12 Zodiac Combos That Will Get Engaged In The Next Year, And 12 Who Will Have To Wait

We’re winding down wedding season, but chances are you’ve attended a couple these past few months. You’ve danced to the same wedding songs, had your fill of wine, and wondered when your SO might pop the question. Maybe you even caught the bridal bouquet, which has spurred yet more questions in your head!

With all of our friends tying the knot, it’s natural to wonder when you might be next – whether you’ve been in a long-term relationship, have just recently begun dating someone, or are happily single! Since love is such a major part of the zodiac, we decided to look to the stars to see what couplings might be the next to walk down the aisle – and which should wait a while (if ever) before taking the plunge.

According to the zodiac, certain signs are more compatible together than others. In terms of communication, emotions, values, trust, and love, certain couples just seem to gel better than others, which is why they might be more inclined to pop the question within the next year. Other couples, well, not so much. Maybe marriage just isn’t in the cards for them or they prefer to take things slow, but we advise those 12 couples to take a moment before taking their vows.

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24 Put A Ring On It: Gemini & Libra

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A couple that is destined to find a happy life together, the pairing of a Gemini and a Libra combines the best parts of a friendship and a romantic relationship. These are two social signs whose communication skills outrank almost all other signs.

Plus, the fact that they’re both friendly, outgoing people means that no one will feel as though they have to step back to let their partner enjoy the spotlight.

This couple is one who will always be out doing things, throwing amazing parties, and, quite likely, planning a fantastic and incredibly fun wedding before the next 12 months are up!

23 Wait It Out: Cancer & Libra

This couple is one that kind of just came together after a time, sort of throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. They like each other well enough, and have a good time together, but passion just isn’t part of their relationship. They probably began dating out of being in the same circle of friends – and out of convenience – but there were never any fireworks between them. More likely than not, they’ll part ways, but on good terms. Since there wasn’t a whole lot of spark between them to begin with, there isn’t a whole lot to lose.

22 Put A Ring On It: Sagittarius & Sagittarius

You can’t have a solid relationship without trust, and Sagittarius considers themselves to be the most honorable and trustworthy sign of the zodiac, so pairing them together makes sense to form a solid relationship foundation.

While many signs can butt heads when paired with a partner of the same sign, a couple made of two people born under Sagittarius isn’t likely to face that problem!

These two have a good time together and understand their need for freedom and independence better than anyone else. It’ll be a long time coming, but we predict them finally tying the knot in the next year!

21 Wait It Out: Scorpio & Sagittarius

Long, drawn-out conversations are par for the course for a Scorpio and a Sagittarius. While these two were definitely attracted to one another in the beginning – Scorpio to Sagittarius’s sense of wonder and excitement, Sagittarius to Scorpio’s mystery and can’t-be-tamed attitude – they’ve found themselves arguing more and more as time goes on. In fact, it seems like these two TALK more about their relationship rather than actually HAVING one! They’ll probably stick things out for a little longer, but we can’t see this pairing lasting longer than a few more months.

20 Put A Ring On It: Taurus & Pisces

This is a couple that understands each other on an extremely intimate level. They don’t have any need for longwinded discussion about their emotions, because they’re usually on the same page.Both Taurus and Pisces tend to be introspective, value loyalty and trust, and are extremely thoughtful and sensual.

Together, they tick all the boxes for a healthy, loving, and long-lasting couple.

You can bet that these true romantics will have imagined their proposal down to the last detail, and will finally pop the question sometime in the next year once they’ve finally made everything perfect.

19 Wait It Out: Gemini & Gemini

In their mutual searches for their other halves, these two Geminis finally found what they were looking for in one another! Full of laughter and excitement, these two are bound to jet off on spontaneous adventures and throw the most amazing parties on a whim. Finally, they’ve discovered someone who isn’t trying to tie them down!

A solid relationship from the start that works in communication, emotions, and in the bedroom, neither of these two are in much of a rush to settle down. Instead, they’ll keep having a great time together rather than set a schedule as to when they should do something as major as say, “I do.”

18 Put A Ring On It: Aries & Gemini

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This couple has probably enjoyed a whirlwind romance up until this point, littering your Instagram feed with too-cute photos of them enjoying one of their many adrenaline-inducing adventures together (skydiving, surfing, traveling the world, etc.).

They feed off each other’s energy, but that means that they’re always ready to jump into the next best thing – including marriage!

Think an elopement or a spur-of-the-moment proposal when the mood takes them – an Aries and a Gemini can never sit still but, as long as they’re in it together, they can definitely get their happily ever after before the year is up!

17 Wait It Out: Leo & Virgo

A couple that has the unfortunate habit of keeping one another at arm’s length, neither Leo nor Virgo will feel secure enough in the relationship to do something as major or as vulnerable as proposing.

While Leo is impetuous and impulsive, Virgo is more calculated and rational. This leaves Leo feeling caged in and judged, while Virgo feels as though their needs are being ignored altogether. There simply isn’t enough trust between these two to form a solid relationship, and they’ll likely part ways before the year is up, both knowing exactly what they’re not looking for in their next relationship.

16 Put A Ring On It: Capricorn & Capricorn

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You might think that pairing two Capricorns together would make for a stodgy, unexciting, and dull relationship, but that’s actually not the case!

Capricorns require respect and mutual values to even entertain the idea of entering into a relationship with someone, and they find all those necessary boxes ticked in another Capricorn.

These two are loyal to one another above all else, and will likely want to lock things down so they can get started on having a family – something else that’s hugely important to both of them. A gorgeous proposal with an expensive ring is definitely in order, and the wedding itself won’t be any different!

15 Wait It Out: Libra & Sagittarius

These two will have a great time together, no question. Surrounded by a wide circle of friends, Libra and Sagittarius will spend much of their time getting out and doing things, and it will feel like they’re establishing a closeness when it actuality, they’re kind of avoiding establishing intimacy altogether. Positivity is a huge personality trait of both of these zodiac signs, but, after a while, they’ll feel as though they’re missing something, even if they can’t put their finger on it. They’ll likely try and stay together and figure things out for as long as they’re having fun, but then they’ll pull the plug, and neither will be worse off for it.

14 Put A Ring On It: Taurus & Cancer

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This is a couple that seems to be without conflict. Peacemakers who are devoted to those they love, Taurus and Cancer can overcome almost anything. Combining Taurus’s sensuality and need for physical pleasure with Cancer’s requirement for emotional intimacy allows for a well-balanced and well-matched couple.

This couple is bound to spoil one another, and have similar goals and ideas about what it takes when it comes to raising a family.

Homebodies who will never get bored of each other, we see this couple putting a ring on it within the next year, and walking down the aisle soon after that!

13 Wait It Out: Cancer & Pisces

Brought together by romantic and sensual love, these two will be on the same page for almost everything. Both Water signs, Cancer and Pisces are in tune with their emotions and will listen to and understand one another. They will likely have a long and gratifying relationship, but when they talk about the future, their differing values will create a wedge between them that makes marriage next to impossible. Cancer will desire a stable, family-oriented life, while Pisces will want something more dramatic, with the kind of ups and downs that make up their favorite art. Ultimately, these differences will tear them apart.

12 Put A Ring On It: Leo & Libra

A healthy relationship allows you to be completely yourself and still feel loved, accepted, and respected. That’s the case for a Leo and Libra who get together! While some might think these two would fight one another for the spotlight (or judge their desire for it), it’s actually the opposite.

These two support one another through thick and thin.

Both of these signs likely played the field before they found one another, so with that out of their systems, they can trust each other to be faithful, leading to one of them popping the question before next summer rolls around!

11 Wait It Out: Leo & Capricorn

How these two got together is anyone’s guess, but we’d bet that Leo imagined a good life for themselves when they hooked up with the successful and ambitious Capricorn. Unfortunately, there’s pretty much no way this pairing can last beyond a few weeks or months, maybe, since they are so different in almost every way!

Where Leo is warm, Capricorn is cool; where Leo is impulsive, Capricorn is meticulous. Even when it comes to the bedroom, these two have such different ideas and tactics that they’ll just end up frustrated! They’re destined to be the couple that everyone will be surprised were ever involved.

10 Put A Ring On It: Virgo & Capricorn

This is a power couple in the making! Strong, supportive, dedicated, and hard-working, Virgo and Capricorn will put as much effort into their relationship as they do in their professional lives – and that’s saying something!

This relationship is likely to be a slow-burner, the kind of people who have been around forever and seem like they might not ever get married – or even need to!

However, the streak of traditional thought that runs through both these signs will have them wanting to finally make it official, and this year will likely be the time they do!

9 Wait It Out: Capricorn & Pisces

A slow-burner of a relationship, Capricorn and Pisces took the time to get to know each other before engaging in a romantic relationship. Both of these signs are very careful when it comes to exposing their vulnerable side, and that has allowed them to build a partnership based on trust, understanding, and loyalty. They don’t ask for any more than the other can give, and have developed a safe and secure relationship that makes them feel at home with one another.

Because of this, neither person feels the need to rush what’s been working so far. Getting engaged and married is a commitment neither takes lightly and so it will still be a while yet before one of them gets down on one knee.

8 Put A Ring On It: Sagittarius & Pisces

This couple is one who runs hot and cold. Sometimes they are a tornado of passion and love, and other times they despise each other.

They’ve probably been off and on more times than you can count, and yet Sagittarius and Pisces will always return to one another.

Because of that, we predict that one of them will get down on one knee to ask the question! Sure, they might not make it down the aisle, or, if they do, it might not last forever, but this couple can’t seem to quit one another, and they’ll try to do the normal thing and exchange vows, even if “forever” doesn’t actually end up meaning “forever”.

7 Wait It Out: Pisces & Virgo

Homebodies who enjoy nothing more than staying in and enjoying some quiet time together, Pisces and Virgo may not be the most exciting pair to look at, but they will be a solid one. Their emotional personalities are quite similar, although Virgo’s rational mind will be complemented and challenged by Pisces’s imagination and creativity. They will have a strong bond, but neither of them will be ready for the commitment of marriage, at least not yet. Virgo prefers to analyze every possible outcome before taking as big a step, while Pisces is happy to simply have a stable relationship for once, but not one that feels stagnant.

6 Put A Ring On It: Aries & Sagittarius

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A fun-loving couple that can always make each other laugh, Aries and Sagittarius are a pairing that seem like best friends as well as partners in life and love.

Neither of them enjoys drama, and this relationship feels like a breath of fresh air for both of them, since they’ve likely dealt with plenty of angst in past relationships.

They might not have entered this union with the idea of walking down the aisle, but that’s the direction they’re headed in now because they’re just so happy together! Their wedding will likely be a huge, fun, and giddy affair that runs into the wee hours of the morning.

5 Wait It Out: Gemini & Leo

These two will have a great time together. In the bedroom, they’re incredibly compatible, as Leo will take on the role of teacher while Gemini is a very eager student. Always laughing and having a good time, these two love spending time with one another and with their wide circle of friends.

The only issue in their relationship is that they’re both too focused on enjoying themselves to really try to be grown-ups, and so marriage is the last thing on their minds! Neither of them is quite ready to settle down, so they’re enjoying this ride together for as long as it lasts!

4 Put A Ring On It: Pisces & Pisces

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Pisces spends much of its romantic life looking for its other person and has frequently gotten burned in the process. Finding another Pisces to share their life with is a dream because this sign is a sappy romantic.

Emotionally, it will be like they have found their soulmate because this sign definitely believes in that kind of thing.

It might take a while for each Pisces to open up enough to let the other in, but once they do, they’ll find someone who is understanding and seems to finish their thoughts before they have! A romantic proposal, possibly at a beach or near another body of water, is definitely in the cards this year.

3 Wait It Out: Aries & Aries

A pairing that is fiery from the start, these two are both competitive, and love that their partner encourages their competitive side. As two Aries – and two Fire signs – this coupling is marked by impulsiveness, aggression, and romantic fire! Sure, it might not be the most stable of relationships, but stability bores Aries. For them, for a relationship to matter, it requires excitement, full of all its highs and lows.

For this couple to last instead of burn out, one of them needs to have figured out how to keep a cool head in an argument, otherwise, they’ll just implode. They have a strong sense of self, which is why they’re not in any rush to get down on one knee any time soon.

2 Put A Ring On It: Cancer & Scorpio

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Many believe that this match is the best in the entire zodiac. Two Water signs, Cancer and Scorpio, understand each other on every level. While some may get burned by a Scorpio’s sharp tongue, Cancer is more than a match for their poison.

This couple respects each other and loves each other with a deep, unmatched loyalty.

They know that a solid relationship requires work, and both are willing to put in the effort. An engagement between these two won’t be taken lightly and has likely been a long time coming. Fortunately for the both of them, this is the year they will finally take the plunge.

1 Wait It Out: Gemini & Aquarius

Communication and trust are what defines this relationship, and keeps it chugging along smoothly. Both of these signs are well-versed verbally, which means they can be entertained for hours simply through conversation with one another. Together, Gemini and Aquarius get the relationship of their dreams, where neither feels tied down or stifled. On the flip side of that, there is never any rush to commit from either side. Marriage is the furthest thing from their minds because they figure it doesn’t make sense to mess with a good thing! In fact, if neither sign feels the need to tie the knot, they could just be committed to each other forever, without the paperwork!

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