12 Ways To Get Over A Heartbreak

Maybe you had a case of the feels with a special someone and now you're trying to shake it. It's very difficult to get over someone you poured your all into, but there is an effective way to get yourself out of the funk you're in and back to your normal self. We all know by now that time cures much of the heartbreak but here are 13 ways to get over a heartbreak if you would like to be a little more proactive.

12 Smother Your Pets

Let all that pent up emotion out on your pets. They are good for not judging you for how bad you are at relationships or how sad you get after you drink your way to a full heart. Best of all, after all of that crying and carrying on, they'll be ready to cuddle you as if you didn't just make a complete fool out of yourself.

11 Bake For Friends

My friends always know something is up if I'm spending hours at a time in the kitchen preparing baked goods for my own delight. Instead of binge eating, I distribute them all to friends and maybe leave one for myself. It's super satisfying! Bake, listen to a bit of Ella Fitzgerald, have a bit of wine, and focus on the task at hand. Best of all, your home will smell like a cozy pâtisserie.

10 Have Wine With That Whine

Go to a wine shop and pick out a beautiful bottle of wine that you can either share with a friend or solo. Proceed with caution, know your limits, don't drive to your exes after downing a bottle, and take your time to enjoy the flavor. If wine isn't your style, grab some PBR and chill out on your patio. Try to just focus on the great things you've got going on in your life.

9 Get Out Of Town

Take a trip abroad to see what you've been missing out on. Take it all in, try unique cuisines, and try to challenge yourself to live in the moment and with a completely positive state of mind.  Taste new cuisines and meet people that you would never meet otherwise for the sake of adventure and spontaneity.

8 Buy Something From Etsy

Treat yourself with a break up gift from Etsy. If you're a coffee or tea lover, try to find a mug with an empowering single woman quote. If that's not your style, there are thousands of sellers with selections ranging from earrings, aprons, shoelaces, blankets, and mittens. Pick your item and check out. You'll feel great that you shopped small and that you'll more than likely get a sweet and personal note from the seller himself/herself.

7 Take A Bath

Make your bathroom a personal spa. Give yourself the works. Lavender oil, bubbles, candles, stuff from Lush, and some more Ella. She's kind of perfect in times like this. The best part is that your lovely bubble bath will catch your tears. This is also a good time for you to put your body at ease and relieve stress and muscle tension.

6 Delete Their Number/Save Them As Something You Hate About Them

If you can't bring yourself to delete their number, save them as something else you may not like about them like..."Never Does Dishes" or "F**kboy" or "Cheese Breath". You can fill in your own blank. Wanna have even more fun with it? Have your friend help you with a suitable name. Then maybe you won't feel so eager to send a drunk text.

5 Watch Rom-Coms And Cry It Out

There's nothing more cliché and self-satisfying than a good cry during a 2 star rom-com with a bottle of red wine bedside you. Once you've gone through the flick you can leave a bad review as a surrogate to your despair. Then publish it and feel much better about yourself and have a snack.

4 Write Passive Aggressive Posts On Social Media

You've got a lot to say and there's probably nothing more satisfying than just letting it all out on every social media handle, and laying it on thick with the hashtags. #lonelyheart #guyssuck #independentwoman #icandobadallbymyself #tylerperryknowsmylife #lovesucks. Chances are there are other lonely hearts ready to like your quotes and rants because they know how it feels. If you're feeling really gutsy, tag your ex.

3 Download A Dating App

Meet random strangers for conversation. I distinctly remember meeting with someone on an app where we ended up getting hammered and talking about our exes the entire time. That's perfectly ok. Add some cute pictures with at least one thing domestic, like gardening and maybe a cliché Audrey  quote to seal the deal. It's a match!

2 Go To The Bookstore

Get nose deep in a good read that you can get lost in. Sometimes the best remedy is to just pull yourself away from your reality and into a fictional story. You will always have something to get lost in after a long day of work, and you can be sure that you won't have to worry about anyone but the protagonist and their turmoils.

1 Clean Your House

Now that you've discarded the trash (ex) from your life, try to tidy up a bit. Play music your ex hated and put up all the artwork they couldn't stand because you know what? You love it and that's all that matters at this point. Cleaning can be extremely therapeutic and it's just the best feeling to come home to a clean house.

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