12 Ways To Survive Wedding Season For The Single Girl

Wedding season is not for the faint of heart and, in some ways, it is not particularly for the single people either. Do you really need another reminder that you’re single in the form of your friend having found her soul mate? Nope. You may be happy for her and all but you’re still very much single.

Now, while this can feel like a parade of your singleness as all the couples dance and kiss, there are several upsides to being single at a wedding. I mean, have you seen Wedding Crashers? Other than the possibility of hooking up, there’s the upside of not worrying about having to match your date’s outfit. You don’t have to worry about what color tie he is wearing. Okay, these might be small victories but there definitely is something to be said for attending a wedding as a single person.

Whether you are flying solo or bringing a plus one, there are landmines that have to be woven through in order to be a successful single person at a wedding but have no fear, we are here to help you with that this wedding season. Here are 12 ways to survive wedding season for all you single ladies. Also, trust us, you’ll be dancing to that song at least once this season. It's still not over.

12 Rent The Dress


Rent The Runway may be your best friend during wedding season. In the age of social media, you don’t want to show up to six different weddings wearing the same thing. All of those photos will be posted to social media and you'll be rocking the same dress six different times. The downfall of this is the fact that buying six different dresses for six different weddings can be costly. Your best bet is to find a loophole and that loophole could be renting the dress. You could also borrow dresses from friends or go shopping at thrift stores. Whatever the case, don’t blow your budget on the dress.

11 Break The Rules

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Break the rules when it comes to your outfit. I mean, there’s still the issue of not wearing white, which I would adhere to unless you’re close to the bride and have asked about wearing a white dress. Also, wearing a two-piece outfit is very chic and gives you another option instead of wearing a cocktail dress or floor-length dress. You could also wear a formal romper or jumpsuit. Play with patterns and colors, too! There is no reason to wear something boring to the most important day of your friend’s life.

10 Buy From The Registry

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Save yourself (and the bride and groom) a headache and just buy from the registry. Sure, you may want to find an original gift so you can show the bride and groom just how much you care about them but they will understand how much you care about them if you just buy them the Kitchenaid stand mixer that they registered for. They probably spent a lot of time going over the registry so don’t roll the dice by buying them something else. If you want to get creative, do so in the card you give them.

9 Skip Some Festivities

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If money is an issue, skipping some of the pre-wedding festivities is a great fix. No, you don’t have to attend the engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party and wedding. You can skip one or two of the less important events. Trust me, the bride will be too drunk to notice you’re missing from her bachelorette party. While attending any event you are lucky enough to be invited to is nice, spending on an outfit, gift, hotel room, and possibly a plane ticket can get expensive. If you do decline to attend an event, be sure to still send a small gift. It’s how Emily Post would have wanted it.

8 Invest In A Good Pair OF Heels

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Investing in a good pair of heels that go with everything is not just good advice for surviving wedding season but it’s good advice for surviving life. Shelling out big bucks for a pair of comfortable, chic and well-made shoes can feel like a big investment and it is a big investment. If you have a pair of black or nude heels that you can wear to every single wedding you’re invited to, you’ll have a leg up on everyone else. Sure, a pair of super-glam, show-stopping heels in bright orange are amazing and all but you certainly cannot wear them with every dress to every wedding you attend.

7 Invest In A Versatile Clutch

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Like heels, having a go-to clutch that you can grab is a must. For the clutch, it is less important that you stick to something universally flattering. If you want a red, bejeweled or polka dotted clutch, go for it. The most important thing is to have a clutch good to go. One of the worst rookie mistakes is to lug an actual purse to a wedding. A big purse will not compliment your outfit and it will get in the way.

6 Know How To Pack Said Clutch


Packing a clutch for a wedding is like drafting a fantasy football team, or at least I assume. Basically, you want to cover all your bases but you only have so much room in your teeny, but adorable clutch. Your cell phone will be taking up space but that’s a necessity. Other necessities include your ID, credit cards and cash. Don’t bring your whole wallet but rather, grab these items from your wallet and stash them in your clutch. You’ll also need makeup for touch ups, blotting sheets, bobby pins and anything else you may need to survive a day of drinking. I meant a wedding, same thing, right?

5 Fly Solo


The issue of the Plus One… To bring a date or to not bring a date. If you’re dating someone you like, bring them along. It’s a wedding so if you’re into this person, you’ll have a blast celebrating love together. If you’re not seriously into someone, skip bringing a plus one. You’ll be stuck with this person for an entire evening and who really wants a ball and chain like that? You can’t ditch them and they won’t know all of the people you know there. Instead, flying solo is best. Besides, then you have the chance to hook up with a cute groomsman.

4 Give Up On Hooking Up

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Okay, so I did say in the previous point that flying solo was great because it gave you the possibility of hooking up, but that shouldn’t be your one goal from the wedding. Despite what Wedding Crashers would make you believe, wedding are not solely about hooking up with a hot stranger. You are there to celebrate the union of two people who love each other and if you hook up with a sexy stranger, that’s just a cherry on top. Don’t make the hook up your top priority because you may be let down.

3 Don’t Worry About Social Media

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We live in the day and age when if it’s not on social media, it didn’t really happen. You have to Instagram your vacation to prove you took it and your morning latte to prove you bought it. It’s a weird world revolving around checking in and gaining likes. Being in the moment is important and if you’re going to spend twenty minutes snapping the perfect selfie and finding the perfect filter at a wedding, that’s 20 minutes of the wedding that you’re missing. Staying in the moment is best. No one will blame you for posting your perfectly filtered pictures the next day, while you’re hungover and Netflix-ing.

2 Embrace The Photobooth

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Photobooths are an amazing way to take pictures while also having fun. Sure, selfies and formal posed photos are always an option but they are never really as much fun. These days, photobooths come complete with zany accessories, including glasses, feather boas and hats. Embrace the photobooth and don’t be afraid to mess up your hair a bit. It may end up being one of the funniest parts of the night and the photos make for a great souvenir – plus, you can totally post them to social media!

1 Thank The Parents

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If you really want to stand out from the crowd, you should identify and thank the parents. Sure, you may have never been formally introduced to your friend’s parents but they most likely helped in some capacity, whether it be financial or emotionally. If you’re afraid of feeling awkward, polish off a glass of champagne (or two) before approaching them. A quick thank you is all you really need to say but it’s a very nice token and will go a long way.

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