12 Thoughts You Have After A One Time Thing

No one really ever plans on spending the night with a stranger, they just sort of happen. We go out to a bar, end up meeting a guy we really like, and then one thing leads to another. Before we know it, we're back at his place and soon enough, we're spending the night with someone we hardly know. And while society may tell us that what we're doing is "wrong" or "too impulsive," we do it anyway. We only live once, therefore we might as well make the most of our lives, right? It happened and there's nothing we can do to change history. Still, the next morning when we wake up, we can't help all the crazy thoughts that go through our minds as we crawl out of bed and put on our clothes from the night before. Read below to find out 12 thoughts that go through our minds after having a one-time thing with a random.

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12 I Can't Wait To Tell My BFF


It was a crazy night and whenever you have one of those, who's the first person you run and tell? Your best friend, of course. Why? Because she'd never judge you or lecture you about your "mistakes." Chances are, she's been in the same exact situation as you and maybe, even done worse. On top of that, you love making her laugh when you tell her each and every detail of your night, especially the embarrassing ones. She always makes you feel better and reminds you that it's good you're enjoying your life.

11 I Shouldn't Have Done That


Now, we're not saying there's anything wrong with this type of behavior (if you're safe about it), but we do know they aren't always easy to process the next morning. For example, you might have really hit it off with the guy, but because you spent the night with him, you think that he'll only think of you in that way. You wish you would've waited a little bit longer before you did that, as you'd really like to get to know him better. After all, you spent the night with him because you were insanely attracted to him. That feeling doesn't just go away the second you wake up and you hope the same is true for him.

10 Do I leave my number?


When you wake up the next morning next to him, you wonder if you should just quickly leave before he even wakes up so you don't have to deal with the awkward "morning after" conversation. Before you dart out, you stop and think, "should I leave my number?" You know you had fun together, but he's not really the sort of guy you'd ever want to see again. Still, however, you don't want to be "that girl" who just leaves without even saying, "thanks for having me," because you know you'd feel awful if someone did that to you.

9 Sh!+


The night before, you and him were having a great time at whatever bar you went to. However, you definitely did not need that last shot or the nightcap you had at his place. Because of them, a few details are a bit blurry. The next morning, when you wake up in bed and realize the extent of everything that happened, all you can think is "sh!+." You're not mad, though. You had fun. You just wish your pounding headache would go away and that he would wake up so the two of you can go get a coffee.

8 Am I Going To Catch Something?


Let's face it: Even if you were protected, you're still fearful that you could catch something. Why? Because accidents happen. You know nothing about this person. You met him last night at a random bar and then spent the night with him a few hours later. Of course, you're going to be worried about his past. Think about it, if he would go so far to spending one night with you, how many other girls do you think he's done this with? You call your gyno and make an appointment ASAP.

7 I Wish He Would Leave


Okay, the two of you decide to go back to your place after meeting at a bar. You spend the night together. When you wake up the next morning, you realize he's still in your bed. You feel disgusting and hungover. All you want to do is turn on your favorite movie and be alone. He, however, has other plans. The minute he wakes up, he continues on as if he's been your boyfriend for three years. He wants to make breakfast, cuddle, and watch movies with you all day. You don't want to be rude and ask him to leave but you seriously wish he would just give you some space.

6 Am I Bad?


We've all heard the stereotypes before- "girls who sleep with a lot of guys are bad," or "girls who spend the night with strangers are bad." Therefore, when we wake up the morning after, we can't help but think of ourselves as, well, "bad." We start judging ourselves for what we've done, questioning our morals, and debating our self-worth. Eventually, though, we realize what we did was pretty harmless. Just because you spend the night with someone you hardly knew doesn't mean you're a bad person, but you already knew that.

5 Yay! I Can Check That Off The Bucket List!


It's a weird thing to spend the night with a stranger. So weird that often times, people are scared to do it. Even if they want to, they always make up an excuse to either leave or avoid the temptation. Therefore, when it does happen, it's sort of exciting. We all have those secret fantasies- the ones that include a romantic evening that lasts for only one evening. And well, it happened to you. As you leave his house the next morning, you smile. Why? Because you know you can go home and check "Have an awesome night with a stranger," off your bucket list.

4 What Even Happened?


Typically, there's a lot of drinking involved in this type of behavior. You met a guy and really hit if off. In the midst of all the fun, you didn't realize how much the two of you really drank. And while a little celebration here and there is completely harmless, it can be hard to piece together the actual events of the night before. This is why, when you wake up the next morning in his house or even your apartment, you wonder, "what even happened last night?" Or, perhaps, "How did I get here?" Neither of you are able to recall the exact details, however, you can remember how much fun you had.

3 What If I End Up With A Baby?


Even if you are protected, you can't stop the fear that races through your mind after spending the night. Why? Because you know that getting pregnant with a complete stranger's baby would be the absolute worst thing that could come of the situation. You think about what would happen to you if you got pregnant, you imagine having a future with him, and what it would be like to have to tell him he impregnated you. Deep down, you know everything's going to be fine, but on the surface, you seriously hope that the protection didn't fail you.

2 What Is Everyone Going To Think?


You grew up in a really strict household. Maybe your parents were religious or perhaps just extremely traditional. Therefore, having spent the night with someone you just met is not the type of behavior they would condone. Of course, you're not going to run home and tell ma and pa what you did, but a little part inside of you feels guilty and ashamed. Additionally, you wonder what your friends or colleagues would think about you if they knew what you did. Well, guess what, it doesn't matter. You're an adult who is completely capable of making her own decisions.

1 That Was Fun!


The next morning when you wake up next to him, you can't help but smile. When he wakes up, he looks at you and lets out a little laugh as well. You know that you'll remember the night forever. It was wild, crazy and adventurous. You slept with him because you wanted to, you let loose, you acted impulsively, and you had a great time. Even if nothing ends up happening and even if you never see him again, you don't mind. Why not? Because the two of you had fun together and, well, YOLO.

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