12 Ways To Get Rid Of Flaky Winter Skin

Dry, flaky skin can be a real pain. Especially in the winter. Between the cold, bitter weather and the blasting interior heat, our skin gets hit hard during these winter months. And it seems no matter how much lotion we slather on it, nothing helps bring back the much needed moisture. But we don’t have to give up on having soft, beautiful skin this time of the year. There are plenty of things we can do everyday to help prevent skin from drying out this winter and helping to cure it if it’s already happened. If you’re one of the many sufferers dealing with annoying dry and flaky skin during the winter season, you’re in luck. We have the right moves for you to make so that your skin will look and feel as good as it does during the summer (minus the sunburn). Here are 12 ways to get rid of unwanted flaky winter skin.

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12 Stick With A Mild Facial Cleanser

You can try all the fancy facial cleansers you want, but if it’s not mild you aren’t going to get that soft, smooth skin. Many cleansers are packed with chemicals that dry out the skin especially the ones with those yummy fragrances. So instead of opting for your favorite floral-scented, high-end cleanser, stick with something less abrasive that is mild and fragrance-free. This type of cleanser will be able to clean your face without over drying it. Bonus: when cleaning your face, try to use a soft washcloth to help gently exfoliate the dead skin too.

11 Use A Hydrating Mask

If there’s ever a time to pamper yourself, it’s in the dead of winter when your skin needs it the most. So, indulge on a snowy evening with a hydrating mask. Be sure to get one that is specifically to help replenish your skin and help bring back moisture. Skip the ones that are supposed to tighten or help your pores. Those will only dry out your skin more. Sit back and relax with your mask on while you flip through your magazines or binge on Netflix. Then once the mask is dried and off, be sure to use a creamy moisturizer to help lock in the moisture.

10 Exfoliate On A Regular Basis

Some people find that exfoliating their face with a scrub can be too harsh. If you have sensitive skin, stick to using a soft washcloth on your face when you want to exfoliate. This will be less abrasive but still provide similar benefits of sloughing off dead skin cells. However, for your body, you’re most likely able to use a scrub since that skin is tougher than on your face. An exfoliate scrub will instantly help rid your body of dry, dead skin. It will also help with that annoying itch that occurs with the dry, irritated skin. And after, be sure to always slather on some body lotion after exfoliating.

9 Remember To Moisturize

Moisturizing your skin is very important. Not only should you do this during the winter, but you need to do be doing this year round in order to keep your skin youthful and healthy. If you’re not already moisturizing twice a day, you better get to it. After you cleanse your face or take a shower, always use lotion to help seal in the moisture. This will really help with that dry, flaky skin you experience during the colder months, especially once you get on a regular routine. Try to stick with moisturizers packed with shea butter and aloe to help not only soften the skin but also soothe it.

8 Try A Humidifier

While the cold weather can bother your skin, so can the heat you use to warm your home. The warmth generated from your heater can really be drying your skin, but it’s not like you can omit from using it when it’s 10 below. So instead, try using a humidifier. This will help put moisture back in the air and will also bring more moisture to your skin. Now, of course you can't walk around all day carrying a humidifier in each room. Thankfully, you don't have to. As long as you use one at night in your bedroom, you’ll be able to see a big difference in your skin the next day. 

7 Use Petroleum Jelly On Dry Spot

A quick and easy way to rid your skin of flakes and dryness is by applying petroleum jelly on it. Now, you don’t necessarily want to try using it all over since it will be super sticky, but it’s a great tool to use on select areas where skin dries out the most. Use it on cracked cuticles or apply it on your elbows before they get overly dry and nasty. Petroleum jelly is great because it’s safe enough that you can pretty much use it anywhere, while also providing tons of moisture to where it’s needed most.

6 Dab Eyelids With Hydrocortisone Cream

While you can use petroleum jelly on your eyelids when they are really dry, sometimes it’s not enough to help bring back the moisture on such delicate skin. Instead, you might want to try dabbing a small amount of over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream. Not only will this cream help rid the eyelids of those dry, patchy spots that winter wind can bring, but it will also help with any redness that is associated with the irritated skin. You can use the hydrocortisone cream a few times a day too. So if you’re experiencing severe scaly skin on your lids, dab this cream on morning, noon, and night for a fast relief.

5 Take A Lukewarm Bath

We know how tempting it is to take a hot bath in the cold winter. There’s nothing like sinking your freezing body into a steamy bath of luxury. But before you fill the tub, hold back. Hot water actually helps dry out your skin. So, that scolding hot bath water that sounded so inviting a moment ago, can actually do serious damage to your already dry skin. Try using lukewarm water instead and skip on the bubbles with the fragrances. We know, we love them too! But they are only making matters worse. You’ll want to stick with a mild bath powder or oil to help hydrate.

4 Use Warm Oil On Dry Cuticles

While your face and body can take a beating during the winter, your cuticles can also dry out. Sure, cuticle cream works well, but sometimes in the cold winter months you need more help to harness in the moisture on your fingers. When this happens, try extra-virgin olive oil. Simply warm a small bowl up in the microwave for a few seconds and dip your cuticles in for a relaxing, soothing mini bath. Rub the oil over your fingers and hands for ample moisture and be sure to refrain from washing the oil off afterward so it can really seep in.

3 Stick To Unscented Body Wash

Yes, we know how much you love the delicious-smelling body washes out there (we’re obsessed with vanilla sugar too), but these can really be drying your skin. Just like face cleansers and bubble baths, anything that is enhanced with a fragrance can amplify your already dry, flaky skin. So, instead of using those, try a body wash that is unscented and has oatmeal in it. This very ingredient will help soothe your skin when it’s feeling irritated from the cold weather, but will also provide a nice, natural scent so you’re left smelling great.

2 Limit Using Products With Certain Ingredients

If you’re dealing with on-and-off-again pimples, chances are you’re using acne-fighting products that contain some pretty harsh ingredients like benzoyl peroxide and alcohol. And while these items are important to help rid your face of unwanted zits, these very ingredients can also be the culprit for enhancing your dry skin. So if you want to help with the dryness, try to refrain from overusing these products. Stick to using these items a few times a week rather than twice a day and you’ll be able to see a change in no time.

1 Get Your Omega-3s

It’s important to put the right things on your skin to help moisturize, but it’s just as important to feed your insides with healthy items that will fight off dry skin too. Omega-3s are key to help keep your body healthy and your skin looking great. And the best part, they taste great. Reach for a handful of nuts like raw almonds for a healthy snack that will boost your immune system and help moisturize your skin from the inside out. And we all know that flaxseed is good for our hearts, but not everyone knows it’s also great for your skin. Sprinkle some on a salad for an instant crunch and boost to your radiant exterior.

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