12 Thoughts Every Girl Has After A Break Up

When you start a new relationship, you live every day feeling like it will last forever. You dream, make plans together, and think you can never live without each other. Sometimes it’s because you have decisions to make, like accepting a job away from home or going away to college, and other times it depends on a ton of other things. But when a break up happens, it’s tough. You feel your world is falling apart and you’re unable to understand what just happened. Suddenly you feel you’re the most unlucky girl in the world and that nobody can understand what you’re going through. But, guess what? You’re another single lady, and you can’t believe it yet, but you’ll be happy again. Once you go through these 12 not-so-unusual break up thoughts, of course!

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12 Did It Really Happen?

When you break up with someone, it’s just like when you are watching a movie and it suddenly slows so much that you can see every take. You can’t believe it just happened, so you find yourself analyzing every word he said and everything he did before going away, and you understand you just can’t handle it. You feel so confused that it doesn't seem true, and you wish you could rewind this ugly movie to change how it ends.

11 I Need A Drink!

The moment you realize he just left the room and you probably won’t see him anymore, you call your best friend. You head to the bar together or sit on the sofa for the next 12 hours and pour some wine, talking about what just happened. After glass after glass you start to forget his name, his face and the last words he said before leaving you alone. So you find yourself picking up your iPhone from under the rug (how did it get there?!) and texting him something embarrassing. Don’t worry, you won’t remember anything tomorrow morning!

10 What Did I Do Wrong?

When you start realizing the break up really happened and there's nothing you can do, you’ll think about everything you’ve done and said that could have made things go differently. You wonder what you did wrong and you imagine all the possible scenarios and "what ifs." A ton of questions fill up your mind and you feel you don’t have a good answer because it doesn’t exist. The truth is that these things happen, and maybe they happen for a reason, even if it doesn’t make sense right now.

9 I’ll Never Get Out Of Bed!

The typical thing you’ll do right away to forget him? Shut every window, get in your bed, and decide to spend the rest of your life there. Exactly like Adele did in the “Chasing Pavements” video, you’ll cry a ton of tears with your favorite tear-jerking playlist and lay in bed under the coziest blankets you have until your eyes puff up like two cupcakes. Also, you won't forget to wear the t-shirt he left at your place the last time you slept together.

8 I Won’t Shave Anymore!

When you decide the time has come for you to get out of bed and take a shower, you’re really not so fine yet, right? You still need some time to get over your grief and to get somewhat useless and repellant. Because you feel you’re not the girl any other man on the planet will love anymore, you decide you’ll let yourself go. You won’t shave anymore, you won’t wear makeup anymore, you’ll only go out in sweatpants or at most in slouchy jeans. It's so strange that when you’ll decide to publish an update on some social network, you’ll thoroughly browse the photo folder of your phone until you find a photo where you look stunning and happy.

7 Let Me Unfriend Him!

When you realize that it hurts to see his updates on your Facebook timeline, you unfriend him without thinking twice. You don’t want to see that face for the next couple of centuries. Until 24 hours pass and you need to know what he’s doing, where he’s going and, most importantly, if he’s interacting with any other girl. So you start perusing his profile and everyone linked to it, making up your own ideas about everything he and his friends say on that sinfully ugly social network. Not to mention the drama you go through if you find him talking with one of your friends. What a betrayal!

6 I Didn’t Get Rich And Famous Because Of Him!

When the regret stage begins, you think about everything he didn’t let you do that could have had an impact on your life. Think about that last job you refused ( whaaat?) because you had to move too far away from him, or the dreams you didn’t follow because he discouraged you. At this stage, everything you remember is bad and negative, and you get critical and picture him as the freaky monster who wanted to kill your dreams. All of a sudden, you start making plans again.

5 I Have To Get Away

You want a new life and you want to do everything you haven’t done before. You need to breathe fresh air and it makes you desire doing something new. It might just be a new haircut, a new job, or a trip to the opposite hemisphere of the globe -- anything that makes you feel that you are the owner of your life and you can do what you want. Reinventing yourself just makes you feel alive after a bad break up. Getting away from the places you lived together or just looking different when you see yourself in the mirror is a natural way to tell yourself the wind has changed, but life goes on!

4 I Need A Shopping Session

When you decide your life has to change for the better, the first thing you need is a new look. New clothes, new hair, new shoes, because nothing feels better than walking in a pair of brand new shoes. And, of course, you need to buy new sheets and new lingerie! You’ll go out for a crazy shopping session and spend all you had saved for your bridal gown, or romantic trip, or whatever reason you had for saving money. The day you go out and overspend, be sure the clouds are going away and you’re a step closer to shining bright again!

3 I Need A Crazy Night Out

Your new clothes deserve to be worn, right? Since you just decided to accept you’re single again, you better make the most out of your new status. So you plan a night with your female friends, of course, because who wants to talk with men again? You decided you won’t give up the fun until the next morning and you simply can’t believe all your friends are sleeping on the club sofas just past 1 o’clock. Now what? You even wonder if you really were meant to live that boring couple life.

2 I Don’t Need Him

After a break up, you’ll most likely go though all of the stages mentioned previously, but it’s not over. Here’s the thing. You’ve been angry, depressed, unwilling to believe, you’ve cried all your tears, decided to get sloppy and then buy a new wardrobe, you’ve breathed fresh air, and you started to plan, and you know what? You did it all without him. And now you’re at a stage where you clearly understand what you're worth. Life always has something to give you, even if it’s unexpected. You are your priority, because, after all, you really don’t need him.

1 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

…Like never! You know how Taylor Swift sings it? He's out of your life and, well, that’s probably the best thing that happened to both of you. Even if getting back together is the only thing you long for when you’ve just broken up, the day will come when you’ll wake up happy to be free again, or even ready to fall in love again. Because even if he does come back to you, things would feel different now, and who wants that? If you were a couple and now you’re two singles, it was probably just the path you were meant to go on. You have left something for each other, like good memories or an experience that will help you choose better next time!

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