12 Things You Probably Didn't Need From Target

While we've all found ourselves making a Target run, how many times can we honestly say we left with only the things we needed. It's difficult; not to mention that $7 cup of coffee from Starbucks that you grab before the shopping begins. So what kind of things are people really buying  from Target when a milk run turns into an interior decorating project? Here is the list of 12 things you probably didn't need from Target.

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12 Literally Everything From The Dollar Section

As soon as you've finished grabbing that impulsive $7 cup of coffee from Starbucks, you're caffeinated and ready to get your hands on something. You start fresh with a small shopping basket. So far so good, but wait, you see candy, toys, baubles, seasonal stickers, and other things you may never need right in the front. You've convinced yourself that you need something cheap for that coworker you don't care too much for so this is right up your alley.

11 Candles

You're a sucker for sandalwood and vetiver, and the smell of lavender is enough to make you want to turn your entire house into a personal day spa. The candle section is there to tell you your house probably smells great with your existing glade plugin,  but wouldn't it be divine to have a few candles in case you need to unwind? Absolutely. $16 for an 8oz. candle with whimsical apothecary is completely reasonable, your irrational self tells you.

10 The Wine Aisle

By now you've retreated and already swapped that modest Target basket for the Target shopping cart. No need to panic, things just were getting a little heavy, that's all. On your way to the grocery section, you take a stark detour into the wine aisle. Wine packaging is life, whether it's over a bottle of Merlot or Cabernet. Only one bottle, you tell yourself. You pick the one that seems like the most conversation starter. Price is irrelevant at this point.

9 Beauty Products

You've been watching YouTube haul videos for the past week and you're dying to try something new because your favorite vlogger is telling you they couldn't believe they ever lived without it. These are small but deadly products that can easily add up at the register, but who cares if your face and hair are on fleek? Not you. If you get the shampoo, you've got to get the conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and deep conditioning hair mask. Let's not even mention all of the matte lipstick and Essie shades they seem to roll out daily for consumers like yourself.

8 Throw Pillows

You've got your eye on what could be the cutest throw pillow ever and it matches perfectly with that gallon of paint you bought 6 months ago when you were excited about redoing your living room. It never happened, but in goes the throw pillow. You tell yourself that's the last little encouragement you need to get it done once and for all. Or is it?

7 Wall Decals

Your bedroom is cute but a wall decal featuring an inspiring quote...yep, that's what you're missing. You can't wait to show your friends how artistic and sophisticated you've become after college. So you grab a few just for safe measure. The first one may mess up and if it does, you'll have a back up.

6 Bedding

There's nothing like fresh linen and other bedding essentials that just so happen to match. How convenient! You can't turn down a fresh bed and you're ready to retire the 2015 bedding and add something that says you're current and ready for 2016. Even if that means only you and your cat will see it.

5 A Sassy Phone Case

Yours is perfectly fine but does it say "The Struggle Is Real" on it? No. You're slacking in the vanity case department so you grab it. Plus you may even get a cute reaction from someone the next time you have it flipped over in public so no one sees all of your dating app notifications. The struggle is real.

4 Modern Storage Bins

We've all seen them. We're way beyond Rubbermaid bins. Now you want to show your company what you're really working with without the tackiness of the transparent Rubbermaid bin sitting beside your sofa. The perfect replacement is the small milk crate wire bin that says I'm modern, my storage is modern, and the birch fire logs you'll never burn are modern as well.

3 A Marble Cheese Board

You love wine and you love cheese. Add marble and you're all about it. You've eyed this cheese board time and time again. The $25 investment will tell everyone you're all about keeping your hors d'oeuvre as classy as what they're being served on.  You'll take one of these as well.

2 Merona Cardigans And Chic Shoes

They're like underwear. You can never have enough and what with their being several colors, patterns, and material to choose from, at a whopping price of 20 bucks, you welcome five of them in your basket. That's like a week of outfits, you tell yourself. But what goes great with an awesome cardigan? Some chic shoes! A woman can truly never have enough shoes, and with new patterns and styles trending, you've gotta get your hands on a pair every Target visit. You find great flats but what you initially wanted were boots. There's only one left in your size so you take the plunge, you toss them both in the cart and talk yourself into getting in line before something else catches your eye.

1 EOS lip balm

via: ebay.com

You made it to the line, but now you've got to wait behind two or three people before you officially checkout. You peer over to the right and see your favorite EOS lipbalm flavor sitting there like it was meant for you. One more thing, you tell yourself. Now you can leave Target with peace of mind. The only problem? You forgot the milk.

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