12 Things You Should NEVER Text A Guy

Back in the day, getting in contact with your boo meant calling their house line and hoping they picked up the phone first. But today, modern communication makes it possible to get in touch with people almost instantly. This ability to craft a text message and fire it off to your guy within a matter of seconds can definitely make dating tricky. If texting is your main form of communication, you run the risk of scaring off your guy if it isn't done right. If you have something important to discuss, definitely leave those topics for face-to-face discussions, as far as all other convos, it's best to be choosy and picky about what you type up before hitting that send button. One false move, and you can scare off your guy forever! Keep reading to see our list of 12 things you should never text your guy under any circumstances!

12 Why Are You Ignoring Me?

You send your guy a "good morning" text message as soon as you wakeup, and hours later, your inbox is dryer than the Sahara. You immediately begin to freak out. Did you he get in an accident? Is he in the hospital? Did he lose his phone? Then you check his Facebook and lo and behold, he's perfectly fine. As a matter of fact, he just updated his status with "girls be trippin'" a mere five minutes ago. So you immediately send him a "why are you ignoring me?" text message, and again, he never responds. I know you probably feel like your world is coming to an end because let's face it, the silent treatment is not cool at all! But if a guy is ignoring you, the worst thing you can do is to call him out on it. As difficult as it sounds, your best bet is to just play it cool. Chill, relax, and stop coming up with scenarios in your head as to why he can't be bothered to reply to you. He'll eventually come back around with some lame excuse, and it will be up to you whether you want to reply back to him or not. But if you really want to avoid going down this road altogether, never ever text a guy first! That way, he'll always be the one waiting for a reply from you.

11 Where Are You?

Look, he already has a mother, he doesn't need another one! The second you begin questioning a guy about where he is, you immediately put yourself into the "nagging" category, and no guy likes to be nagged! He deserves to have some time for himself, whether he's just chilling with his friends, or taking an afternoon nap. The fact is, if you really need to know what he's doing 24/7, don't even bother asking him. Instead, just attach a GPS device to his underwear...I'm joking...sort of...

10 Anything Sarcastic

One of the worst things about texting is it's hard to convey sarcasm through words. Unless you moonlight as a comedic author, sarcasm can actually come across as very rude and off-putting. And no amount of smiley and winking emojis will get you out of the dog house if your guy gets offended by something you say. So leave the sarcasm to your face-to-face interactions just to play it safe.

9 Do You Still Talk to Your Ex?

Really, girl? Take your fingers off the keyboard, and step away from the mobile device. Don't you even dare bring up his ex (you know, the one you constantly stalk on Facebook and Instagram.) Do you really want to know that he texts her every morning and night before she goes to bed? Yeah, I didn't think so. Depending on how long they were together, he could still genuinely care about his ex's wellbeing, but that doesn't mean he wants to get back together with her. As long as he's giving you his full attention, and you don't have any other reason not to trust him, who really cares if he sends an occasional text messages to his ex-girlfriend? It's not the end of the world, but bringing up this conversation can definitely open up a Pandora's box of issues for your relationship.

8  I Missed My Period

How many times has your period been late since you started menstruating? And how many times have you actually been pregnant? Exactly. Why freak your guy out with this type of text message if it's likely to just be a false alarm? If you're really worried about missing your period, stressing about it may be causing Aunt Flo to delay her arrival even further. So take a damn chill pill, okay? And don't ever let the words "I missed my period" make their way into your guy's inbox. If you really are pregnant, that's a conversation the two of you should be having in person.

7 Are You Dating Someone Else?

*Face palm* If he's a good guy, and he doesn't want to hurt your feelings, he'll probably lie and say no anyway. And besides, if he's dating others, doesn't that mean the two of you are just casual? Don't let your guy dictate the kind of relationship you will have. If you feel in your gut that he's dating other people, and he's not your official boyfriend, go ahead and setup that Plenty of Fish profile and fill up your weekends with some date nights. If he's serious about you, he will let it be known he wants to be with you and only you. But until then, don't ask him who he's seeing when he's not with you. It's a guaranteed way to really make things uncomfortable.

6 How Much Do You Like Me?

Are we in the sixth grade again? When it comes to dating, focus on your guy's actions and completely ignore everything that comes out of his mouth. You should never have to ask him if he likes you, because his actions should be showing you that he's head over heels! The "how much do you like me?" text message is a real mood killer because it forces your guy to put a quantitive measure on how much he's really digging you. And attraction and compatibility is something that you can't really gauge. Just know that if he makes time for you and enjoys spending time with you, he probably likes you...a lot!

5 It's Over

Breaking up is hard to do, but if you have any kind of compassion in your heart, don't ever text "it's over" to your guy. Imagine if the shoe were on the other foot, would you want to be kicked to the curb via text? I didn't think so.

4 Where's This Relationship Going?

If you have to ask, you already know the answer! Again, relationship questions should never be sent via text message. You need a real face-to-face interaction to get a good feel on these types of things. If you feel like your situation is stuck between casual and serious, you definitely have the right to ask him if he's ready to take things to the next level. But trust me, a text message isn't the way to do it.

3 I Love You

If you've been exchanging I love you's already, then sending off this text message really isn't a big deal. However, if these three words have yet to verbally escape your lips, do yourself a favor and make sure you never in your life send it to a guy via text message. Love is a big deal, and speaking about this deep feeling is something you should discuss in person. Sending an "I love you" text message can come across a little bit creepy, and stalkerish, and downright crazy.

2 K

Passive aggressive much? Unless you have an unlimited text message plan, why in the world would you waste a message just to type the letter "K"? This may be one of the most pointless replies in the history of text messaging. You could at least hit him with the "okay" or even "'kay" will do. But "K"? Big no-no!

1 We Need to Talk

Men hate to hear a woman say "we need to talk" so just imagine how he feels when he sees those words in the form of a text message. He will probably contemplate taking a quick trip outside of the country to avoid you for the next week or two. You will then find yourself texting him #12 on our list: "why are you ignoring me?" That's right, ladies. Men hate to talk, and they definitely don't want a heads up in their inbox that you have something serious to discuss with him. If you want to ruin his day, send him the "we need to talk" text message. But if you really care about the guy, and you do have something you want to chat with him about, just wait until the two of you are together, and then tell him you need to talk. This way, he won't be panicking for hours about what's on your mind.

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