some amazing talks with the one they love? They also have so many activities that they can both partake in that they would love doing together since they have a compatibility rate of 95 percent in this area.

A Scorpio and a Cancer also can trust one another almost every single time. They may have some doubts every now and then, but those are not something that they should take seriously because these two would do anything for each other and that includes staying faithful and loyal to one another. That is why these two need to hurry up and get together ASAP!

9 Just Stay Friends: Scorpio and Sagittarius

A Scorpio and a Sagittarius are the types that would start out very strong. They would chase away the others dark clouds so that nothing but the light would shine down upon them both. They would usually feel excited at all the endless possibilities that seem to be handed to them both. But sometimes good things can’t last forever. There is a very real possibility that these two will usually always end their relationship on bad terms with one another. When it’s not meant to be, it’s just not meant to bed.

The only thing that these two would have going for them if they amazing communication skills. That is where their highest rate of compatibility comes in, and that is at 80 percent. The rest of their compatibility only goes downhill from there. They don’t even share anything else together that is over 35 percent.

They may have started their relationship because they had such a great way of talking to one another, but they always eventually find out that is really all the had going. The longer these two would try to make things work, the more they know that they really have nothing in common and that in most cases, they really aren’t even attracted to one another. All of this is why these two should always just stay friends. Their relationship is doomed from the beginning.

8 Need To Get Together ASAP: Sagittarius And Leo

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Sagittarius and Leo are both fierce and fiery souls together. It helps that they are both ruled by the sun and the fact that they are both fire signs. These two may sometimes clash because of that, but they are so compatible that the clashing doesn’t seem to faze either one of them.

In the midst of a clashing episode, things may feel horrible, but once these two make up – which they always do – it’s almost like the argument had never happened in the first place.

They are both highly attracted to one another. It is almost as if when they see each other from across the room sparks immediately start to fly. The chemistry between these two is nearly perfect. They can trust each other with everything that they have. But one downfall is that a Sagittarius will promise their partner the world without the means of actually being able to fulfill their promise. Leos understand this about their Sagittarius partner, though. So, while other signs may see this as something that would make it hard to remain in a relationship with them, Leos see past their personality flaw and see the rest of their beauty instead.

These two also have high compatibility with their communication abilities, and their emotional connections and being able to understand how the other one feels. These two really need to get together ASAP! Don’t you agree?

7 Just Stay Friends: Sagittarius And Capricorn

Sagittarius and Capricorn are not what you would call an ideal couple because nothing seems to ever work out for these two usually. Things may start off okay since they are able to enjoy some of the same things together, and the fact that they can both strike up an amazing conversation. This is almost what you would look for when you are just starting off with the first few dates. You look for someone who shares some of your favorite activities and someone who you feel you can talk to about anything under the sun. But after those first few dates, they usually begin to see how incompatible they really are. Good conversation and being able to have some fun doing the things you like really can’t make a relationship last, now can it?

These two might think of each other as being cute, but the total physical and mental attraction is just not there. There is no real chemistry between a Sagittarius and a Capricorn. These two can’t even trust each other with the most mundane things. This has nothing to do with infidelity, but more to do with the usually find themselves being suspicious of one another. These two are just a combination that is better off being friends if they want to avoid heartbreak in the end.

6 Need To Get Together ASAP: Capricorn And Taurus

A Capricorn and a Taurus can have a relationship so deep in a connection that other signs may find unreachable, even if they tried their hardest. These two can really complete and complement each other in a beautiful way. To others, they may appear to be a boring couple on the outside. But they actually have this really exciting inner portion of themselves that they only let one another see and no one else.

A Capricorn and a Taurus have this very deep-rooted, unbreakable bond with each other that no one else would be able to touch or come close to – this is really one sturdy couple.

A Capricorn and a Taurus match up so well together that all of their compatibility percentages go from 85 percent to 99 percent. Since there are no things as perfect, 99 percent is the highest that you will find when it comes to compatibility.

Out of six compatibility categories, three of them are at the lowest range which is 85 percent – attraction, communication, and shared activities. Which are still all very impressive! They have two percentages at 90 percent, which is emotions and values. Their trust between one another is at 99 percent. I believe it is safe to say that these two need to get together as soon as possible.

5 Just Stay Friends: Capricorn And Aries

This would not be an easy relationship for either a Capricorn or an Aries to be in if they were going to attempt to make something work between them. It can sometimes start to feel like these two are actually in a competition to see who would be able to ruin their relationship the fastest. These two can feel so lousy and miserable when they are together, or even when just trying to being together, that by the time the relationship has begun to crash and burn and has come to an end, these two almost feel more of a sense of relief than a sorrowful feeling.

A Capricorn and an Aries really are not that compatible when it comes to things that can attract them to one another. And when it comes to an emotional understanding between these two, it is almost nonexistent. It is at a mere 1 percent. There is very little communication between these two either; their compatibility is only at 20 percent in this area.

These are just two individual signs that are not meant to be together. They are definitely meant to remain just as friends and nothing more. Unless a Capricorn or an Aries are into actually seeing who can succeed in ruining a relationship, they are better off not even trying to start anything.

4 Need To Get Together ASAP: Aquarius And Gemini

Aquarius and Gemini are just one of those couples that reach high compatibility rates with each other in almost every single are but one. This one area happens to be the ability to understand each other’s emotions. The ability to do so isn’t nonexistent, but it does need some nourishment to make sure that these two can be almost absolutely perfect together. Putting that one challenge aside; these two really are great together.

The physical attraction and chemistry are definitely there between these two; an outsider looking in would have to be blind not to notice how well these two connect.

They can trust each other with everything that they do. They can also trust in one another to the point where they never have to worry about their darkest secrets or fears getting out to anyone else, even when these two are mad at each other – and that is a wonderful feeling.

They can have the best intellectual conversations, or they can have the silliest conversation and still be able to connect to one another. The communication between these two is simply amazing. They both also have similar values which makes it so much easier to plan out a future together, and they can also share in the same activities and always have an amazing time because they have so much in common. These two really need to stop messing around and get together as soon as possible.

3 Just Stay Friends: Aquarius And Cancer

When it comes to an Aquarius and a Cancer, they typically can never be that happy couple that both zodiac signs long for. This kind of relationship would produce too much stress for a Cancer, and the lack at intimacy and attraction would, in most cases, tear these two apart anyway. The longer they try to drag out this type of relationship the more they will begin to resent one another.

Aquarius will look for things that excite them while a Cancer will want to be a bit more laid back and relax at home. Their shared activities are really only at 25 percent, so there is not much that they can both to together that would meet both of their needs and requirements. These two value different things and that shows in their 10 percent compatibility with this. An Aquarius is a free spirit who usually does not want to be tied down, and they really value their freedom, and a Cancer would want a stable relationship and home. It can be as clear as day and night why these two just usually do not work out.

The reason they lack intimacy and attraction flows into the fact that they are only 1 percent compatible in this department. While they do have a 55 percent connection when it comes to communication and a 55 percent when it comes to emotions, that is not enough to build anything that is truly solid. These two are better left as just friends.

2 Need To Get Together ASAP: Pisces And Virgo

Pisces and Virgo only seem to find true love within one another, because they are back on the list again with Pisces leading the way this time. These two will only find what they have been truly searching for in one another. They may be able to get into other long-term relationships with other signs, but they will never be as compatible with anyone else as they are together.

A Pisces and a Virgo will be able to do and like almost everything that their partner likes – when they are together.

They are so compatible that out of the six compatibility categories, their results are all 65 percent and higher. I know that 65 percent may seem low, but when you take a look at the bigger picture, out of everyone else, this is as good as it will get for these two zodiac signs. They have two categories that are at 99 percent, which works out perfectly because they 99 percent is honestly as good as it gets – they are intimacy and attraction (combined) and shares activities. They connect so well that they are 95 percent compatible emotionally.

They will be able to understand one another unlike anyone else that they may try to be with. Their values blend well together at 75 percent, and their trust comes in at their lowest of 65 percent. All in all, these two are 86 percent compatible. They really need to get together as soon as possible!

1 Just Stay Friends: Pisces And Libra

Pisces and Libra would be a pair that would have almost no respect for one another. Right away, that shows that these two aren’t right for each other. A Pisces would have a hard time adjusting to and meeting a Libra’s needs, just like a Libra would have a problem doing the same for a Pisces. These two also tend to expect the other to give them the world when the world isn’t theirs to own.

Out of all six compatibility departments for these two, their lowest ranges from 1 percent and their highest is at 60 percent. Usually, 60 percent might sound enticing, but when you add in all the lower ones a Pisces and a Libra are actually only 29 percent compatible altogether. That is just awful! The trust these two could share together is the one that is at their lowest percentage. It would be impossible to make a relationship work at that low of a rate.

They are also no good as communication with one another because they are only at a mere 5 percent. They may as well be speaking two separate languages. And emotionally, they are only 15 percent compatible. It really does not seem like a Pisces, and a Libra should be anything more than just friends.

Their shared values, activities and attraction are okay, but it really isn’t worth trying to make anything long-term for these two. There is another zodiac sign out that that is a much better fit for these guys.

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