12 Times You Were Seconds From Dumping Him

How many times can we honestly say we've had it up to here with the bull and were truly ready for a change? While it happens to most of us, I think it's important to shed light on those common things guys do that really set us over the edge. Need a refresher? Here are 12 times you were seconds from dumping him.

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12 When He Didn't Wash His Dishes

The cheese leftover from his hot pocket is stuck to the dish and what does he do? He leaves it right beside the sink as if there's a maid who can't wait to get their hands on some dirty dishes. Why do they think it's acceptable to leave their dirty dishes as far away from soap and water as possible?

11 That Time He Came Home At 4am

Okay, everyone has a boys night, but to come in and make a ruckus assuming everyone should be just as drunk as him at that hour is a little selfish. What's worse? If all they want to do when they get home is eat the whole kitchen pantry with every pot and pan we own.

10 When He Forgot Valentine's Day

You tell yourself that this man has been through 20 something years of Valentine's Day and it's absurd that he couldn't show up with a card, roses, or even a box of candy. Yes, you're a little bitter and of course he got an ear full. Even with rose deliverymen pushing roses by the dozen to their recipients, you'd figure he would catch the hint mid-day.

9 When He Said He Was Five Minutes Away

There's nothing more annoying than someone being super late for the one thing you ask not to be late to. You've got dinner reservations and you've even given him a heads up that he should arrive 15 minutes early but he still has zero sense of time. When you are 20 minutes away you cannot simply fast forward 15 minutes.

8 That Time He Set His Alarm Clock To Ring Every Half Hour

Okay, I get it, you don't want to wake up, but why must you punish the person sleeping next to you that doesn't have to wake up at 5:30, 6:00 nor 6:30. Get up and face the music or at least brew some coffee now that everyone is awake.

7 That Time He Didn't Notice Your New Haircut

Guys are the worst when it comes to noticing the things we care about. You don't have to be a genius to notice 6 inches of hair gone. It's incredibly frustrating to pretend not to care that the one romantic person in your life has no inkling you've done anything to your hair at all. Guys, pay attention. It seems like a very petty request but please, do yourself the favor.

6 When He Didn't Dump The Trash

Instead of just simply throwing out the trash, he decides to be a human compactor cramming every last bit of trash in the can until it overflows. By that time, the trash is piling, you're angry, and he's still saying "don't do it, i'll dump it" when we both know that clearly isn't going to happen.

5 When He Couldn't Remember Your Number By Heart

I get it, it's 2016, but why couldn't he take the time to remember your phone number in case his cellphone couldn't speed dial it? What would happen in the event of an emergency? What if there was was a sink or die moment when he needed to have your number memorized or the world was doomed?!

4 When All He Wanted To Do Was Watch The Game

You stood there watching him watch the game longingly as if his life depended on it and you had no idea how you didn't lose your shit when he asked you lazily for a beer from the fridge, for not just him, but all of his friends.

3 That Time He Left Mysterious Hair Around The Sink

Why would anyone just leave a pile of their hair by the sink that clearly screams, "I just shaved and although I'm groomed, I've decided to leave a trace." It's rude for one and especially disgusting to oggle at when going to brush your teeth. I'm convinced happy couples are couples with separate bathrooms.

2 When He Called You The Wrong Name

Okay. I know this has happened to a few people in my life. Your guy made a slip and called you his exes name by mistake. We all know this is grounds for sleeping on the couch or an explanation followed by a few names of your own for him. While your head is hot, it's best for him to keep his distance from you.

1 When He Showed You His Poor Eating Etiquette

Whether it's using their sweatpants as a napkin or chewing with their mouth open, you couldn't bring yourself to understand how barbaric he looked and may have asked yourself...is this what I have to look forward to? There's truly nothing worse than a man who eats like well....a caveman.

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