12 Zodiac Combos Who Will Grow Old Together And 12 Who Won't Make It

Needless to say, some people are just more compatible with one another than others. Often at times we think of compatibly in terms of mutual likes, interests, goals, or energy levels, just to name a few. However, what we don't often realize is our zodiac signs play a role in the commonalities we have with others. This doesn't mean the stars have all our love life answers, as all relationships take work; however, they do have something to say about a person's character based upon their zodiac sign.

While every person is unique in his and her way, there are commonalities associated and found throughout the zodiacs. Don't believe me? Just look at your group of friends. Perhaps you know someone who is full of life and energy, whose passion overflows with everything they do. If so, the chances are your friend belongs to one of the fire signs of the zodiac. Or maybe you know a person who is strong, secure, and stable, chances are you know an earth sign. We're looking at you Taurus.

Having specific traits makes people either compatible or incompatible with one another, as personalities either mix or clash. That being said it's no wonder certain zodiac signs fair better in relationships than others, and why some couples will grow old together, while others just won't make it.

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24 Aries and Sagittarius: Grow Old

When you fight fire with fire you get even bigger flames, and that's exactly what happens when you mix these two fire signs. Sparks fly as passion and energy collide. Both Aries and Sagittarius have a passion for life - always seeking their next adventures. They both have the same optimistic views of the world. An Aries and Sagittarius together is surefire to lead to a flexible and spontaneous relationship.

Despite their similarities, these signs have their differences too, as Aries can be more serious than Sagittarius and at times prefers to stay in than consistently go some place new. They have the same goals but can vary on the course of action to reach their goals. This may cause these signs to bunk heads from time to time. However, neither Aries nor Sagittarius care much about their squabbles over opinions. Aries and Sagittarius compliment each other's strengths and weaknesses, which makes their relationship built to last!

23 Aries and Pisces: Won't Make It

As a fire and water sign, Aries and Pisces don’t mix well. Aries and Pisces have very little trust in one another, as they find it difficult to open up. For Pisces, Aries exudes confidence, and flaunts their ego. For Aries, Pisces is too sensitive, and the prospect that they would need to tread carefully around their Pisces partner gets on their nerves. As a fire sign, Aries has quite the temper, and when it explodes, Pisces will most likely close off from their Aries partner even more.

Aries is a leader, and will take charge and initiate things. This is a trait Pisces needs, as they tend to be a bit more on the reclusive side. This difference between the two signs compliments one another nicely and plays a part in their initial attraction. However, while it is not impossible for an Aries and a Pisces to be together, it is very unlikely that their relationship will last.

22 Taurus and Virgo: Grow Old

Taurus and Virgo both approach relationships slowly. They seek stability and security in their relationships, which is exactly what these two earth signs will find with one another. The contribution of their grounded natures, their practicality, and their deep conversations brings these two sings together. Tender and sensual, the Taurus will be the perfect balance to the Virgo's overtly practical nature. With their  hardworking ethic and commitment to financial success, the Taurus and Virgo share the same goals for their futures.

Virgos find it difficult to trust, and this may be hurt their Taurus partner. However, with a little patience the Taurus will see an improvement as their partner learns to trust and explore the depths of their emotions. Communication is key, and while both signs can be fixed in their convictions, the tenderness of the Taurus and the intellect of the Virgo allow them to communicate their differences with ease. The Taurus and Virgo couple is ideal for a life long relationship!

21 Taurus and Sagittarius: Won't Make It

When it opposites in a relationship, look no further than a Taurus and Sagittarius. Where the Taurus likes to take things slow and have stability, the Sagittarius is likes to move at an accelerated pace and is always ready for change. This leads to Taurus becoming annoyed by the way their Sagittarius partner always tries to rush them, and likewise Sagittarius will become annoyed by Taurus's delay of things.

A Taurus and Sagittarius do have hope of having a lasting relationship, however this is often only the case when both partners had been friends for years prior to them getting together. During these years of friendship, they develop an emotional bond without any romantic feelings involved. More often than not, Taurus and Sagittarius don't sync emotionally, and rarely ever operate at the same pace. Because of this they often want different things in life, and will eventually part ways.

20 Gemini and Libra: Grow Old

A relationship without trust is no relationship at all. This all but sums up how a Libra feels, which is why they tend to fall for people who are straightforward. This leads the Libra into the arms of their Gemini partner. Both Gemini and Libra share respect for one another, especially when it comes to their need for freedom. Able to respect and trust one another is a major strength that helps band these two signs together.

While both signs value intellect, sometimes they can struggle to communicate, as Gemini may come across as a know-it-all and sensitive Libra may think Gemini thinks they are better than them. However, whenever issues like these occur, they can easily be overcome through mutual respect the and deep conversation. The Gemini and Libra pairing is set for the long run, as together they fulfill their shared need to have balance and structure in their lives and in their relationship!


19 Gemini and Scorpio: Won't Make It

Gemini, values their freedom, struggles to understand how Scorpio can become so needy and emotionally jealous. Scorpio can and will trust anyone until they are given a reason not to. While Gemini isn't an untrustworthy sign, they are very apt to change, which alters their plans from one day to the next. For this reason, Scorpio may lack trust in their Gemini partner. Gemini, also loves to engage in banter, but can get carried away; turning friendly banter can become a full-blown argument.

Gemini is quick to forgive after any argument, and Scorpio is unmatched when it comes to loyalty. With effort, these two signs can make their relationship work. Although, from banters turned arguments, to lack of emotional compatibility, struggle to get on the same page. Their personalities are too different for one another. Continuous arguments, and failure to get on the same page will lead to the end of a Gemini and Scorpio relationship.

18 Cancer and Pisces: Grow Old

This pair is the perfect balance for each other! Cancer brings the roots and stability to the relationship, while Pisces brings inspiration and excitement. Through time these signs find a much deeper connection. A Cancer and Pisces couple is unlike any other on an emotional level. No sign can connect to their Pisces partner's sensitive nature quite like a Cancer. Where there is positivity and easygoingness in a Pisces nature, a Cancer can see the negativity hidden away. This emotional connection, strengthens and leads to an unbreakable bond.

Pisces seeks excitement and adventure, whereas a Cancer seeks stability and control. Pisces may think Cancer seems bossy and boring and Cancer might not understand why Pisces seeks out freedom while in the relationship. However, the emotional bond shared by these two is near impossible to break. Their ability to understand each other allows them to compromise. Together the Cancer and Pisces relationship is one of a kind, and will last a lifetime!

17 Cancer and Aries: Won't Make It

Despite both being emotional signs, Cancer and Aries show their emotions differently, causing conflict between the two. Cancer is open about their emotions, and wears their heart on their sleeves. Contrary, Aries tends to keep all of their emotions bottled up inside, driving their Cancer partner insane! For Aries, their Cancer partner can be too sensitive. However, Cancer's see their Aries partner as too aggressive. This leads both signs tip-toeing around the other.

Cancer and Aries can make their relationship work if they are willing to compromise. Although, that may be easier said than done. Aside, from their differences in expressing their emotions, both signs are leaders. This will cause conflict between the two as they struggle to be dominant in their relationship. As the need to be the boss of the relationship causes tension, and neither sign willing to back down, Cancer and Aries will most likely decide to go their separate ways.

16 Leo and Aries: Grow Old

Sparks are flying, and passion keeps heating up! When Leo and Aires get together, be sure to find a creative, inspired, passion filled relationship. Both Leo and Aires have big egos, which works to their advantage, as they love to stroke one another's egos. Leo and Aires understand each other completely, as their emotional natures are very similar to one another.

However, Leo and Aries compete to be the dominant one in the relationship. It's not enough that they can both be brave and make great leaders; they have to have that title as their own. This can lead to very heated arguments. Not to fret, these signs are driven by passion, and they typically don't fight for long, nor do they seem to concern themselves with things said in the heat of the moment. They thrive off their mutual understanding, respect, and passion. Together, they will never stop fighting for their relationship, which is why there's will last!

15 Leo and Virgo: Won't Make It

Both Leo and Virgo want to have a fairy tale love. Unfortunately, these two signs rarely find it with one another. Leo loves to attention, flattery, and is always outgoing; whereas Virgo is shy, introverted, and prefers staying at home. Already finding it hard to trust, Virgo may become insecure with attention their Leo partner may receive. When conflict arises, Leo will become heated in firey in an instance, which will make Virgo uncomfortable; however, when Virgo's temper flare they become harsh and critical, which is damaging to Leo's ego.

Despite their differences Leo and Virgo do value intelligence, and can form strong communication amongst each other. This will help keep their relationship going. That being said, it will be difficult for Leo and Virgo to connect emotionally to each other. While they both know relationships take work, once they begin to doubt their romance they will end the relationship in order to find their perfect partner.

14 Virgo and Capricorn: Grow Old

Virgo and Capricorn complete each other. Both signs seek perfection, which is what this match proves to be. Virgo and Capricorn like to take their time to build trust, respect, and love. They both strive for success and for financial stability. This common ground will leads to an understanding of each other’s work ethics, which can be too much for the other signs.

Just as all relationships face hiccups a Virgo and Capricorn couple is no different - despite their need for perfection. Disagreements, usually, occur when Virgo makes a critical remark, and Capricorn taking poorly to criticism. However, these two signs both have strong communication skills. Working as though trying to solve a puzzle, Virgo and Capricorn can solve any bump in the road they may face through their respect for one another, and their ability to communicate. This makes Virgo and Capricorn a strong power couple!

13 Scorpio and Aquarius: Won't Make It

Aquarius is a free spirit, who values their freedom and Scorpio believes that their Aquarius partner should be tamer once in a loving relationship with them. As both signs are rebellious, their opposition here intensifies, leading to a troublesome relationship. When a fight breaks out between these two signs, there are no winners. Aquarius can then become critical of Scorpio, wounding their ego. But alas, Scorpio will fire back, leaving just as much of a wound on Aquarius.

Since both signs are straightforward, they are able to have very direct conversations with one another. This can help heal their relationship and even strengthen it. However, both Scorpio and Aquarius need to be committed in making their relationship work. That means they must be willing to compromise. Since they are two very stubborn signs compromise won't come easy, and if Scorpio and Aquarius don't see the relationship improving, they'd rather let it end.

12 Libra and Aquarius: Grow Old

As a couple, Libra and Aquarius have a deeply rooted level of respect and trust for one another. While these two signs believe that trust is earned not given, once their relationship builds that trust, there are no exceptions. Libra and Aquarius are also able to understand one another, as more often then not they find their own insecurities coincide. Rather than be torn down by this, they find it easy to help the other move through their insecurities to become stronger.

While Libra will look to have stability in their relationship, Aquarius will seek spontaneity. This can cause some problems for the pair, as they will have different views on things. However, both signs excel in their philosophical approaches, and intellectual conversations. Using their conversational compatibility these signs can solve anything. Their ability to work through their problems is what makes Libra and Aquarius a couple that will stay together!

11 Libra and Cancer: Won't Make It

The issues found in a Libra Cancer relationship stem from Libra leading with their head, and Cancer leading with their heart. Libra thinks Cancer takes things too much to heart. In turn, Cancer finds their Libra counterpart to be too serious and lacking emotion. Unable to clearly understand each other, Libra and Cancer may bunk heads from time to time. Being they are both strong willed individuals, their disagreements are bound to become massive arguments.

Libra wants to have a well-grounded family, the kind a Cancer can provide. Cancer needs someone who can bring rationale to balance their emotive nature, which is exactly what Libra does. Despite this, Cancer just wants someone who can compliment their emotional nature, and be responsible, and Libra wants someone who’s full of life, and takes initiative. While they can both serve these desires in one another, their overall lack of understanding each other will cause these two signs to part ways.

10 Scorpio and Cancer: Grow Old

Scorpio places trust as one of the most important aspects in a relationship. Cancer wants stability, and one person to share their life with. Together these two signs build a strong trusting relationship. A relationship amongst these two signs is strengthened by their ability to connect to one another. The Scorpio and Cancer couple finishes each other’s sentences. They don't need words to communicate, as they have a profound understanding of each other. Due to this level of understanding, Scorpio knows they can open up to their Cancer partner about anything.

Both Scorpio and Cancer signs like to be in control when it comes to love. This will lead the two to bunk heads from time to time. Not to fret, these two are built to last. With their strong connection, Scorpio and Cancer synchronize their approach toward their future goals. Devoted to one another, Scorpio and Cancer are in it for the long haul, side by side!

9 Virgo and Libra: Won't Make It

Both Virgo and Libra value trust in their relationships. While trust itself is not inherently the issue, Libra may become suspicious of their Virgo partner, as they do not understand why Virgo can be so moody, or why they lack expressing themselves often. On the flip side, Virgo doesn't understand Libra's need to have everything out in the open, and put consistent attention on their relationship. As it goes, Libra is a very open about their emotions; whereas Virgo can be very closed off.

Both signs seek to avoid drama and are strong communicators. This can help them save their relationship. They both always seek to be straightforward with one another. That being said, if these two signs stay in a relationship that isn't right for them long enough, their disrespect for the other will grow and eventually, lead to the end of their relationship.

8 Sagittarius and Leo: Grow Old

Both being adventurous, fire signs, Sagittarius and Leo form a warm, passionate relationship. Sagittarius and Leo both evoke each other's sense of security and confidence. For that reason they almost never misinterpret one another's actions or show jealousy. Sagittarius is smitten by Leo's flirty nature, just as Leo is intrigued by Sagittarius's easygoing nature. These signs both have a strong sense of Self, which allows them to connect and understand each other easily.

As similar as these two signs are, their similarities can lead to some conflicts. Sagittarius and Leo both share the same explosive temper. Arguments amongst these two signs can be brutal; however, they can get past them. Open communication is important in this relationship in order to stay on the same page. Sagittarius and Leo do understand each well, which leads to them having strong communication skills. While their similarities can create friction, it also serves as a unity that keeps them together!

7 Sagittarius and Capricorn: Won't Make It

While Sagittarius values creativity and freedom, Capricorn values practicality, and focus. Sagittarius has very positive views on life, believing that everything can and will work out. To a Capricorn it's not about believing in the good things to come that will make it a reality, it’s hard work and hard work alone. With these differences, Capricorn cannot understand or trust their partner, becoming critical of Sagittarius. This criticism will cause Sagittarius' temper to flare, and a confrontation is more than likely to occur.

If a Sagittarius and Capricorn couple hope to see their relationship last, they will need to learn how to compromise. Sagittarius and Capricorn must be patient with one another in order to successfully compromise. Maintaining a healthy relationship is possible, although it’s not likely. Eventually, Sagittarius and Capricorn will realize that this is not their ideal relationship. When that occurs, the signs will part in order to find someone who matches their respective personalities.

6 Capricorn and Taurus: Grow Old

Capricorn and Taurus are a power couple at their finest. Trust, respect, stability, communication, and a shared set of values define a relationship between these two signs. Capricorn and Taurus are very similar and want the same from life and love. Taurus provides motivation to their Capricorn partner, and Capricorn delivers the path to success. This makes them an unstoppable force, from building their success to raising their children. Nothing can break a Capricorn and Taurus bond.

While Capricorn and Taurus prove to be a pair to be reckoned with, they do have their conflicts. Both signs are extremely fixed in their ways, making it hard for them to compromise on matters. That being said, these two signs will find a way to make it work. Sure compromise does not come easy to them, but they are dedicated to their success both in life and in their relationship. For that reason this couple will overcome anything!

5 Aquarius and Taurus: Won't Make It

Aquarius and Taurus are two extremely stubborn signs. As two strong willed people, these signs are bound to have their disagreements. When disagreements do arise both signs are unwilling to budge or compromise on the issue at hand. It doesn't help that these two signs are completely opposite of one another. Aquarius wants excitement, freedom, and to explore the world. Taurus wants peace, security and stability.

Aquarius finds their Taurus partner's sensual side to be enticing. As for Taurus, their Aquarius partner's ability to think big and converse is a major attraction. If they want their relationship to work, these two signs will need to focus on the factors they like about each other and not their differences. They will also need to learn how to compromise. Unfortunately, compromise is challenging for them. If unable to compromise, Aquarius and Taurus will become unwilling to remain in a relationship that’s opposite of their own desires and needs.

4 Aquarius and Gemini: Grow Old

Aquarius and Gemini entertain each other in all aspects of their relationship. Both signs require freedom, so they have no problem giving that to one another. They understand this desire and see no reason not to completely trust their partner. As both Aquarius and Gemini value intellect, it’s no surprise that they challenge one another in debates. They have the ability to stimulate their partner's mind with their different ideas, and whether they agree or disagree they still get along just fine.

Gemini can be a bit too unstable with their emotions for Aquarius, and Aquarius has a habit of rushing to free themselves before things head towards a breakup. Despite this, both signs are able to understand each other. Their understanding matched with their ability to communicate with one another, allows them to meet half-way on issues. Their compatibility mixed with their desire to have a long lasting relationship, allows them to stay together through the test of time!

3 Capricorn and Leo: Won't Make It

Capricorn takes time to develop a relationship with someone, and Leo can, unintentionally, disrupt the Capricorn's process of building an emotional attachment, through their faster pace and need to express their love and passion. Capricorn's cooler nature can tone down Leo's emotions and ability to share their love – making Leo feel upset in their relationship. Ideally, Capricorn seeks a partner who’s sensitive, calm, and an emotional center; everything a Leo is not. Leo values partners that are direct, openhearted individuals, who share their passion at life; which usually Capricorns do not.

If the timing is right, Capricorn and Leo can have a good relationship. This usually occurs when both signs have the same priorities and are focused on achieving the same goals, which Capricorn needs in their partner. However, Capricorn and Leo are generally two very different people, looking for different aspects in love and life. With too little in common these two signs will end their relationship.

2 Pisces and Scorpio: Grow Old

If one word to describes a Pisces and Scorpio relationship it’s, blissful. These two signs share an intricate understanding towards their partner's emotions. If any sign can understand the full depth of Scorpio's emotions it’s Pisces. Their emotional flow creates a true sense of intimacy, as they are able to understand even the darkest and most negative aspects of their partner. Together, Pisces and Scorpio feel as though they truly belong, and create their own little fairy tale love.

As perfect as their relationship may seem, Pisces and Scorpio do have their conflicts. Pisces tends to be a free spirit, which can make as Scorpio jealous and obsessive. However, as problematic as that may seem, the intensity of the connection these signs share allows them to work past these issues. They understand each other's personalities and are willing to make it work. Pisces and Scorpio share an unbreakable bond that holds their relationship together!

1 Pisces and Gemini: Wont Make It

Pisces is, perhaps, the most emotional based sign in the zodiac. Contrary to this, Gemini is purely rational based. When together Pisces and Gemini cannot manage to operate on the same wavelength. Pisces values a partner who’s reliable and trustworthy. Gemini values their partner to have strong intellectual conversations, and is not too off-put by the occasional dishonesty. However, that may have to do with a Gemini's way of being a double talker at times.

Pisces is a very forgiving sign; however, Gemini tests that level of forgiveness with their critical remarks. If these two signs want to make a relationship work they’ll both need to be flexible with each other, and accept their differences. These two signs are more likely to enjoy a short-term relationship than a long-term one. Pisces and Gemini are two very different personalities, and sooner or later they'll realize it would be better for them to part ways.

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