12 Times Justin Bieber Actually Stole Your Heart

Justin Bieber has one of the most successful music careers on the planet. Purpose, his latest album sold over 1 million copies and is his 6th number one album on Billboard's 200 chart. This is all after his reckless behavior caused him a pretty bad rep, a year ago, but what do you know? People welcomed him back with open arms.

After getting in trouble with the law and even being booed at an award show televised around the world, Bieber made his way back into everyone's heart. From the very beginning of his young career he has been very attentive with his fans, being present to physically help during natural disasters and has donated large sums of money to charity. Here are 12 times Bieber actually stole our hearts.

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12 The First Time You Saw Him in His One Time Music Video


"Oh my god, I'm in love," said every teenage girl in 2009 when Canadian born Justin Bieber debuted his first single One Time. The 15-year old with the big voice, smooth lyrics and coolest haircut ever, was about to become one of the biggest stars the world had ever seen. He was discovered by R&B singer Usher on YouTube and now he had stolen your heart.

Moms and 20-year olds couldn't resist becoming Beliebers. Justin was everywhere; on the radio, shirts, pencils, notebooks, posters and on your television screens. He started a media frenzy with his big smile and his encouraging lyrics. A new superstar had arrived.

11 Charities and Foundations


Since he first rose to fame, Justin Bieber has been a big giver. Justin supports 21 charities including; ALS Association, Red Cross, World Vision and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He is also one of the first celebrities on the scene during natural disasters in and out of the US.

Justin has been featured on shows like Knock Knock Live, where celebrities give away big checks to families or individuals in need. He loves to surprise his fans at home and has even taken a few girls to their Quiciañeras and proms. The last time he was on SNL in New York City, he bought his fans pizza while they waited outside in the cold to see him.

10 The Way He Speaks About His Ex Selena Gomez


Let's face it, we all have that ex that we love to hate. When you're young and don't understand why love is so cruel, you tend to say mean things on Facebook and post hateful memes on Instagram. Well...not Justin Bieber, he will forever love his ex, Selena Gomez.

Selena Gomez is beautiful, well mannered and talented in more ways than one. The Latina superstar was also Justin's first love. After a lot of back and forth and a variety of hit songs about each other, these two have decided to remain apart, for now. Interview after interview, Justin talks about how much he loves and respects Selena. He says he wishes her happiness, even if it's not with him. Pretty mature for a 21-year old (soon to be 22).

9 He Follows Many of His Fans on Twitter


The Where Are You Now singer loves his fans. He goes out of his way to meet them and send his love which ever way possible. He has 74.6 million followers on Twitter and follows 254 thousand of those followers back (including myself hehe). This is a rarity in the celebrity social media world, with some celebrities following zero people back or one other person, a relative or spouse.

Although he rose to fame as a teenager, J.B knows what it is like to come from humble beginnings. From being discovered through his home videos to singing in the streets with just a guitar and a dream. He appreciates the people that have gotten him where he is today. Don't be surprised if you get a tweet back from the star, who will often surprise his fans by showing them some love.

8 Some Of The Proceeds From His 2011 Christmas Album Went To Charity


Justin Bieber was the first artist under the Universal Music Group to work out a deal in order to donate part of his album sales to charity. Justin, who was 17-years old at the time, was proud to donate part of Mistletoe, his Christmas album, to various charities including 'Pencils of Promise' and the 'Make-A-Wish Foundation.'

The proceeds also went to several food banks that Christmas. "Universal never actually allowed money from an album to go to charity, so it's kind of a unique thing and I'm very happy and proud of what we've done," Justin told Billboard magazine in 2011.  The album included features with Mariah Carey, Boys II Men, Usher, The Band Perry and songs co-written and co-produced by Chris Brown.

7  Serenading Ex-Girlfriend Selena Gomez at a Restaurant


After a year of the infamous exes being a part, Justin and Selena reunited at the Montage in Beverly Hills. "Jelena" fans everywhere rejoiced in hopes that this meant a reconciliation between them. It also melted our hearts when Justin serenaded Selena singing My Girl to the melody of the piano, as she sat and looked up at him.

Though the reunion didn't lead to anything serious, seeing Justin and Selena together gave us all a little hope that they might just get back together one day. Either way, their adorable get together proved that forgiveness and maturity does exist in your early 20s (who would have thought).

6 Will Smith is One of His Mentors


Who's the coolest guy on and off the big screen and a celebrity that everyone loves? Will Smith of course! (Except aunt Viv, she doesn't like him very much). The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star just happens to be one of Justin's mentors and a trusted friend. Can you just imagine having one of the biggest stars in the world as your mentor?

When a rapper doesn't use curse words in his verses, you know you have a unicorn in your hands. Scooter Braun, Justin's long time manager, says that Will would call Justin every week to check up on him. "He took time out of his day for me," J.B told The Hollywood Reporter once. During the time of Justin's "reckless" phase, Will was one of the people that stuck by him and helped him realize his wrongs.

5 He Helped Build a School in Guatemala


Through Pencils of Promise, a charity created by Scooter Braun's brother, Adam Braun, Justin helped build a school in a remote village of Guatemala. The charity builds primary schools in countries like Ghana, Laos, Nicaragua and Guatemala. In 2013 Justin traveled to Guatemala and got down and dirty by sifting concrete and laying down cinder blocks.

He also spent a lot of time playing with the children. A photographer said that although the kids didn't know who he was, they felt an instant connection with him. "The kid loves people and deep inside, wants to help make the world a better place," said Nick Onken, photographer and videographer. The schools cost $25,000 dollars to build, by 2013 Pencils of Promise had raised $10 million dollars.

4 His Monthly Sessions With Ellen Degeneres


Who doesn't love day time talk show host Ellen Degeneres? She is fun, kind and a great dancer. Sharing charitable hearts, Ellen and J.B have been spending a lot of time together. It was Ellen's show that helped Justin ease his way back into everyone's heart.

During Justin's big comeback with turning his life around and his Purpose album, Ellen had him guest star on her show every single week. Throughout all of his constant appearances we got to learn much more about this new Justin and even get all up in his business. Only Ellen is able to bring the stars to a point of vulnerability that we onlookers can all appreciate.

3 His Prayer for Paris Right Before His Album Release Party


Justin's long awaited album was released on Nov. 13th, the same day of the unfortunate Paris attacks. Though the world was in total devastation, fans still made it out to The Staples Center in L.A, for a release show organized by Bieber and his team. Joined on stage by Hillsong pastor and mentor Carl Lentz, Justin took the microphone.

After thanking everyone for the sold out venue, he asked the crowd to bow their heads as he would lead them in prayer for the families of the Paris victims. A tragedy like this was not to be ignored and the fact that it was the very first thing attended to, was very special. From all of us, we send love to those who lost someone in those horrific events that day in Paris.

2 His love and dedication Towards Cancer Patient 6-year old Avalanna Routh


Justin has always had a soft spot for kids, even dedicating the song "Children" (Purpose album) to the kids of the world. On Valentine's Day in 2012, he met Avalanna Routh, a young girl who suffered from cancer and was a huge fan of Justin's. From then on he developed a relationship with her, bringing her to concerts and visiting her at the hospital.

He would talk about Avalanna all the time and there are several photos of them together during the time he took her to New York City with him. Avalanna died that same year, something that affected Justin deeply. He cried as he talked about how much she had changed his life and taught him the real meaning of appreciation.

1 He Has Granted Over 250 Wishes With the 'Make a Wish Foundation'


Many celebrities are known to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation. But no one has ever granted as many wishes as Justin Bieber. With over 250 wishes granted, Justin broke the record. He granted a number of kids fighting terminal illnesses their one dream of meeting their favorite singer.

He continues to work with the foundation and show up at hospitals and homes all over America. Over the past 6-years he has put a lot of smiles on many children's faces. For his huge heart and his ongoing charitable support, Justin Bieber you stole our hearts.

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