12 WWE Stars Who Stayed With Their #DayOne Partners (+ 5 Who Didn't)

Staying with one's day one isn’t the easiest in any line of work. Multiply that by ten when it comes to the wrestling business. Performers are constantly on the road away from their families. A WWE employee is lucky if they get more than two days at home with a loved one.

This can put a strain on any type of relationship. Just ask a wrestler like Ric Flair who’s currently on his fifth marriage. Joining WWE can be a dream job, but the harsh reality lots of wrestlers learn about is how hard it can be to maintain a relationship. For that reason, we see a lot of WWE stars dating fellow employees. This gives them more time together especially in terms of the travel aspect.

However, it is important to note that some wrestlers made it work. What’s remarkable is that things worked out with their day-ones. Some managed to stay with the same person they dated in high school and even college.

It is possible for a relationship to work–in this article, we’ll highlight 12 examples of WWE stars that have dream relationships. They remain together today despite the hectic WWE travel life and everything it entails.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 12 WWE stars who stayed with their day ones and five that didn’t. Let’s get started.

17 Stayed True - AJ Styles (Wendy Jones)

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Not only has AJ been with his wife since day one but he has also admitted in past interviews that she’s the only woman he has ever been with. AJ married the school teacher way back in 2000. At that point, AJ was just getting started in the business.

A devout Christian couple, the duo would go on to have four children, three boys and a girl, all born within a decade from the very first in 2005 to Anney Jones in 2014. We also caught a glimpse of Wendy on WWE television during AJ’s feud with long-time rival Samoa Joe.

16 Stayed True - Kevin Owens (Karina Elias)

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He was working at a gas station and making sporadic wrestling appearances—at that point, things were tough for KO. Add in a kid on the way and everything lit a true fire under the former Universal Champion. Kevin admits that the one constant throughout his professional run has been his wife. As he told Slam Wrestling, all of his success in the industry is because of his day one;

“When I’m gone five days a week on the road, my wife needs some help, she can’t be in Florida alone with two young kids. The success I have in WWE is due to my wife as much as anybody else because, without her, I wouldn’t be here today.”

15 Didn’t - John Cena

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John Cena hasn’t had the same type of success out of the ring when it comes to relationships. He first married back in 2009 to Elizabeth Huberdeau. The marriage was short-lived and in May of 2012, they went their own separate ways.

Due to his flopped marriage, Cena was skeptical about getting married again, and this hurt his relationship with Nikki Bella–even though he would eventually propose. Cena is now dating again, this time an engineer from Canada. According to Cheat Sheet, John is dating Shay Shariatzadeh—the mystery woman he was photographed with post-split from Nikki. We wish Cena nothing but the best in his new relationship.

14 Stayed True - Shane McMahon (Marissa Mazzola)

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Shane McMahon married his wife more than two decades ago. A rarity in the wrestling business, Shane is still with the same wife he's had since 1996—Marissa Mazzola. The couple would go on to start a family, raising three boys. We caught a glimpse of his boys during his past WrestleMania appearances; they even accompanied their dad to the ring a couple of years back.

Remarkably, at the age of 49, Shane is back with WWE as a permanent talent. He went through a long stretch away from the company. Most fans would agree, however, that Shane is best suited in his family’s company.

13 Stayed True - Rey Mysterio (Angie Gutierrez)

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Rey Mysterio truly is the model WWE citizen. Rey has been in the business since the late ‘80s, his name is never associated with anything controversial and instead, he is one of the most respected names in the business.

Outside of the ring, his life appears to be just as flawless. He married his day one back in 1996. The couple not only remains together but they appear happier than ever as evidenced by Rey’s IG account. The couple has two children, and it appears that Dominic might be entering the business like his dad. Without a doubt, both parents are proud of this decision.

12 Stayed True - Baron Corbin (Rochelle Roman)

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Given his in-ring gimmick, some fans might find this surprising. However, Corbin has stayed true to the same girl since entering the WWE, his now-wife Rochelle Roman. The two made it official just a couple of years back. The wedding was attended by several WWE stars including Corbin’s close friend Corey Graves.

Perhaps protecting his wife, Corbin rarely posts anything about her via social media. A lot of veteran wrestlers might say that this is the best way to go about a relationship, especially one you want to last. After all, keeping things private might be the best way to go.

11 Didn’t - Corey Graves

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Like Baron Corbin, Graves was loyal to his day one... at first. However, that all changed just a couple of months back when Corey’s ex-wife blew up on social media making claims that Corey wasn’t exactly being a model husband.

Graves would ultimately go on the defense, claiming that the two were separated for quite some time and that he only stuck around because of the couple’s three children. The two are now officially separated for good. On the bright side, Graves still spends time with his children, often posting photos of them together to his IG account, so at least family time is still a priority.

10 Stayed True - Natalya (Tyson Kidd)

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These two take the “day one” mantra to the next level. Natalya and Kidd actually first met when they were only 12. Though Nattie later revealed that they didn’t really like each other early on. That would all change in 2001 when they began dating. Despite their hectic wrestling runs, they would last 12 years and officially tie the knot in 2013.

The couple remain together to this day and on the bright side, they still do television together as Nattie works as a talent while Kidd was molded into an agent behind the scenes, helping to set matches up. It doesn’t get more couple goals than these two.

9 Stayed True - Chris Jericho (Jessica Lockhart)

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Like Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho has a fantastic reputation in the wrestling business. He got his start way back in the early ‘90s. Fast forward and he’s now 48 and about to start a new adventure with AEW. This man simply doesn’t age.

A lot of his success has to do with his personal life. Jericho married Jessica Lockhart back in 2000. Almost two decades later, the couple remains together and as evidenced by Jericho’s IG, they also appear to be happier than ever before. The couple has three children. Jericho’s personal relationship is definitely something younger wrestlers should aspire to mimic.

8 Didn’t - Charlotte

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Her dad knows a thing or two about separations. Ric is currently on his fifth marriage. It might be running in the family, too, as Charlotte also already has two alrady ended marriages, both collapsing even before she hit her 30s. Her first marriage was to Riki Johnson in 2010. The second was to a former WWE wrestler, Bram, who was later released by the company.

She briefly dated Alberto Del Rio, yet another relationship that unfortunately didn’t last. Let’s hope Charlotte finally found the one. It is well known that she’s currently dating fellow SD Live star, Andrade Almas.

7 Stayed True - Kane (Crystal Goins)

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WWE veteran Kane is another model of consistency in the wrestling business. He got his start in 1995 with WWE–the same year, he married his current wife Crystal Goins. We really haven’t heard all that much about her throughout the years. The couple did go on to start a family with two daughters, however.

Kane is now spending more time away from the ring in his new position. His wife Crystal continues to be by his side every step of the way. More than two decades later, the couple still seems to be happier than ever in this newest chapter of their lives.

6 Stayed True - Bobby Roode (Tracey Roode)

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Roode is one of the rare WWE stars that decided to live off the map with his family. Normally, WWE stars either live in the California or Florida areas. Roode stayed true to his hometown of Toronto, returning to raise his family in the area alongside his wife.

Whatever he’s doing it seems to be working. Roode has been happily married with his day one since 1995–now that’s some serious commitment given his hectic wrestling schedule over the years. The couple also has three children. Perhaps living a private life away from the spotlight isn’t such a bad idea after all.

5 Stayed True - Trish Stratus (Ron Fisico)

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Talk about day one! Trish’s current husband is the same guy that took her to prom. 14 years later, the couple finally married when Trish called it quits in the ring. We haven’t heard much from Ron over the last couple of years, likely due to Trish protecting her husband from the fans. What we do know is that he was nothing but supportive throughout her professional run, as evidenced by her comments on the Lilian Garcia podcast.

The couple keeps on going today with two children, a boy named Maximus and a girl named Madison-Patricia, and the small family is total goals for many modern WWE talents.

4 Didn’t - Seth Rollins

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Seth has quite the history with the ladies–though not in a good way. He was with his former fiancée Leighla Schultz for a while, though things would completely blow up once it was revealed that Seth was also talking to Zahra Schreiber. He would date Zahra briefly, though ultimately that relationship would also come to an end.

Sarah Alesandrelli was his most recent partner. The two split up, though this time the separation took place on amicable terms, unlike other past relationships. There are now new rumors floating around that Seth is seeing Becky Lynch behind the scenes, but as yet, the rumors are unconfirmed.

3 Stayed True - The Miz (Maryse)

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Entering WWE wasn’t the easiest for Miz. He was given a chance through Tough Enough, though ultimately he would fall short of the grand prize. Hardships would continue when he hosted the Diva Search. Miz was remembered for various botches like writing a phone number on his hand and reading it.

On the bright side, the gig would lead him to his eventual wife, Maryse. The two never looked back and got hitched in 2014. They remain happier than ever starting a family. The couple’s expecting their second child and they also have their own reality show on the USA Network. Life isn’t too shabby for the, “It Couple."

2 Stayed True - Roman Reigns (Galina Becker)

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According to Sportskeeda, these two started to date back in college. Without a doubt, Becker saw the struggle and triumphs of Roman’s personal life behind the scenes. Ultimately, the triumphs would outweigh everything else as Roman is now the face of WWE.

His wife is a big part of that success and there’s a reason they’ve been together since day one. The couple married on a private island back in 2014. It was a treat for their daughter, who got to enjoy the wedding on a Disney themed resort. The couple would also go on to have twin boys in 2016.

1 Didn’t – The Undertaker

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Perhaps the most respected man in wrestling history, Taker is forever regarded as a locker room leader. However, what tends to fly under the radar is the fact that he had a couple of flubbed relationships behind the scenes. Most notably, his separation from Sara caused quite the stir, especially considering he had her name tattooed on his neck. Undertaker was also married prior to that. He married Jodi Lynn in 1989 in a relationship that lasted a decade.

His current marriage seems to be quite solid. Of course, Undertaker is married to former WWE star Michelle McCool. The two have a daughter together and seem totally committed.

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