12 Zodiac Combinations Who Are Going To Be Great Parents and 12 Who Won't

We know that your sign can help you find your soulmate, but did you know that it can also predict what kind of family you two will build together? You'd hope that once you find someone who loves you, everything will fall into place, but when we looked at our star charts we found out that sometimes, signs that tend to produce children together do not always make the best parents for the kids in question. Two charismatic partners who love to socialize might make a great couple and amazing friends, but once they have a child they're not going to understand that babies aren't just props for Instagram selfies.

Still, the stars and planets that bless a union will often bless the children as well! Great astrological combinations result in some of the most confident, successful children in the world. Do you and your partner want to have kids one day? Or are you still searching for your soulmate? Either way, see how your sign fares in some of the pairings below. You may be surprised at some zodiac combinations that make great parents even though they're doomed to split as a couple and other combinations that will stay together forever but whose kids will end up in therapy. What kind of parent are you going to be?

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24 Great Parents: Aries And Sagittarius Teach Their Kids To Get Back To Nature

Aries and Sagittarius are two fire signs that make for an explosive sexual combination. Sometimes their tempers mean they part ways after only a few days. But if that initial burst of passion turns into a lifelong partnership and a family, only good kids can come of it. Usually, this pairing enjoys high-energy activities together, especially hiking and camping. Aries is powerful, strong and enthusiastic, pushing the sometimes more reluctant but much more organized Sagittarius out into the wild where they both find an outlet for their energetic personalities. Their children will grow up knowing how to build a fire from twigs, find edible mushrooms, and hunt and fish like pros. If you're their lucky child, you're bound to be pretty damned resourceful and go rock climbing on the weekends.

23 Parental Dumpster Fire: Taurus And Capricorn Are Perfect For Each Other, But Total Helicopter Parents

When Capricorn makes the first move on hesitant Taurus, a stubborn Taurus will insist on something more permanent than a one-night stand. Both signs share traditional values, so starting a family would never be too far off the horizon once they get together. Unfortunately, Taurus's focus on security and Capricorn's tendency to perfectionism mean that they'll do everything to keep their children under control. Forget making mud pies and climbing trees: Taurus is too worried the kids will get a staph infection or break a leg, and Capricorn wants them inside practicing piano. Raised in a home that stifles creativity and simultaneously emphasizes achievement and avoiding risk, that child is going to have some serious anxiety problems and end up running away from home at fifteen to join a punk rock band in North Dakota.

22 Great Parents: Leo And Scorpio Are A Terrible Couple, Awesome Parents

Let's face it: fire signs and water signs are steamy at first, but it all evaporates into nothing.  If during their brief time together Leo and Scorpio have kids, they'll still do everything they can to raise them right once the relationship dries up. Leo, with a natural zest for life, will take their little one to museums, parks, and libraries, teaching them to take joy in small pleasures. For compassionate Scorpio, having a baby opens up a new world of emotion to explore. A Scorpio parent is always there to talk their child through tough breakups, bad grades, and skinned knees. Both parents value consistency and will make sure that family holidays and transitions from mom's house to dad's house are a breeze. It's difficult to have your parents separate, but if there's any pairing that handles it well, it's these two.

21 Great Parents: Taurus And Libra Will Raise Fashionistas

Did you ever wish you had a mom whose closet you could raid? Or a dad who takes you shopping because he knows your style better than you do? If you're the child of a Taurus and Libra pairing, this is your life. Taurus's love of glam gives them an awesome wardrobe long before the baby shows up, and of course, they want to dress their kid to the nines. Financially successful Libra loves to spoil Taurus and the kids by taking them on wild shopping sprees or even sewing original designs for the whole family. And it's not all about materialism. They may over fashion, but Taurus and Libra are also great communicators and strong protective signs. They'll do anything for each other, and especially for their incredibly well-dressed children.

20 Parental Dumpster Fire: The Aquarius-Aquarius Couple Gives Their Kids WAY Too Much Freedom

Once Aquarius decides on a course of action, consider it DONE. You'd think that the iron will of Aquarius squared equals firm but fair disciplinarians. Except the exact opposite happens. Because Aquarius is prone, for better or for worse, to self-analyzing, when they pair with another Aquarius they're going to bring up fears of being too tough on the kids. Along comes baby, and both parents override their natural inclinations to lay down the law. An Aquarius doesn't go back on his or her word. Even when it becomes apparent that the kid is growing up spoiled, neither parent is going to change their disciplinary tactics, and they'll have too much pride to seek outside help. Toddler meltdowns in family restaurants are going to turn into bridezilla tantrums in the blink of an eye. They grow up so fast!

19 Great Parents: Two Pisces Parents Give Their Kids The Best Life Advice

You've won the parental lottery if you've got two Pisces guiding you through the world. Not only are you getting an awesome treehouse built from scrap wood out in the backyard and good meals on the cheap (Pisces are resourceful like that) you have two deeply compassionate people looking out for you in life. Pisces relate to the world through their emotions but have a dynamic side that drives them to find solutions. If you come to your Pisces parents in tears because your bestie is dating a total jerk who told her not to hang out with you anymore, you're not just getting sympathy. You're getting an action plan. By the end of the day, you and your friend will be tight again, the pond scum boyfriend will be in the rearview mirror, and your parents will be satisfied with yet another problem solved the Pisces way.

18 Parental Dumpster Fire: Aries Ditches Virgo AND The Baby

It's hard to keep a fire sign like Aries tied down, and Virgo is not the earth sign for the job. While Virgo's willingness to change is sometimes an asset, it comes off as wishy-washy to Aries, who starts getting itchy feet barely a few weeks into the relationship. When the baby is born, Aries will try to stick around, but eventually, it will be too overwhelming and Aries will hit the road. Virgo will be a pretty decent single parent for the most part, but it's a major blow to your confidence to be abandoned with an infant. If Virgo doesn't draw on his or her natural ability to adapt to challenging situations and instead succumbs to a tendency to blame others, the child could grow up in terrible conditions. Let's hope someone tracks Aries down for child support.

17 Great Parents: The Kids Will Be Fine When Sagittarius Breaks Free From Capricorn

Bright, energetic Sagittarius find themselves drawn to Capricorn's strength and seriousness. Opposites attract, right? Not so much with these ill-omened signs. Capricorn tends to exert their will on their partner, which Sagittarius sees as stifling their self-expression. Eventually, it will get to be too much for Sagittarius to bear. But if the two have kids by the time the struggle of wills snaps the relationship, never fear. The children will still have a nice balance between their Capricorn parent, who always makes sure they do their homework, and their Sagittarius parent who takes them out of school because they absolutely have to go to this amazing concert that's only playing on a Thursday. The kids will always be baffled that their parents stayed together long enough to reproduce, though they'll be thankful that they did.

16 Parental Dumpster Fire: You'd Better Hope Leo Doesn't Knock Up Libra

A Libra woman who channels her force of will and top-notch social skills into business will be incredibly successful, but she'll never be able to cure her taste for bad boys. And if that biker she has her one-night stand with is a Leo, it will be a disaster when she turns up pregnant. Libra will move mountains to find the father and make sure he does his share of the child-rearing. Slacker Leo, if he doesn't have more industrious signs influencing him, will see his new child as a means to make money without having to do real work. Libra's natural inclination to spoil her child and Leo's desire to milk Libra for all she's worth will result in a kid whose primary skill is manipulating adults for money and attention.

15 Great Parents: Taurus and Virgo Keep Their Kids Well-Grounded

Taurus and Virgo feed the desire for security and stability in one another. Both signs feel happiest when making their own life with their own hands, preferably by literally sowing seeds in the dirt. Taurus will be the first to bring up the idea of moving to the country when the kids come along, and Virgo will be the one to make it happen. These two will raise farm kids who know how to plant a garden and milk a cow. If your parents are Taurus and Virgo, you may not enjoy farm life as much as they do, but the skills they teach you will still serve you well as a city slicker. You'll be the go-to destination for board game night since everyone knows you'll be serving your parents' fresh vegetables and homemade cheese as hors-d'oeuvres.

14 Parental Dumpster Fire: Cancer and Virgo Will Tear Their Child Apart

Cancer is keenly in touch with the emotional world, but in the wrong circumstances, this can make them master manipulators. A wrecked relationship and a custody dispute with Virgo is the perfect trigger for Cancer's dark side. Infuriated by agreeable Virgo bringing their Mama bear or Papa wolf side to the courtroom, Cancer will use every emotional weapon at their disposal to bring their former spouse to tears. With absolutely no concern for their own children's welfare and desire to see their other parent, Cancer will sue for sole custody, and emotionally destroyed Virgo will throw themselves into the fight. The kids will have parents who are more interested in hurting each other than taking care of their own family. It can only end in tragedy as Cancer and Virgo tug their kids every which way just so they can hurt each other.

13 Great Parents: Gemini And Libra Take Their Kids All Over The World

Gemini and Libra are both signs that absolutely adore meeting new people and exploring new cities. They're likely to meet and fall in love in a place that's foreign to both of them. Once they marry and start a family, it won't be long before they take the baby globe-trotting. Organized and resourceful Gemini will pack a diaper bag perfectly stocked for the streets of Paris or the deserts of Morocco, and Libra will spend hours on the phone, persuading airlines and hotels to give a young family steep discounts. The first solid food baby eats will be baguette and cheese as the contented Gemini and Libra parents picnic on the Seine. Baby's first steps will be on a sunny beach in Barbados. And once baby has the whole walking thing down, Gemini and Libra will put them on skis or a surfboard as the logical next step.

12 Parental Dumpster Fire: Scorpio And Taurus Raise Some Lazy Kids

Without a partner who pushes boundaries, Taurus's drive to provide a stable, comfortable environment for their children could produce some serious underachievers. Scorpio is not the partner to prevent this. A water sign who simultaneously goes with the flow but doesn't like big changes, Scorpio isn't bound to challenge their partner or friends and is sure to pamper their kids. Children born of this union will not clean their room or help out with chores around the house because they've never been asked to do so. They're going to think that dirty clothes magically become clean, folded, and put away in dresser drawers and that dishes in the sink automatically are replaced in the cabinet. They've got a big surprise coming when they move out and their roommates explain what dish soap is for.

11 Great Parents: Cancer And Aries Help Their Children To Achieve Their Dreams

When Cancer and Aries get together, it's a marriage of opposites, but the good communication skills on both sides mean things will probably work out. For a kid with lofty aspirations, parents like these are a dream come true. Highly empathetic Cancer, despite naturally being drawn to occupations like business, law, and medicine, will be completely understanding if their child expresses a passion for music and performing arts. Aries, already a creative sign, will most likely be their child's role model in artistic endeavors. With Cancer looking out for the practical side of their child's career and Aries doing everything they can to boost the kid's inspiration, rock stardom (or a stable accounting job, we don't judge your dreams) is in the cards if you're born to this combination of signs.

10 Parental Dumpster Fire: Sagittarius And Taurus Care Too Much About Themselves (And Their Money) To Look After Their Child

Normally, Taurus makes an excellent if sometimes overbearing parent. Match Taurus up with Sagittarius, however, and you've got a recipe for criminal neglect. Both signs value material things, and Sagittarius has the charisma to bring Taurus home the big bucks. Unfortunately, well-grounded Taurus can't exert enough force to make flighty Sagittarius face up to their responsibilities. When the kids come along, Sagittarius will think that throwing money in their direction is better than actually having a hand in raising their own children. Mom and Dad will go on endless, expensive weekend getaways while the kids are left at home with the nanny. If you're unlucky enough to have this combination for parents, they'll be so wrapped up in each other that you're going to have to crash not one but two of their favorite cars to get their attention.

9 Parental Dumpster Fire: Gemini And Aries Will Be Those Insufferable Hipster Parents

Aries is an artistic sign, always looking for new avenues of self-expression and creativity. Novelty-loving Gemini is going to find a guitar-playing Aries in a plaid shirt irresistible. When they get together, both signs are going to feed each other's love of originality and desire to be unique, and they're going to decide never to be a typical, soccer mom and office dad family. Sadly for the rest of us, that means they're going to be those parents who show up to playgroup smoking e-cigarettes. Whenever their toddler cries it'll get a Moustachifier jammed into its mouth. They may think that they're cool in their matching lumberjack chic outfits, but babies don't understand irony. When the kid is all grown up there will be some embarrassing pictures floating around. Mom and Dad have some explaining to do.

8 Great Parents: Virgo And Capricorn Teach Their Kids The Value Of Hard Work

Capricorn never gives up and always keeps driving forward. Virgo bends in strong winds and adjusts to little bumps in the road. This can create some conflict between the two, but when they work it out to find a balance between changing what they can and accepting what they cannot change, they are ready to become awesome parents. Careful Capricorn teaches their child to evaluate a situation carefully, develop a plan of action, and execute the plan masterfully. Virgo teaches their child to deal with setbacks, change the plan accordingly, and keep on truckin'. If you come to your Capricorn parent for advice, you're likely to get a gruff, "Work harder!" Go to Virgo, and you'll be told to work smarter. Take the advice of both parents, and you might just take over the world one day.

7 Parental Dumpster Fire: Expect Equal Parts Entitlement And Neglect When Pisces And Leo Spawn

Oh, Leo. You want a sympathetic ear so badly, but what you really need is a kick in the pants - something that's not going to happen when you end up with Pisces. Kind, loving Pisces is willing to do anything their partner desires, but Leo's never quite sure what they want. They dream big, but they don't like to take action. The children will constantly be told how amazing they are by both Pisces and Leo, but Leo will then pop off to the pub for a few days to reminisce with their college band and Pisces will forget about their own child's ballet recital to go chasing after their misbehaving partner. Children of this union will get mixed messages: one moment they deserve the world, the next nothing they do matters. These kids will grow up to talk loudly on their cell phones in a crowded metro car.

6 Great Parents: A Family Of Total Nerds Is What Happens When Capricorn And Leo Get Together (And They're Adorable)

Energetic, down-to-earth and determined Capricorn is the perfect partner for bright, artistic but often lazy Leo. Their love will spur Leo to truly pursue their passions instead of wallowing in indecision and mediocrity. Their children will be born into a household that encourages hard work and diligence but also values pursuing any kind of interest whatsoever. If Capricorn is into physics, Leo is into film and the kids are into coloring, you can expect some adorable short science fiction movies to show up on this family's YouTube channel one day. A time-traveling animated turtle cartoon illustrated by a five-year-old? Detailed crayon diagrams of a proposed dinosaur extinction event, complete with stegosaurus stickers and a healthy dose of glitter lava? Anything is possible for kids born to a winning combination like this.

5 Parental Dumpster Fire: Cancer And Leo Just Can't Hold It Together

Emotional, sensitive Cancer will want to change their Leo into a responsible person, but that's just not going to happen. Leo becomes their best self when their partner is forceful and determined, not kind and understanding like Cancer. When Leo inevitably doesn't shape up, Cancer will blame themselves. Their kid is going to be born into a home where one parent disappears when things get rough and the other parent breaks down completely. It's going to be impossible to keep any kind of consistency in the child's life. This kind of situation creates children who can't stand to be in their depressing home any longer and run away at an early age, resulting in more heartbreak for Cancer, a wake-up call that comes too late for Leo, and a tragic end for their child unless someone intervenes.

4 Great Parents: Pisces And Cancer Build A Warm And Nurturing Family

Both Pisces and Cancer are empathetic signs, in touch with their own emotions and eager to talk about the feelings of others. When they get together, their first priority will be to build a family that values compassion, and where their children will always feel warm and loved. Holidays with Pisces and Cancer parents will always be subdued affairs where the emphasis is on spending time with one another rather than gaudy decorations and lavish presents. Family board game night will be something the kids will look forward to even in their teens (even if they would die before admitting it.) Children with Pisces and Cancer parents will grow up and go out into the world with a well-stocked emotional toolkit, able to face whatever disasters life throws at them.

3 Parental Dumpster Fire: Gemini Will Stick Aquarius With All The Real Work

Gemini and Aquarius are both social dynamos, but while Aquarius prefers to keep a small circle of friends, Gemini feels unfulfilled unless constantly meeting new people. This is a problem when the two have a child. Aquarius will be disgusted by Gemini's desire to use the baby as a prop in Instagram photos, while Gemini will become exasperated that Aquarius doesn't want to go out on the weekends anymore. As the two drift apart, Gemini will spend more and more time with their increasing social circle and Aquarius will be satisfied with staying home with the baby and a few key friends, complaining about how irresponsible Gemini is acting. The tension will grow until the child feels absolutely suffocated by it, resenting Gemini for a lifetime of neglect and Aquarius for not speaking up.

2 Great Parents: Libra And Virgo Instil Their Children With Confidence

Growing up, the child of a Libra and a Virgo will see their Libra parent fearlessly approaching new people and situations with endless charisma and charm. This might be intimidating if they weren't also watching their shyer Virgo parent pushing their personal boundaries to adapt to Libra's ever-changing social circle. It's never a dull moment with Virgo and Libra. Baby will be meeting not just their mom and dad straight out of the womb, but their parents' enormous circle of friends. Life in a world of fun-loving, fast-talking friends and family means the kids will learn to speak up for themselves and defend their opinions early on, resulting in supremely confident adults who are eternally grateful to their parents for exposing them to so many new experiences when they were young.

1 Parental Dumpster Fire: Capricorn And Aries Drag Their Kids To The Bar

There are some parents who see their kids as little more than accessories, talking dolls that can be ignored when not demanding immediate attention. These are the kind of parents who think it's okay to take a kid out to a bar. If you're cruising your favorite bar on a Saturday night and the good vibes are shattered at midnight by a screaming toddler out past his bedtime, you can bet his parents are a Capricorn and an Aries. Persuasive Aries will convince Capricorn that taking a child out drinking is actually a good idea, and once a notion takes hold in Capricorn's mind, there it stays. Not only will they take their whiny kid to the bar, they will make - at Capricorn's insistence - a tradition of taking their whiny kid to the bar. Every Saturday. At the booth behind yours. Forever.

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