12 Times Lady Gaga Wore Crazy Outfits

Lady Gaga is one of the most popular female singers and songwriters of our time, but unlike other pop stars that always want to look perfectly put-together for the cameras, Gaga is always surprising us. While her music is super recognizable and she's amazing to her fans, her Little Monsters, she always wants to make her presence known. If Lady Gaga brought back the glam rock 70s style, she also did it her own way, and is definitely one stylish superstar. If you remember the early years of her music career, she always looked different whenever she made a public appearance. Her looks have always been theatrical and mysterious and we've got 12 outfits that will inspire you.

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12 When She Looked Like The Queen Of The Milky Way

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Gaga wore an incredible outfit called The Orbital Dress, exclusively designed for her by His Majesty Giorgio Armani in 2010. The dress turned The Fame Monster singer into a futuristic princess, with a star on her hands and hundreds of glittering circles wrapped around her body. The dress was completely covered in sparkling Swarovski crystals which Gaga surprisingly matched with a banana yellow-colored wig. 2010 was definitely a great year for Gaga: she won two Grammy's and three Brit Awards for her albums The Fame and The Fame Monster.

11 When She Was A Hedgehog Dressed Like A Dance Ball

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We caught Gaga wearing a bigger reproduction of that same star from the previous outfit. Seriously. But this time the idea and creation came from Gaga’s creative team, Haus Of Gaga. They’re basically the singer’s crew for all things creative, from costumes to video choreography, and they’re in charge of her distinctive style. Maybe Gaga wanted to be as sparkly as Paris, the City of Lights, which is where she wrote it. But we want to know, how did she even get that dress on?!

10 When She Wore Frankenstein’s Shoes

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In 2015, Lady Gaga was awarded at the 46th Songwriters Hall Of Fame, but the outfit she wore had nothing to do with the prestigious award. In fact, if you can't exaclty see yourself wearing ripped stockings, Gaga totally mastered it! She showed up at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in NY wearing almost nothing... except for black panties, a black leather bra, ripped fishnet stockings and a pair of shoes borrowed from Frankenstein. Oh, and she also wore a blazer. A red leather blazer to cover up some fringed nipples, to be exact.

9 When She Literally Wore Bubbles

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Sometimes you see Gaga in ripped stockings and all you can think of is “OMG, why does she look so sloppy?” But you also know that every single detail of everything that she wears has hours of thought, styling, and creative sessions behind it. This time Gaga was inspired by a 2007 runway of Hussein Calayan who designed a half-a-million dollar dress. She thought the price was super steep so she remade it. Although it’s not one of those DIY projects that you spot on Pinterest, it seems doable! It’s basically made of plastic transparent balls attached on some iconic Gaga leotards.

8 When She Looked Like A Piece Of Bubblegum

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Lady G. often spreads great messages with her outfits... like that time she was in France and wore something that looked like two flavors of bubblegum. It was a “fat dress” actually worn in defense of natural beauty. In fact, since Gaga was defined as having a “fuller figure” during that time period, she wore this oversized outfit in response to critics. She tweeted in support of girls who struggle with their body shape. She told everyone who's not a size zero that they are the beautiful ones, "it's society who's ugly" and she even posted a photo of the curvy beauty Marilyn Monroe.

7 When She Was Covered In Muppets

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Haus Of Gaga is always creating interesting and original outfits for their muse and Gaga has worn something Muppets-themed more than once. She was interviewed on German TV a few years ago and wore a coat of Kermit The Frog puppets. That's a super powerful fashion statement thanks to the iconic puppet show. The French designer Jean Charles de Castelbajac designed the fun furry coat.

6 When She Proclaimed Herself The Queen Of Lace

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Another surprising outfit worn by Gaga is this red lace number that she wore at a Marc Jacobs party during one Fashion Week in New York, and you can see her butt but not her face. The red lace dress was kind of elegant and Gaga wore only a tiny red string thong under it. The outfit is so strange because she's covered from her hands to neck to face in red lace but you can't see her head except for a blonde curly wig and a majestic red lace crown.

5 When She Was Ready To Open Fire… From The Bottom Of Her Heart

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Before Lady Gaga became the Queen Of Outrageous Fashion, another female singer wore metallic pointy bras and latex costumes: Madonna. She's never made her breasts into her weapons, though. For this brilliantly outrageous idea, the award obviously goes to Gaga. She wore this at the 2009 Much Music Video Awards for her Poker Face performance. The shoots sparkling out from the nipples on her bra were definitely unforgettable.

4 When She Was There But You Couldn’t See Her

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If we’ve seen Gaga wearing countless numbers of weird outfits, the one she wore at the 2011 VMAs was not even an outfit: Gaga was a totally new character, named Jo Calderone, when she opened the show with a performance. It's hard to explain but Gaga's team decided Gaga could become a performance artist. The idea was that Gaga is ready to break rules because she has a gift only given to a real artist. It’s the sense of total freedom and feeling that there are no real boundaries to what someone can accomplish in their life.

3 When She Outraged Nurses

Once you review all the outfits Gaga has worn, you can safely say sooner or later they’ll be gathered in a museum collection. The rubber nurse dress is one of those iconic and outrageous outfits that fashion designers look to with a certain degree of satisfaction. The idea is not really new if you’re passionate with fashion editorials and advertisement, but this Haus Of Gaga creation, in collaboration with Mugler, is really iconic. Plus the yellow Gaga wig is pretty legendary, right?

2 When You Thought She Was A Movie Character

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Gaga is really cool. But sometimes she’s creepy. Not that the self-proclaimed Mother Monster has ever had issues with looking creepy, but this outfit, and above all the makeup, made her look like a horror or fantasy movie character. When she showed up in icy makeup and a crap load of bleached hair, she wasn’t Gaga anymore. She officially became the secret daughter of The Mad Hatter and Mirana Of Marmoreal, the White Queen!

1 That Time She Was Ready For The BBQ

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The Meat Dress is officially in the history of costumes, and it’s so shocking that only Gaga would have the courage to wear it. Can you imagine yourself wearing raw meat for an entire night in front of the whole world? The singer wore the super unique costume at the 2010 MTV Music Awards and it was thanks to her personal stylist, Nicola Formichetti. Although you could say it's offensive to starving people plus animal rights, Gaga said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that it was a provocation to push people to stand up for their rights. She was thinking that if we don't take action about what we believe it, we're simply piece of meat. Makes sense, right? After that night, the dress was put in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

sources: Mtv.comDailyMail.co.uk

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