• 12 Twisted Versions Of Speed Dating


    Leave it to humans to take an already awkward situation and attach a time limit to it. We can just see the tagline, "Speed dating! The sport where you meet, greet and decide if you want to eat"!

    You basically meeting at the chosen venue, everyone sits at a numbered table and wait for the bell. Chat for two to three minutes; the bell goes again and you switch tables/partners.

    Talk about racing for love! It's tiring just thinking about it.

    But, on a serious note, hats off to LA Rabbi, Yaacov Deyo, who organized the first speed dating events to help young Jewish singles meet. With our hectic lives, it can be difficult to find time to look for that special someone, so speed dating CAN be pretty convenient.

    But how do you form a solid impression of someone in the two minutes given? It's no wonder the success rates are abysmal.

    These days, some smart folks have decided to niche it down and simplify everything. See, if you and a partner have somewhat similar interests, there are better chances that you'll hit it off, right? The following are a list of 12 dating events you can attend and see if you can speed date your way into love!

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    Sensory Speed Dating

    Participants at a speed dating event at the Edinburgh International Science Festival (United Kingdom) gave science-backed dating a go. Since scientists say a persons odor can reveal if they are in good health; they decided to test this.

    Blindfolded participants at the 'Sin Academy’ event were told to sniff the armpits of their dates, then make their choices based on how they felt. Sensory Speed Dating has taken off with events held in Brooklyn and New York. At some of the events, participants are told to communicate using one sense per date. One date would involve sniffing armpits, another would be a form of eye gazing, another event involved touching faces.

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    Makeup Free Dating

    When going on a date, one of the first things that comes to mind is what to wear. At a speed dating event held in China, that dilemma was solved by holding it at a water park. With everyone in either a bathing suit or trunks, that was one problem solved.

    The organizers also insisted on all the women coming without any makeup on so that 'the men would not judge them on their appearance'. With over 30,000 singles in attendance, it was obviously a success.

    They also had 'games' like guys squatting while holding a girl in their arms, water gun squirting and measuring the ladies’ bust size!!

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    Super Specific Speed Dating

    If after all this niching down, you haven't found an event that suits you, one event organizer may have the answer. They tailor their events to their users needs, I'm talking SUPER specific. Wanna meet a tall bloke? Sign up for the 'Size Matters' night. They guarantee that all the guys there will be 6'1" and taller.

    Looking for mature singles? Try their '40 & Over Singles Mixer'. If you're looking to meet a woman who is size 8 or less, the 'Skinny Minny' event is what you are after. On one hand, it sound like a good idea to meet the person of your dreams, but doesn't that defeat the purpose of diving into the dating 'pool'?

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    Cycle Speed Dating

    For Valentines day 2014, the Herne Hill Velodrome (United Kingdom) decided to play Cupid and host a literal speed date on wheels. They organized a speed dating event for 30 single cycling enthusiasts. The event was designed to mix their love of cycling and dating.

    Following standard speed dating rules, cyclists would cycle round the track getting to know each other. A shared love of cycling would serve as the ideal icebreaker. With games and challenges to work on, there would be many chances to interact with other cyclists.

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    Eye Gazing

    All the previous dating events had something in common, you actually had to talk to your date. Chat, listen and try to learn more about them within 180 seconds, but, not in this case. Author, Michael Ellsberg invented a type of speed dating where chatting isn't necessary.

    At his famous Eye Gazing Parties, no speaking is permitted. You are expected to pick up ALL cues from his or her eyes. Standard timing rules follow, but participants are advised to ditch banal chatting for more intense eye contact.

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    Speed Plating

    You know the nervousness of trying to hold your date's attention, staying coherent while remaining a great listener? Now add having to eat your way through a four-course meal.

    In 2010, celebrity chef Danny Boome held the first Speed Plating event at Tree in New York City's East Village. The rules were simple: 'don't get tongue tied talking about yourselves, talk about the food that is in front of you.' The event was spread out over four courses, and participants had to change partners for each course.

    Highlights of the night included mystery dishes on the menu, blindfolded eating, spoon feeding your date etc. To make the atmosphere as genial as possible, a no-cellphone on the table rule was declared.

    The event has been copied in restaurants from Fulham to Canada.

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    Weed Dating

    Farmers need love too and weed dating is just the thing.

    There are dedicated online dating services that cater to farmers who want to get hitched, but weed dating is a bit different. Here, participants don't sit at tables, chatting away; they get to know each other while weeding a row of produce together.

    After seven minutes of weeding together, a goat bell is rung so participants can switch rows. The event is open to all age groups, but they all share a love of gardening. And if it doesn't end with a tumble in the hay, you can always leave as friends.

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    Pet Dating

    Romance isn't for only humans, you know? At her Mucky Pups pet parlor in Cardiff, Leanne Crouch holds doggy dating nights for pooches. Designed to give pets a chance to meet in a more civilized setting than a damp park, Crouch organized the first doggy speed dating event and doggy disco in February.

    Along with their owners, the pampered pooches can mingle and see if the sparks fly. Crouch reported a resounding success with the first event. She said some owners found their matches too and she hopes to hold many more events.

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    Fetish Speed Dating

    For many, the point of dating is to find someone to fall in love with, right? Some of us will settle for a roll in the sack. If Tinder doesn't cater to your idea of 'fun', we bet you can find it at a speed dating event that caters to specific fetishes.

    If your interest are more Fifty Shades of Grey than Cinderella, Club Rub has just the date for you. Located in Highbury Corner, London, they host speed dating nights for people that dig latex and leather. With five minutes to quiz your partner, and see if you share the same 'interests'. The point of being here is to find someone who shares your specific interests, so be prepared to listen to some really heavy 'chat up lines'.

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    Speed Hating

    Fed up with having to soft-sell yourself? Tired of lying through your teeth about how you're the best catch ever ?

    Mike Toller and Carl Hill have just the solution for you. Naming it Speed hating, the rules are simple. Ditch any flowery prose or flattery and hurl abuse at your date. Scare the crap out of them by spewing irrational hate over anything. They encourage participants to really let their partners see a bitter side of them. As insane as this may sound, the premise behind it seems logical.

    They feel that if a date can face you in that 'mood' and remain calm enough to discuss a solution, it can be the foundation for a long lasting relationship. If their brand of speed dating appeals to you, they hold events in NYC and London.

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    Paper Bag Speed Dating

    Tired of being judged by looks alone on Tinder? British app maker, Lovestruck added real-world anonymity to the concept of speed dating.

    To drum up publicity for their dating app, which focuses on personality over looks, Lovestruck held a speed dating event aligned with their values. They got participants to hide their faces under paper bags that they decorated with sketches of their favorite characters and a fun fact about themselves.

    They wanted people to fall for personalities rather than features. The standard rules applied, a two minute chat, then partners were switched. At the end, there was a big 'reveal' to let everyone see if their 'judgments' matched the faces.

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    Zumba Speed Dating

    Wanna get all hot and sweaty on your first date? How about a little vertical shimmying on the dance floor? If these activities plus workout gear and trainers are your idea of a good time, you'll definitely enjoy Zumba dating.

    Combining the high energy routines of a Zumba class with swapping partners at the end of each song, this event is fast gaining popularity. Available most weekends at Bar Rumba on Shaftesbury Avenue, the dancing is supposed to take your mind off of the awkwardness of speed dating.

    After a session of one hour (12 songs), participants change out of their workout clothes and get to know each other over drinks at the bar. Even if you don't get a date, you'll have burnt some calories.

    Would you be up for any of these?

    Sources: dailymail.co.uk, vice.com, nymag.com

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