12 Natural Ways To Grow Your Hair

When you want your hair to grow out, it seems like it takes forever. That in between stage where your hair just barely touches your shoulders but isn’t long enough to put up, is so frustrating. All you want to do is have your hair grow long so you can wear it how you want and not let it rule your life with its annoying, can’t-do-anything-with length. While there’s no overnight cure to get your hair to grow, there are some few helpful tips you can do in the meantime to ensure it grows fast and healthy. Here are 12 ways to grow your hair naturally.

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12 Try Not To Shampoo Every Day

Many of us can’t stand going one day without shampooing our hair. Whether it just doesn’t look right or it’s all in our head, we hate leaving our hair unwashed. However, washing your locks everyday can stunt the growth of your hair because you are drying it out. Your hair needs its natural oils in order to be healthy and grow longer, so do yourself a favor if you’re looking to have it grow, skip a day of washing.

11 Use A Weekly Mask

A hair treatment is always a good idea when you want your hair to look its best and to grow its fastest. A mask or hot oil treatment allows for your entire mane to get deeply conditioned which will help reduce any breakage. Bonus, you’re hair will look and feel incredibly soft.

10 Be Careful Brushing Your Locks

We know brushing your hair can sometimes be a chore, especially when it is a tangled mess, but it’s important to do it, and to do it right. Start at the ends of your hair and work your way up. This way you are removing any tangles without ripping out your hair in the process.

9 Skip The Cotton Pillowcase

You might not give your pillowcases much thought - except for changing them every other night to ensure they’re clean - but you should. Those very same cotton pillowcases you use can damage your hair and stop it from growing. Cotton can cause friction which can then cause more tangles, having you waking up with hair that’s a wild mess. Instead, try something softer like satin or sateen so your hair won’t snarl up when you are sleeping.

8 Refrain From Drying Your Hair With A Towel

We all do it, but it’s something we need to put a stop to. Using a rough cotton towel on your hair is a major no no. The friction of the coarse towel can cause your hair to break, and since your locks are already fragile because they are wet, this can really cause some serious problems. Let your hair air dry or try a towel made in a softer fabric like microfiber or even use an old t-shirt to do the trick.

7 Get A Trim

You’ve probably heard many times before that trimming your hair will make it grow longer and faster. Well, it’s sort of true. You can’t expect to get a trim and have longer hair in a week, but you can expect to have healthier hair that doesn’t constantly break off. With less breakage, your hair can grow easier and more natural.

6 Don’t Forget Conditioner

After you shampoo, it’s crucial that you use a conditioner on your ends. This area of your hair eventually gets thinner over time because of all the products and hot equipment we use. Nourish those ends with conditioner so they are moisturized and won’t split.

5 Rinse Hair With Cold Water

Unless you just finished a run in the hot summer heat, chances are a cold shower doesn’t sound inviting. We totally get it, but if you want to have healthy, long hair, you might want to try it. Okay, you don’t have to take a long cold shower, but rinsing your hair a minute or so in the chilly water can help seal in moisture and keep your mane super soft and sexy.

4 Don’t Wear Your Hair Up The Same Way Consistently

It’s important to change your up do style when you can. Sure, you can keep wearing it up as much as you like, but you should rearrange the placement so that you’re not always wearing a bun on the same spot of your head. This will help keep your strands strong and resistant from breaking.

3 Always Use A Heat Protectant Product

Never use a hot blow dryer or flat iron on your hair without spraying your locks with a heat protectant first. This will help keep your hair strong, withstanding the hot temperature so it doesn’t get fried in the process. Fried hair is a lot harder to get long and healthy.

2 Be Mindful When Removing An Elastic In Your Hair

We know most don’t give this much consideration but it’s important to think about how you remove an elastic from your hair. Instead of ripping it from your locks, carefully pull it so you aren’t snagging any hairs along the way.

1 Keep In Mind Hair Growth Takes Time

Even with all of these tips, you can’t expect your hair to magically grow overnight. Sure, we’d all love to wake up with a healthy, long mane but it takes time to achieve. However, when you go about it the right way, you will find that your hair looks and feels better, which will help it grow faster. So, be mindful with your hair tactics and you’ll be sure to see a difference.

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