12 Times We Thought Beyonce's Marriage Was Over

Beyoncé amazed fans when she dropped her latest album, Lemonade. Even though fans are grateful for the sudden release, the new album has stunned us all and left us wondering if the new release is in reference to her marital issues with Jay Z. Lyric after lyric it's clear to see Beyonce has something she wants to get off her chest. Perhaps it's Jay Z's relationship with Damon dash’s ex-wife, Rachel Roy, or as Bey likes to call her "Becky with the good hair." What’s the real story behind Beyoncé’s marriage and that infamous elevator battle with her sister Solange Knowles and Jay Z? While some are certain Lemonade is about Jay Z others are wondering if the album is really in reference to her cheating daddy, Matthew Knowles. After all, Matthew did cheat on Beyonce's mom, Tina Knowles, during their marriage which left Beyonce with a half sister, Koi, and a half brother, Nixon.

Check out all the other times we thought Beyonce and Jay Z were headed for divorce!

12 Jay Z and Rachel Roy


When rumors came out that Jay Z wanted Damon Dash's ex-wife, Rachel Roy, we were stunned. Who cheats on Beyonce? Damon himself was pretty upset over the rumor and called out Jay Z during an interview with Hip Hop Motivation. “If he was trying to holler at my wife … that’s kinda f*cked up,” Damon concluded. Some have wondered if Jay Z's falling out with Damon in 2004 over the sale of Roc-a-Fella Records to Def Jam was the culprit behind this nasty rumor, including Damon. “That would be dark. That means he really has some resentment. I would hope that wouldn’t be the case.”

11 Solange Knowles Attacks Jay Z


It was the elevator beat down heard around the world! Who can forget the day TMZ released the elevator video of Beyonce's sister, Solange, giving Jay Z one very good reason to never cheat on Beyonce? Not I. Perhaps most entertaining of all was that Beyonce just stood by and watched Solange hit Jay Z continuously without doing anything to diffuse the situation. While we're still not sure what made Solange go off, rumor has it Jay Z's supposed affair with Rachel Roy was the culprit.

10 Beyonce Flirts with Lebron James

Lebron James and Jay Z are rumored to be friends so it should come as no surprise that Beyonce is probably cordial with the baller as well. However, cordial behavior and flirtatious behavior are super different and Beyonce is often seen blurring that line when she watches Lebron play on the court. Beyonce seems to be extremely in to Lebron even with her husband sitting next to her court side on game days. In one particular incident Bey was caught sending a head tilt and a smile Lebron's way until Jay Z intervened and gave her the stare down.

9 Pregnant with Baby #2


Pregnancy is supposed to be a joyous time for a couple as they prepare for the birth of their new addition. That wasn't the case when rumors surfaced that Beyonce was pregnant with baby #2 and fighting with her baby daddy continuously. Apparently, Beyonce was super hormonal and wouldn't give Jay his space during a time she needed him around the most. Well, it's been months since those rumors surfaced and there still isn't a hint of baby #2 or a divorce!

8 Where are Their Matching Tattoos?


Beyonce and Jay Z have been rocking matching tattoos since they tied-the-knot but suddenly those tattoos seem to be getting lighter and of course sparking rumors. The couple got "IV," the Roman numeral for the number 4, tatted on their ring fingers after their wedding as a way to represent the day they became one, they wed on April 4, 2008. However, the tattoos are less visible now and some claim Jay's tattoo is actually no

7 Jay Z and Rihanna


The Jay Z and Rihanna rumors started around the time RiRi's "Pon de Replay" was released and often we wondered, was it a publicity stunt? It seems as though it could have been a publicity stunt because Hay, the man responsible for the rumor, has come forward and claims he started the rumor out of desperation to get publicity for the release.

6 No More Wedding Bands

Often times Beyonce and Jay Z are seen without their wedding bands and that's enough to make anyone jump on the divorce bandwagon. Beyonce is a performer and often times wearing her ring might not be the easiest thing to pull off so she might set it aside for a little bit. Although, Jay has also been seen without his band, coincidently, on the same days as Beyonce is seen without hers so perhaps there could be some truth to these rumors.

5 Fighting Over a Move


It seems as though anything these two do can spark a divorce rumor. While Beyonce and Jay Z were moving into their new home in Beverly Hills the gossip magazine's went rampant with rumors of yet another divorce. Apparently, according to the rumors, Beyonce was seen and heard shouting at everyone and giving orders during the move. Moving is stressful for everyone but rarely will it actually cause a divorce and that proved to be the case here as well.

4 Adopting a Baby to Save Their Marriage

Rumor had it Beyonce and Jay were looking to adopt a child as a last attempt at saving their marriage but that never came into fruition. Many people opt to bring another living thing in to an already crumbling situation in hopes of saving it but that didn't seem to be the case for the power couple. The rumors died down just as quickly as they had started!

3 Beyonce Tells Kelly Rowland Her Marriage is Over


While rumors of Beyonce and Jay Z getting a divorce has been going on since the couple got married it seemed as though this rumor, if true, could have some merit. When you're about to get a divorce you start sharing the news with those closest to you so when tabloids claimed Beyonce broke the news of the divorce to her long time friend Kelly it seemed as though the rumors could be true this time. However, Kelly never confirmed this was the case and we've all moved on since then.

2 The Post-nuptial Agreement


In the midst of all the nasty divorce rumors it was said that Beyonce and Jay Z had both signed a post-nuptial agreement so their impending divorce would be a smooth transaction and there wouldn't be any legal battles to separate their assets. Of course this was also another rumor because neither of the power couple has confirmed or denied the news.

1 The Release of Lemonade

When Lemonade was released people were convinced that Beyonce would be filing for divorce soon. The whole album is in reference to a cheating spouse losing his loving wife but Beyonce seems to be just as committed to Jay no as she has ever been. During her Formation World Tour in Miami, Florida on Wednesday, April 27, Beyonce dedicated Halo to her husband with a loving message putting all the divorce rumors to rest yet again...for now!

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