11 Trends That Have Finally Died

The 80s are remembered for big hair, funky prints and wild makeup colors, the 90s are remembered for pop bands, crop tops and chocker necklaces. Now we have found a way to fuse many of our favorite decade trends together so that we can keep wearing them without looking dated. However there are some trends that are so wild we knew wouldn't last too long (crowns, lip challenges). Celebs like Kylie Jenner or her sister Kim have a way of turning a new look into a sold out fashion must-have. The wild trends usually do not last long but manage to stick around for a few months and fade just in time for another crazy trend to start.

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11 Kimonos


Kimonos are pretty but other than their wonderful patterns they do not serve a functional purpose. They do not flatter body shapes and are not worn for warmth or comfort, strictly worn for a pretty pattern. Instead wear a nice light jacket, this will help add detail and structure to your outfit and will keep you warm.

10 3-D Nail Art


Earlier this year we were introduced to the very overdone nail art, this included 3D and nail designs that looked like jewelry. As nail trends are constantly changing, this trend did not last long, however new and more subtle nail trends have taken the place, such as knit nails (image below).


9 Overdone Graphic Liner


Graphic liner is still a makeup trend that we can appreciate, yes not everyone suits this style but it is very pretty and JLo makes it look flawless. However some celebs took this trend too far this year when overdoing the graphic liner, some even adding extra lines for a more dramatic look. Luckily the overly dramatic liner trend did not last and we can go back to appreciating the more subtle approach.

8 Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge 


When Kylie first appeared with her new plump pout the world went crazy trying to mimic her 'natural but huge lips'. At first the star told her fans that her pout was natural and that all she used was makeup tricks and lip plumpers. This did not go over well as girls everywhere were trying lip plumping tools which ended up bruising and even breaking blood vessels on their faces. Jenner then came forward to say that she had undergone lip injections and that she was sorry for lying to her fans. In the months that passed the lip plumping trend stayed but the means to achieve the look changed, with more natural methods such as using lip liners and lipstick tricks.

7 Flash Tattoos


We love that you can literally just add glitter to something and make a fortune. While it’s totally understandable that everyone likes this look, the trend has clearly passed as it is now winter, well for many of us. However we are hoping to see temporary tattoos come back next summer, maybe just in time for Coachella.

6 Crowns


Crowns became pretty popular this year, and not only for princesses. Being a hot item purchased to wear to Coachella or other events. Many of us dream of walking around wearing crowns like princesses and queens however sometimes these items should be saved for wearing in the privacy of your own home. Luckily the crown trend died in 2015, replacing it was Asymmetric earrings, much more subtle and very pretty.

5 Culottes


These pants are still being worn by stars yes but the big fuss on this fashion trend has quieted down. These pants may be loved by some and that is okay however in 2015 another much more flattering item took its place: midi length skirts which we love!

4 Highlighter Overload


Highlight powders and creams can work wonders for anyone, adding a little glow to your face can make you look refreshed but overdoing that glow can make you look sweaty and sometimes greasy. Thankfully makeup artists saw this makeup problem and began uploading tutorials explaining the best products to use and how to properly apply these shimmers and voila we've been seeing less and less of this faux pas.

3 Man Buns


We do understand that anyone with long locks will find a reason to tie their hair, we all have moments when we want our hair out of our face but we didn't expect this look to become such a huge male trend. It didn't last that long though and surveys are letting us know why, apparently 58% of people polled said that they would not date a guy with a man bun and they did not like that look at all.

2 Huge Buns


Buns are still very much a trend for women and will always be, but the loose bun is much more preferred over the too-tight big bun. The overdone large bun is just too 'perfect' looking, and the more relaxed version has taken its place like the high loose bun or a half bun- both sexy and thankfully much less work to create.

1 Overelaborate Manicures


Okay. So sparkles and all that jazz about your polish is totally fine, but we’re not so sure what the deal is with fingernails finishing in different shapes and people putting miniature Baby Einstein aquarium systems on their nails. Let’s just be honest—how can you get anything done when you’ve basically got an acrylic extension coming out of your hand? While looking ridiculous, these over-the-top manicures make it impossible to do anything.

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