12 Times The Jenners Messed Up The Blonde Look (+ 8 Times They Rocked It)

"Missing the blonde." It seems like every time Kylie Jenner is brunette, a social media caption will bleed nostalgia from when she was blonde. Much like Kim Kardashian and the rest of the KarJenner clan, Kylie is definitely one to experiment with the hair dye. Kendall Jenner, less-so, but she's had her moments.

Blonde. It's easy to picture. It's way harder to nail. While "blondes have more fun" is a phrase that sells bottles in CVS, looking like the girl on the package is a whole different story. Of course, with a KarJenner budget, it's unlikely that Kendall and Kylie are DIY'ing in the bathroom. With glam squads on-tap, these girls have Hollywood's top hairstylists on speed dial. Still, not every blonde look from them has hit the mark.

Kendall seems to experiment the least. Her brunette locks are part of the trademark "Kendall look," although walking the runway at Fashion Week doesn't always give this girl much of a say in the matter. When Kendall walked for Balmain, the fashion house's creative director seemed to want Kendall blonde. The look was...perhaps not Kendall's best.

Then again, when these girls ace something, they ace it. Kylie's icy-white or blue-tinted blonde looks have become as much of a talking point as her Forbes-listed $1 billion– every time Kylie changes her hair, it makes front-page news.

This list will be looking at both extremes. Essentially, all the times the Jenners (including Kris) totally messed up being blonde, plus those occasions when they absolutely nailed it. Here are 12 of their blonde mess-ups, plus eight that were beyond goals.

20 (Messed Up): Super-Long Extensions Are Best Left To Nicki Minaj

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2019 has been all about the glam. Cardi B and Nicki Minaj seem to be in a constant battle to out-glam one another, but a certain Jenner is joining them (and probably winning). Kylie looked gorgeous as she stepped out here with her statement outfit, but something was a little off.

"I mean profit off, my plug drop it off, You see them copyin' my hair, tell 'em, "Chop it off..." Nicki Minaj has a #Point.

Looking more like Nicki (and less like Kylie), we have to say the super-long extensions didn't throw us the best finish from Kylie. Take her shorter blonde styles. We definitely prefer them.

19 (Rocked): Hint Of Pink, Beyond Perfect

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Something about Kylie Jenner and those Lamborghinis has us hooked. Back in the day, it was a bit of an eye-roll. Now that this 21-year-old is a mother of one, a "self-made billionaire," and a total power figure, we're digging the vibes.

Rocking simple hair (but not a simple color) here, Kylie's choice to opt for blonde with a hint of pink pretty much gave us Kylie Jenner in a package. This girl lives for all things girly. Pink is definitely up there.

Kylie has rocked full-on pink hair to match her pink rubber dress, but this "somewhere in-between" look was spot on.

18 (Messed Up): Borderline 'Not Human'

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In 2019, Kylie Jenner channeled the not-very-human Barbie look on IG. She came boxed up like a doll. While the effect was very eye-catching, it reminded us that this girl's glam side can (very occasionally) go too far.

Losing the Barbie outfit (but not the hair), this toned-down look won points for showcasing Kylie's beauty and casual style, but let's face it. The super-long hair can feel a bit lost from reality.

Blonde seems to be the go-to look right now for this entire family. Khloe is rocking blonde following her split from Tristan Thompson. Kylie might still have her man, but she's joining her sister. We've seen better looks from Kylie.

17 (Messed Up): This Girl Just Wasn't Born To Be Blonde

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Kendall Jenner might receive the most attention for her IG pics, but let's remember that this girl has a solid career. Walking the runway for Chanel, Versace, and Balmain, Kendall's modeling gigs extend to being the face of major brands like Adidas and La Perla.

Balmain seemed to think blonde was right for Kendall here. While it didn't take away from Kendall's model beauty, something about the blonde just didn't feel right.

In short, it's like Kendall was born to be brunette. The Balmain look of oversized and boxy was spot-on, but the hair was definitely lacking. Kendall seems at her best with her natural chocolate locks.

16 (Messed Up): Is It Us, Or Does Jordyn Woods Ruin Things?

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Nobody is making bigger headlines than Jordyn Woods right now. #Khloe, #Tristan, #Jordyn. It's become a thing. Kylie's former BFF joined the Kylie Cosmetics CEO here back when things were easier. The hair? Hmm.

"I'm no homewrecker." Jordyn's words have put the friendship in jeopardy. “She still has so many questions for Jordyn. Who knows when Kylie will get over this."

As People reports, March 2019 saw Kylie question whether this friendship will ever recover following Jordyn's Red Table Talk interview. A blonde bob seems to work on Khloe. On Kylie? It looked a touch harsh for some reason. Or maybe it's just seeing Jordyn Woods...

15 (Rocked): Fuss-Free, Focusing On More Important Things

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Everything changed the minute this baby arrived. Stormi Webster was born in February 2018. Kylie literally became a different person. Speaking to Kim via ES, Kylie said:

"I feel like it’s just been so amazing, and so much fun. I’m learning so much more about myself and life, and it’s been such a great experience."

No, the glam didn't go anywhere. It's called a girl not losing her personality. Hugging Stormi here as she turned eight months, Kylie's simple blonde hairstyle reflected her mentality– she had bigger fish to fry. Mommy was blonde, but her mind wasn't on her hair.

14 (Messed Up): Kris Jenners' 'Devil Wears Prada' Look

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“Have you ever seen the movie The Devil Wears Prada? You kind of look like Miranda Priestly. It takes a really strong woman to pull off this icy blonde.” This is what Kim had to say to her mom, Kris, as the "momager" bravely switched up her brunette pixie for a blonde 'do.

As People reported, Kris actually admitted to wearing a wig. We're used to seeing this 63-year-old woman looking super-youthful and super-stylish.

While the blonde hair didn't detract from Kris's pretty awesome bone structure, something about the blonde look didn't feel quite right. On the plus side, it didn't last long.

13 (Rocked): A Sudden Improvement When Kim Joins In


Basically, all the times Kim made everything better. Eye-catching and somehow never boring (despite the endless exposure), Kim Kardashian has been getting us to keep clicking for over a decade.

Joining Kris here for a #Twinning blonde moment, it's like Kris's formerly questionable blonde look got the biggest revamp ever. Selfies are a thing for Kim. Family ones are the best ones.

With icy-blonde hair and simple makeup, Kim and Kris owned this one to the point of us retracting our former comment. We'd love to see it again (although we're not sure when we will). Blondes do, as it seems, have more fun.

12 (Messed Up): Blonde Can Feel Harsh On Kylie

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Yes, your eye is kind of drawn to the Burberry check. Kylie seems to have a particular fondness for the British designer brand of late– Stormi has been seen in baby Burberry multiple times.

This selfie came in 2019. While the nails and fashion are beyond goals, something about the hair feels a touch harsh. Almost like you're looking at Kylie through a lens that's too sharp.

Kylie's piercing gaze and on-point makeup have made her an undeniable icon. What we can't deny here though, is that the blonde was just a touch too much. The Burberry, we'll take. The blonde, we'll leave.

11 (Rocked): Literally, Everything About This

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Public outings from Kylie and Travis Scott are pretty rare. Unlike Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher (who basically spend their lives walking around Hollywood in sweats), Kylie's street appearances seem carefully chosen.

When you've got a man and he's a keeper, it's worth showing him off. Honestly, we don't know where to start here. The acid-washed jeans. The rubbery leather tank. The beyond-awesome side-eye.

Of course, it's the hair that finished this look. When the outfit channels blacks and grays, a little blonde doesn't go amiss. Here is Kylie looking her best (although it could be because she's with Travis).

10 (Messed Up): Blonde Will Never Work On Kendall

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We're not quite sure why Balmain chose blonde for Kendall and not for Gigi Hadid. This supermodel duo has been super-tight for years. They walked the Victoria's Secret Show in Paris in 2016 (and then hit up a burger joint straight afterwards).

Giving us another not-quite-perfect moment, this blonde look from Kendall only served to show us how the "KJ" is simply better natural. With those morning selfies showing us Kendall's fresh face, it's clear that this girl needs neither makeup nor hair dye.

The clothes here are beyond goals. Honestly, the whole getup is. While Balmain remains a brand that we can't afford, we'll once again take the clothes over the hair here.

9 (Rocked): Kylie Needs To Go Grunge More Often

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We'll never quite get over Kylie and the early days. 2016 seemed to see Kylie finding her feet. She wasn't yet a billionaire (or anywhere close), but this girl already had something. As Hollywood Life reports, Kylie also had her opinions.

“I think I was meant to be blonde.”

It was messy. It was bed hair. A little grunge, a little glam, this blonde look from Kylie is 100% going down as one of our favorites. To be fair, the awesome facial expression kind of helps, but these girls were built for social media. A look this messy isn't something we'd see from Kylie in 2019, but we can always hope!

8 (Rocked): Classy, Sleek, Need The Outfit

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Oh, are we crushing on this. Kylie recently turned 21. Instead of opting for a super-revealing mini dress, this mother went classy as she painted the town red. The pink, satin dress had a jacket look that we basically want to steal, but it's the hair we're looking at.

Extensions or not, we don't care. A sleek ponytail here managed not to copy Ariana Grande, but the 2019 vibe was there. Kylie is definitely a party girl, but not in the wild way Kim was in the early days.

Responsibilities. Assertion. Style. It's what this girl is all about. We absolutely loved this blonde look and this pic earns its spot here.

7 (Messed Up): We'll Try One More Time With Kendall, But Seriously

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Honestly, we're trying. It's our job to scour the internet for pics, but with Kendall, we're still struggling. While the selfies, runway shots, street looks, and family snaps are on-point with this girl, our heart sinks a little every time we try and find a blonde Kendall.

Fortunately, it seems that Kendall has more than realized that blonde isn't necessarily her thing. The number of blonde Kendall pics are basically just the ones where designers have chosen the shade for her.

Kendall and Balmain will always be iconic. A little less iconic, but still beautiful, is her blonde hair. #KeepItBrunette

6 (Rocked): Basically, Slaying

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It's like 2019 has unleashed a new Kylie. There's virtually no shred of "spoiled teen" left– this girl is a mother, a billionaire, an icon, and a household name. Kylie has been hanging out backstage at Travis's "Astroworld" tour quite a lot. This was just one occasion.

Rocking a suit jacket (but totally pulling off gig vibes), a chilled Kylie seemed in the mood for the concert as she went to support the man she continues to call "hubby" on IG.

It's got the edgy roots. It's got the long, wavy glam. With Kylie's signature side-eye, this pic basically nails all #Goals.

5 (Messed Up): Even If Donatella Says 'Blonde'

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2017 was a long time ago. Already an A-Lister though, Kylie was stepping out onto the Met Gala red carpet (and she wasn't wearing any old dress). As E! reports, Donatella Versace custom-made Kylie's gown, but she also had a say in the hair.

"You guys, I just got a text. Can I ask you what color Kylie's doing her hair? Donatella is asking."

Kylie's assistant got the call that Donatella was instructing "blonde." While the bob was sleek and unusual, it did feel a touch harsh against the dark eyebrows. Winning on the style, but not so much on the blonde, right?

4 (Messed Up): The Past Is Best Left In The Past

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Teen years are awkward for, like, 99% of girls. We either delete the pics or pray that nobody sees them. Kylie was already a headline maker in her teens, although this look definitely isn't being chronicled by us as her best.

Kylie always had a natural beauty– she still does. We've seen enough #NoMakeUp selfies from this girl to see that she doesn't need a scrap of her own products.

While most things about Kylie are spot on, this rather messily turned-out blonde look with roots...well, it just isn't really working. It's also unlikely a look that we'll ever see from Kylie again.

3 (Rocked): Luscious, Ice-White, Total #Goals

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When this girl nails a look, she doesn't fall short. Pinterest basically explodes the minute you type in "Kylie Jenner blonde." Actually, it offers it as a drop-down. This is why.

Luscious layers and an icy-white look here perfectly offset Kylie's makeup (in the way that makes us wish we could pull it off). Whether the hair here is real or fake, we have no idea. If it's real, we need the shampoo.

Kylie's glam looks have definitely toned down with her recent street appearances, but this Jenner knows how to up the ante when it's needed. It's every hairstylist's goal.

2 (Messed Up): Kris Jenner Is A Risk-Taker, #BetterBrunette

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We weren't expecting another blonde attempt from Kris Jenner following her "Devil Wears Prada" look, but we got one, nonetheless. As Khloe and True posed for Christmas Eve, Kris joined them.

Of course, the outfits are insanely glam. It's a Kardashian event and we wouldn't expect anything less. After a certain age, though, blonde can be risky. Youthful as she is, Kris didn't quite pull this one off, in our opinion.

With so much on her plate, it's acceptable for the hardest-working grandma in Hollywood to make the odd mistake. Kris Jenner will forever be goals, but this look just didn't do much for her.

1 (Messed Up): Wet Hair And Heavy Makeup, #OnlyWorks On Kim

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Kim has done the "wet" look. She's even taken it as far as teaming it up with the "silver-haired fox." When Kylie does it? Well, she definitely nails it sometimes. Not this time, though.

With full-on red lips and a bit of an "in-your-face" pose, something about the blonde here felt a tad too much. Kylie might have become more iconic for her selfies than Kim, but it's her big sister who wins for the "wet" look.

Blonde Jenners. There are a zillion pics of them. Not every one works out, though. The world's most glamorous family might have it all, but the ability to pull off blonde 100% of the time isn't guaranteed.

Sources: People, ES, E! News, Hollywood Life

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