12 Ways To Feel Awesome Naked

Getting naked can be extremely terrifying. Sure, when you’re alone in the shower it’s not a big thing, but in front of another person? Now, that’s scary. The minute the clothes come off, the judging start. But we’re not talking about getting judged from the other person in the bed. We’re talking about women judging themselves. Are my hips too wide? Are my boobs too small? I’m so bloated I look pregnant! Women are always criticizing their looks because society makes it hard for us to appreciate our bodies for what they are: our own bodies. We aren’t molded to look like everyone else, nor should we be. And we have to realize that our bodies are pretty freaking spectacular, especially when naked. But we know, it’s easier said than done. So if you need a quick boost, here are 12 ways to instantly feel awesome naked.

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12 Try Self Tanner

We always feel better about our bodies when we have a sun-kissed glow on our skin. But instead of opting for the harmful sun rays or - gulp - the tanning booths, slap on some self tanner to get the job done. A good self tanner will give you a killer glow that will have your skin looking amazing. This will help you feel better about your body, too, especially when you are naked and glowing. And the best part is that you’ll get the same look as though you came back from a tropical getaway, but without any sun damage.

11 Slather On Body Bronzer

While self tanner helps give you a solid tan that can last a few days, you might still want to use a bronzer to get an even better color for that one night. Not only will this help you achieve a deeper shade, but it will also help wipe out any imperfections. If you have a few red pimples on your skin or some discoloration, you can use a body bronzer to help make it less noticeable. So you’ll be sporting super sexy skin that's aching to be touched. Plus, a tan can also make you appear slimmer. Look at you, killing two birds with one stone!

10 Utilize The Right Lighting

No one likes how they look in bright, fluorescent overhead lighting. It shows way too many imperfections and it’s just not sexy. It's sort of nauseating and reminiscent to being in elementary school. Yuck. Who wants to strip down with lighting like this? Not you. Instead, opt to set the mood with the right lighting. Set up a few candles around your room or illuminate your space with light elsewhere like from the hallway. By not having direct light on you, you’ll instantly feel sexier because the dim, sultry lighting not only hides any imperfections, but it also puts you in the mood for some serious sexy play.

9 Stand At An Angle

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to stand when you're naked, because you want to look good, but it can be kind of awkward to get there. Do you hold your hand like this? Do you push your hip out like that? All these questions! But don't worry, there's only one solution: if you want to look slim and sexy, stand at an angle. Standing this way will help emphasize your silhouette and your natural curves. When you stand straight ahead, you can appear more boxy, and no girl wants to look like Spongebob Squarepants. So, be sure to turn on an angle, stick out a leg, place a hand on your hip, and push that chest out to rock the sexiest stance you can.

8 Wear High Heels

You don’t have to be a shorty to instantly feel sexier (and leaner) in high heels. Anyone who wants to feel good naked, should slip a pair on - even those girls that are model height. Of course, you’ll score a few extra inches which is always a good thing when you want to feel sultry, but heels do a lot more for you, than give you height. High heels make your legs look longer, leaner, and sexier, which in turn makes you feel the same. Strut around in nothing but your birthday suit and a pair of stilettos, and you’re going to feel pretty darn awesome - which makes sense, since you look it.

7 Boost Your Confidence

While you can use all the self tanners out there and wear the highest stilettos from your closet, you’ll never truly feel your best when naked without a big boost of self-confidence. Now, this is probably the hardest thing for women because we love to criticize ourselves, especially our naked bodies. But by doing that, you’ll never be able to feel awesome when you’re naked, so stop that. Right now! Instead, take a good look in the mirror and list off all of your most amazing qualities. Do you have perky breasts? Killer legs? Toned arms? Take a good look and allow yourself to appreciate what you have.

6 Live In The Moment

Sometimes just by getting touched by someone allows you to feel sexy and good about your body. Think back to that amazing massage you got recently. You felt great during and after right? Of course. It feels wonderful to be touched by another person and it really helps your body to relax. And once your body chills out, so does your mind. This way you’re able to live in the moment and forget about all those silly things you are constantly worrying about, like: is my butt too big? Do my breasts sag? Please, forget about all those negative things that swarm in your head, and enjoy what’s happening right now: pure pleasure.

5 Work Out

Working out on a regular basis will help keep you body healthy and toned, but it does something else, too. It makes you feel better about yourself because you are actively doing something to better yourself. It’s an instant confident boost! However, if you’re in need of a quick fix, you can take part in an hour-long cardio workout or pilates class the day you plan to strip down. There are also several at-home exercises found all over the web that you can do to get a fantastic workout right when you need it - you know, a few hours before you plan to get naked in front of someone.

4 Eat Right

Eating healthy has tons of benefits, including making you slim and sexy. If you are planning to be naked in front of someone and don’t want that annoying belly bloat, stay away from the carbs the day before. Instead, stick to something on the lighter side like fresh veggies, fruits, and a lean protein. Be sure to drink plenty of water to help reduce any extra puffiness around your tummy. Probiotics can also help with bloat and can come in several different ways including yogurt, supplements, and tea. And they are also great for helping amp up your immune system. Win win.

3 Have A Glass Of Wine

If you are about to get between the sheets with someone special but are nervous about him seeing you in the nude, have a glass of wine to help calm you down. One glass of wine will allow you to relax and not stress so much about what you hate about your body when your clothes come off. But don’t go overboard. One glass works well, but a few can make you sloppy or worse - super emotional. And no one wants to hear about someone’s body issues before they are about to have sex.

2 Lie On Your Side

Now that things have warmed up and the two of you are naked in bed, you want to make sure you are showcasing your best side. Instead of being on your back where everything sort of goes flat, lie on your side. This way your body looks more perky, like an hour glass with the natural curve of your hips. So, pucker your chest, stick out your butt, and stretch your legs long to display that perfect figure. While he’ll love the way you look, you’ll be a fan, too. Give it a try. And don’t forget to look down at yourself while you’re doing it. You’ll be happy that you did.

1 Show Off Best Assets

While you might have some issues with your body - what woman doesn’t? - you still know which body part is your best one to flaunt. Do you have a nice, round behind that you love squeezing those skinny jeans into? Maybe you have breasts the size and shape of cantaloupes that you enjoy hoisting into a lacy bra. Whatever it is, flaunt it - especially when you are naked and feeling vulnerable. Instead of worrying about what doesn’t look good, put what you know does in view - like your seriously toned tummy. Wow. If you don’t already know what your best asset is, it’s time to strip down and find a mirror.

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