12 Times The Kardashian-Jenner Kids Were Changing The Fashion Industry For The Better (& 9 Outfits They Might Regret Later On)

In 2017, Vogue was already calling North West's style "sartorial legacy." What the Kardashian-Jenner kids are wearing is now something that makes global headlines. What are the designers themselves are thinking, though? We haven't got a clue. While other kids wear hand-me-downs and $15 hoodies from Target, the most famous Hollywood kids around are marching those boulevards in full designer. The result is, well, mixed.

Louis Vuitton bags at three years old. Young Versace at four. At the age of five, North West walked her first fashion show. As for the other members of the family, they're barely old enough to realize the luxury that they're surrounded by. Kourtney Kardashian's three kids vacation on yachts. Khloe Kardashian's True just joined her mom on a Bali vacation. These kids travel by private jet, stay in $50,000-a-night suites, and they've got the wardrobes to match.

Some of their outfits are total #StyleGoals, while others, less so. From baby Balmain and Burberry to custom-made diamond chokers, these kids are a walking style book. Breaking down their looks into the absolute "yes" and the definite "no," here are 21 pics of the Kardashian-Jenner kids changing the fashion industry. Problem is, nine of them might be outfits that they regret.

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21 Baby Balmain Fever Is Upon Us

via: pinterest

And North West officially #CantCope. Balmain is the luxury French designer whose ultra-cool creative director basically lives on the Kardashians' Instagram. Olivier Rousteing heads up this powerhouse of a brand, where boxy silhouettes and fitted jackets are the signature edge.

In 2015, North West and Kourtney Kardashian's daughter Penelope hit the sunny streets of Los Angeles for the highest-profile ballet class we've ever seen.

That fitted baby Balmain jacket retails for over $2,000 in adult sizes. North has worn the look in both white and taupe. "My little Balmain ballerina" was Kim's caption to an IG pic of a blazer and tutu-clad North.

20 Because Regular Ballet Outfits Are So Basic

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Another day, another ballet class. To be fair, from someone who started ballet at age four (and almost made it her career), ballet gets the thumbs-up. The Kardashian kids don't do their looks by half, though. That's probably the reason why North and Penelope upgraded to baby Balmain.

Here the two pint-sized besties are in 2015 on yet another LA ballet outing. Supermom Kim was likely busy, as Kourt took on the baby chauffeur and ballet watching duties for both North and Penelope. Their ballet outfits are still some of the cutest we've seen (with or without the designer jackets).

19 A Preschooler Does Not Need This Luxe

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North was three years old when this picture was taken. Kim and North may be based in a luxurious gated community in Calabasas, but when you're a Kardashian kid, you travel. Bal Harbour, FL was the destination here – and yes, these two were shopping.

Kim and North wore matching black (as any stylish mom and kid duo do).

Fans were left with mixed reviews over North West's outfit, though. Faux fur slides, a crushed velvet dress, and a baseball cap may seem lighthearted overall, but it's the intensity of the black and the fur here that's throwing us a #QuestionMark.

18 A Baby Does Not Need This Much Leather

via: instagram

Stormi Webster is officially the most famous baby of 2018. Kylie Jenner's baby girl also came as a surprise, complete with that record-breaking 16 million of us liking the announcement pic on Instagram. Kylie has done quite the 180 since becoming a mom, but some things don't change.

"We about to be walking soon," Travis Scott wrote on IG. "OG 3s I see u mama." If this kid is going to get anything, it's the OG. As she celebrated reaching 8 months, Stormi wore baby Nike Air Jordan sneakers and the obligatory Kardashian-Jenner finish–leather. Then again, do babies need leather?

17 "We Have A Lot To Discuss, It's Yeezy Season"

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Exactly how a simple sportswear line became the most over-hyped phenomenon ever, we're not sure.

Kanye West's fashion line now finds itself as a 2018 must-have, although the rapper's claims about the company are a little bit out there.

"Only thing close to this is the iPhone," Kanye has said about Yeezy shoe sales. To be fair, the Yeezy Boost 350 was the most searched-for shoe of the year. Taylor Swift, Justin Beiber, Calvin Harris, and Gigi Hadid are all fans. With the Kardashian kids though, being a Yeezy spokesperson isn't a choice. Here is North West in The Yeezy Supply (probably telling Penelope to keep up). Annoyingly, the look is good.

16 Five Years Old And Already Walking The Runway

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Even Kendall Jenner didn't start strutting the runway until her teens. But in September 2018, North West walked her first catwalk show. The event received so much coverage, Harper's Bazaar wrote an entire article about it.

Dressed up to the nines (in a bit of an #InstaKid look), North wore a matching red vinyl skirt and jacket paired with a black crop top. Her oversized jewel shades and bamboo bag added a giant dose of #Glam, although the event was to promote toys, not clothes. Kim sat front-row. "She loves to dress up as her favorite characters," Kim said at the Surprise toy event. #ABitMuch

15 Kim Kardashian: "Already Collecting Every Yeezy Shoe For Her Kids"

via: twitter

Kim is so determined to make sure that her kids don't miss out, she is "collecting every Yeezy shoe for her three kids," Footwear News reports.

"I love working with Kanye," Kim said about Yeezy. "He will listen to me on things that are important to me, and I'll trust him on colors and fabrics."

Clearly, the color code for this 2018 NYC outing was "loud" and "pink." Chicago and Saint joined their mom here for some #Athletisurewear swag. This Axo sportswear look remains one of the more relatable outfits from the Kardashian kids, but it sure isn't their regular look.

14 The New Baby Squad: Versace Blankets & Gucci Bibs

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In September 2018, Kim posted this pic of Chicago, Stormi, and True with a caption: "The triplets." These babies may be way too young to even realize the sheer extravagance of their surroundings, but the media hasn't missed it. $118,00 is the estimated value of Khloe's baby registry. True has a $910 Gucci bib and $600 Versace baby blankets with matching changing mats. Stormi wears baby Burberry.

"I'm learning so much about myself and life," Kylie has said about becoming a mother. Change diapers she may, but one thing hasn't changed. These kids are head-to-toe in designer. Even the food they dribble on comes with a #Gucci tag.

13 When Leopard Print Just Isn't #Appropriate

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We've come a long way with style. 2018 is throwing us Bella Hadid in Vogue-approved "ugly" sneakers, a full-on "dad" look, plus however it is those cat-eye shades balance on peoples' faces.

Whether or not a preschooler should be wearing leopard-print satin slip dresses, though, that's another matter.

By August 2016, North was three years old. Holding onto mommy's hand (and clearly taking a leaf out of her book), North wore a very adult-looking slip dress, a matching black choker, and Yeezy Boosts. Remember that this was 2016, though. Kim and Kylie were walking around in ridiculous corsets over baggy tees. That era is so #Over.

12 When Young Versace Isn't #BestReceived

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9 p.m. when you're three years old usually looks something like this: fast asleep (and hopefully already in the land of nod for quite some hours). If you're North West though, 9 p.m. looks like this: being paraded around the press at NYC's Madison Square Garden before your dad performs.

The matching glitter here was one hashtag short of #Jarring. Kim and North went the whole hog with their matching outfits, although North did get away with wearing Vans footwear. North is now a 5-year-old with one of the most extensive shoe collections of any Hollywood kid. She even gives interviews.

11 North West "Does Her Own Nails" (And "Very Well")

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It wouldn't be a true Kardashian child without a touch of the diva, and North West is now old enough to voice her own opinions.

She did it here with a Hollywood wave as she joined Kim in NYC, but North has also learned the art of mastering a real interview.

"Do you do your own nails?" North has been asked. "Yes, very well," she replied. When prompted to raise her hand if "you do your nails well," North's arm shot up. And neons seem to have been a major color theme for the 2nd half of 2018. North wore bright pink Adidas here (with the obligatory Yeezy). #PrettyGood

10 "Sometimes I Put Makeup In My Bag When I Go To Church"

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And we wouldn't expect anything less from Kim Kardashian's daughter. Kim fell under fire on social media for filming North West undergoing a full contouring session. The time to stop this makeup mogul has long passed, though. North now gives interviews on her own makeup choices.

"What do you carry in your bag?" North was asked. "Toys, and sometimes I put some makeup in there when I go to church," she replied. To be fair, this kid knows a thing or two about toys and bags. North was still a toddler when Kim gifted her a $50,000 Hermès purse "to paint." The look? A bit too intense.

9 It Isn't "Stormi Strolls" Without $12,500 Fendi

via: gotceleb

Kylie Jenner has made no secret of wanting baby Stormi to have top-of-the-line everything. When Stormi was still a newborn, Kylie posed holding her baby in a Gucci sling. A few weeks later, Stormi appeared in baby Burberry.

"Stormi Strolls" was the caption to this Fendi-centric IG post (and yes, it broke the internet).

For most of us though, it's the wardrobe and baby accessories that would break the bank. Alongside Kylie's Fendi monogram dress, the pic showed us a Fendi stroller that People estimates to be worth $12,500. Kylie also famously made 2018 headlines with her $900 million net worth.

8 It Isn't Kardashian Reality Without Louis Vuitton

via: teenvogue

And this family has officially lost us. We get it, you're rich. Parading around in Louis Vuitton works for Kim and Kylie, but this 2016 look from North raised a few eyebrows. North West carried a $1,000 Louis Vuitton bag here. In 2018, she wore a neon yellow Dior bag to match her outfit. Kourtney's kids are pretty much doing the same.

Here North was, holding a bag that most girls only dream of owning. Remember Carrie's assistant in Sex and The City? She was over the moon when Carrie gifted her a genuine Louis Vuitton bag. North has also been spotted with Fendi purses.

7 Three Guesses On Who Was Behind This T-Shirt

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This is so awesome, we have no words. The internet basically lost its mind in 2015 when Kourtney was spotted out with Penelope and Mason. The lens wasn't so much on the famous faces–everyone was looking at Penelope's T-shirt.

"What Would North Do?" was this customized (and 100% awesome) tee.

We've got a sense of humor, and so do the Kardashians. Plus, these two are BFFs like woah. They went to endless ballet classes together in their toddler days, they hit up Disneyland together, and yes, they clearly listen to one another. Considering how famous North has become, there are probably adult versions of this tee available.

6 Three Guesses Which Parent North Got This #Attitude From

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We've got to admit, this kid has a lot of swag. North West has taken on her mother's girliness, but she's 100% inherited her father's attitude. Popular (or not) as Kanye West may be, he remains one of the most innovative artists of all time. North? She's a natural.

Also, pulling off a deconstructed and oversized look when you're only a few feet tall is pretty impressive. North spends more days in athleisurewear than she used to, and we've got to say, it's working pretty well. Here she is with her cousin, Penelope, and the watchful eye of an ever-patient Kourtney.

5 "What Do You Mean, I'm Not Invited To 2Chainz's Wedding?"

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You've got to be living under a rock not to know that Kim and Kanye made the highest-profile ever wedding appearance for 2Chainz's 2018 wedding. Kim wore neon vintage Versace (the event was, after all, at the Versace Mansion in Miami). Kanye's Louis Vuitton suit and Yeezy nylon slides received less positive reviews, but it's their kid we're looking at.

North's gold chain unleashed a thousand comparisons to Kanye's look.

"No daddy's it's me [sic] necklace" was the caption from Kim showing North with a long gold chain. This biker style is one of North's edgiest looks. Paring down blacks with slate blues and a touch of gold? #RapperBaby

4 "What Do You Mean, Ariana Grande Got There First?"

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A tiny part of us wants to see the stand-off should North West ever come face-to-face with Ariana Grande in a "slouchy sweater" debate. The super-baggy sweater and sneakers look that Ariana adds a signature ponytail finish to only really gets varied with her over-the-knee boots. Here is North's take on the "lampshading" look. In our books, she's acing it.

This look featured in Harper's Bazaar's "25 Times North West Was Dressed Better Than You." The powder blue sweater is Yeezy (as are the sneakers). Ariana is actually a giant Yeezy fan. Those khaki or olive sweaters you see her wearing around? They do cost $400, but they're Yeezy.

3 "I'm With The Editor Of Vogue. Your Opinion Doesn't Matter"

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If fashion means anything to you, you'll get how relevant this is. Vogue is still the kingpin of all fashion magazines–it is every fashionista's bible. Rachel on Friends read Vogue cover-to-cover. Sex and The City's Carrie got her dream come true when she was able to briefly work there.

You're looking at Vogue's editor here, sitting right next to North (and her mama).

In 2016, Kim K took her front-row spot at the Yeezy fashion show. Being a toddler and sitting next to Anna Wintour is a huge deal. North wore an industrial and super-casual Yeezy outfit, and the camel tone was perfect. The tantrum North later threw? A little less perfect.

2 #Extra

via: instagram

And how. North West has gone from being "Kim Kardashian's daughter" to being a fully fledged A-Lister. This girl has front-row Fashion Week invites, she walks her own shows, she gives her own interviews, plus she's on KUWTK. North showed us just how #Extra she was here by deciding that she is the photographer.

North West's favorite color is "rainbow." When she was interviewed, fans also learned that a "rainbow princess cake" would be her home baking choice. Kendall Jenner might pose for the cameras, but North is taking the pictures. Her outfit here is #Extra (and so is she).

1 They Grow Up Fast, Right?

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It's hard to believe that Kris Jenner is now a grandparent to nine children. KimYe's North, Saint, and Chicago make three. Kourtney and Scott Disick's Penelope, Mason, And Reign make it six. With True Thompson, Stormi Webster, and Rob Kardashian's Dream (shared with Blac Chyna), that's a whole lot of Kardashian-Jenner kids.

They're definitely doing style the statement way.

Hit share on Facebook for anyone who will totally smile at this. Those tutus? That Louis Vuitton? 21 looks. Not all of them get a #Awesome. For the most part though, these kids are changing the fashion landscape for the better.

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