12 Things You Don't Know About Beyoncé

In 1981, the world was graced with Queen Bey and we are forever grateful. She's been pretty active on the music scene since she was a teen and while she is pretty protective of her private life, she's also present for her fans.  She’s working and performing most of the time and everyone looks to her as a role model. She’s flawless and also sings flawlessly, and she wants to empower women. But there are many other things you still don’t know about her! Here are 12.

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12 Beyoncé Loves Rock

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If R&B is warm and sexy, rock ’n roll is electrifying and wild. Maybe that’s why the Sasha Fierce singer loves rock. She told OK Magazine she’s a huge rock music fan and she especially loves Peter Gabriel for the pureness of his voice. Who can blame her? As Queen Bey revealed, the magic of rock ’n roll is in the guitars, the phrasing and the total abandon of the fans. We’re looking forward to hearing you sing Come Together, Bey!

11 The Carter Family Is Breaking Records

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According to Forbes, Beyoncé has a total of 52 nominations and 20 Grammys. Since she began her career in music with Destiny’s Child, she has constantly gotten noms and awards including Song Of the Year, Best R&B Song and Performance. But if you add in the 21 Grammys of Bey’s hubby, Jay-z, the Carter family has won a total of 41 music awards. They are definitely a power couple!

10 Motherhood Didn’t Stop Her

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Since Blue Ivy was born in January 2012, Beyoncé hasn't stopped for a single second. A few months after her delivery, Beyonce was already on stage performing at Obama’s second inauguration and at the 47th Super Bowl... and she also released the doc Life Is But A Dream. She, then of course, released (with zero announcements) the Beyoncé album, her 5th studio recording which quickly went to number one and then platinum. She completed the Mrs. Carter Show World tour and even hopped on stage with Jay-Z for the On The Run Tour until September 2014. In 2015, she was nominated for 6 Grammys and brought home 3 for the song Drunk in Love, and this April she launched the Ivy Park clothing line right before her In The Formation World Tour. Now, I bet you got tired just reading all of that!

9 She’s Super Humble

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Since she’s the richest singer on the Forbes 2014 list and at number 29 in 2015 with a whopping $54 million income from only last year, you can guess that Beyonce is doing pretty well. But she's also super active helping the homeless and fighting global hunger. She's been doing it since was a kid, even. In a Huffington Post interview, she explained that she's served meals to the homeless after church since the age of 13 and she learned from these people that we're all three paycheques away from poverty.

8 She’s A Music Veteran

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Beyoncé is only 34 and she’s already worked 20 years in the music industry. Her dad became her manager and she signed a record deal at 16 with Columbia Records. Not bad even if you think that her first female group was made up of two classmates and her cousin, Kelly Rowland. As they landed their first record deal, Destiny’s Child shot to number one on the charts and soon became one of the most popular R&B groups. From there until the latest Super Bowl, 20 years have passed and Beyoncé's fame just keeps growing.

7 Queen Bey Has A Lucky Number

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Beyoncé has a lucky number that has repeated itself throughout her life: the number four. It's marked many big events in her life. Her birthday in September, her husband's December birthday... The number 4 just seems to be Bey's destiny. Now, knowing the Destiny’s Child had four members and released four albums (not counting their greatest hits album) and that Beyoncé’s mom was born on the 4th of January and that Miss Knowles became Mrs. Carter on the 4th of April, it's pretty weird that Blue Ivy arrived on the 7th of January.

6 Her Name Is Actually A Last Name

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Beyoncé is a very peculiar name for a girl, in fact you have probably never heard it before the Queen became famous. And it’s not even a stage name. While many pop stars use an alias for their performing personas, Beyoncé actually uses her own name which her family gave her as a kind of  family keepsake. The story of her name was told at the Life Is But a Dream premiere when her uncle explained its origin. Bey’s mom's last name is Beyoncé and since she thought there weren’t enough males in her family to keep the name alive, she thought of naming her child Beyoncé.

5 She Has A Secret Sister

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When you think about Queen Bey, it seems she’s not from this world, and that real daily life with family problems and all the rest is just for the common people like you and me. But chances are Bey would envy your average easy-going dad/daughter life, since she lost that unique father-daughter connection when her dad cheated on Bey’s mom. And it’s not just that he went with other women, he had a child with a woman 20 years younger than him. When Beyoncé discovered that, she fired him as her manager and her dad, too, basically.

4 She’s A Mommy Manager

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When you have a baby and you have to go to work, you clearly need nannies. But chances are, you’ll have to trust the people who are raising your babies. According to the book Becoming Beyoncé: The untold story by J. Randy Taraborrelli, the singer has really specific rules on how to raise her daughter. In fact, as the book claims, Blue Ivy’s nannies have to sign a contract titled "Daily Program for Blue Ivy as Per Mrs. Carter”. Cool or creepy? We leave the decision up to you.

3 She Was Teased At School

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Can you believe it? When you look at Beyoncé, even if she has no makeup on, she’s always stunningly perfect. So it’s pretty hard to believe that someone could ever tease Queen Bey at school. It seems she was made fun of because... of her big ears. Yeah, we can't get over that, either. Her old classmates would probably give anything to live her lifestyle today, but she's actually still insecure when it comes to her ears. She confessed to People that she wears big earrings for this very reason.

2 She Has Super Powers

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If you’re sinking in your chair eating some cake while reading this list, you’re going to feel like a bad person! Because, even if you love to run or exercise on a regular basis, you’re still not halfway to Queen Bey's super powers. She can run a mile while singing! And we all know she sings perfectly. Beyoncé is used to this kind of Marines-esque training since she was in Destiny’s Child, and her dad made the group run while singing for three-and-a-half miles in the morning. Maybe that’s why she always seems so put together during live performances while you and I hardly have enough breath to sing her songs under the shower.

1 She's Missing Something

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She's a true beauty and super talented singer, and no one can deny that she's also a charismatic woman who has worked really hard to get where she is today. At this point in her life, you could guess that she has everything she could ever dream for herself. But the truth is Beyoncé has not reached all her goals yet because she really wants to win an Oscar. Unfortunately for Mrs. Carter, her role in the 2006 movie Dreamgirls, which earned her a nomination at the Golden Globes, was overshadowed by Jennifer Hudson. You'll get them next time, Bey.

sources: Huffingtonpost.com, Vogue.com, Mtv.com

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