12 Things You Can Totally Blame On Your Astrological Sign

We all have our good qualities and our bad qualities. Part of life is trying to figure out how to not let our bad qualities get in the way while we're trying to project how capable we are because of our good qualities. We're definitely complicated. Even the most stable, well-rounded, and kind people have their downfalls or personal challenges.We all have flaws. Some of those flaws are things that we can work on, but some of them are just pieces of who we are, and sometimes it's better to simply accept those things about ourselves rather than fighting against our personality type. Each zodiac sign is known for having its own personality traits. If you believe that's true, then you also probably believe there's not much you can do to change those things. Here are 12 things that you can totally blame on your astrological sign.

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12 Drinking Too Much


If you're an Aries, you can blame your love of drinking on your astrological sign. You tend to get swept up in the moment, which means that you often do a few too many shots or enjoy an extra margarita. (Or three.) It's not like you're going to turn down a free drink or something. That would be ridiculous. You're more likely to get swept up in the moment and not consider the consequences of your behavior at all. Of course, the next day when you're nursing a horrible hangover, you might realize that could have gone easier. But you won't necessarily admit that to anyone. You're more likely to keep that to yourself and pretend like you aren't even bothered by it. You don't really like to slow down unless you have to so you'll push yourself as hard as possible as much as you humanly can.

11 Stalking Your Ex


If you happen to be a water sign like Cancer that feels a lot and has a hard time letting go, you can totally blame your sign for your online stalking habits. How can anyone expect you to stop caring? It's in your nature to love... and to obsess over that love. When you let people into your life, you totally mean it. You can be quite conscientious about picking and choosing who gets into your inner circle, so you expect that once you let people in there, they understand that they'll be staying for a while. But when you let them into your heart and things don't work out the way that you expected, it can be pretty shocking when they try to leave you. WTF? Naturally, you'll have a hard time letting go, and part of that process might involve you stalking your ex's Instagram account and everyone that comments on his photos. You know, just in case there's something that you need to know.

10 Being A Neat Freak


If you're a neat freak, you might just be a Virgo. It's in your nature to like control and order and one of the places where you have the most control is inside your home. You feel better when everything is neat and tidy and you don't feel right when things are messy, so you've been known to dump people for being slobs and actually consider cleaning a good time. Sometimes you'd rather stay in and clean than go out. Or you go out and then nurse your hangover by cleaning your house. You're very unique. You've probably noticed that when you're stressed out, you clean and organize even more than usual. That's because you can be in control. When you're processing a breakup or trying to move into the next phase of your life, you might even start throwing away stuff from every closet and shelf that you have. Minimalism is your middle name.

9 Being Narcissistic


Narcissism isn't generally classified as a lovely trait since it means that you care about yourself more than others and ignore the needs of other people. Some signs tend to be more narcissistic than others, and if you're one of them, you can kind of blame some of your egocentric behavior on your sign. Here's looking at you, Leo, Virgo, and Taurus. If it's in the stars, it's in the stars. Of course, the people who are close to you will understand that your narcissistic tendencies don't mean that you don't care about other people. It's just that sometimes you need a little extra ego stroking to go about your day and keep up your wonderful mood. You get along best with people who can make you feel great about yourself and also keep you in check. You actually get bored by people who kiss your butt. Yup, you're pretty complex.

8 Being Extremely Loyal


What's up, Taurus? You're as loyal as they come... sometimes to a fault. Keep in mind that it's not a bad thing to be loyal. It's actually pretty wonderful. However, when people occasionally break your trust, you can feel terrible that you were vulnerable and put yourself out there. Just blame it on your sign. You're built this way. At the end of the day, it's much better to be a caring and loyal person than it is to be cold and closed off. Of course, being betrayed is terrible, but once you have more experience, you're better at sorting through the real people from the fake people, and you can do that much faster. When you offer a lot of yourself to others, they start to show their true colors pretty quickly. But don't worry: once you find people who respect your loyal nature, you will make the best friends ever.

7 Changing Your Mind


If you're a Gemini, people might not always appreciate the fact that you change your mind all the time. But you can definitely blame the fact that you do on your astrological sign. It's not your fault that your zodiac sign is basically a split personality. If someone isn't a Gemini, they're never going to understand how your brain works, but most people won't be surprised that you're unpredictable. One day, you can be the life of the party and the next, you don't even feel like talking to your friends. This can make for some complicated friendships and heated dating scenarios, but you don't even really care. You're confident that the people who care about you will accept you for who you are and the rest of them you don't even worry about it. You're quite adept at cutting people out of your life who don't support your changing interests. Whatever.

6 Needing Alone Time

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Hey Cancers, Virgos, Capricorn, and Pisces. You all need your alone time... or else. You all love spending time with your friends, family members, and partners, but you also need to be alone to recharge and do some mental processing. You guys definitely like to be alone. For some signs, being alone for too long feels like a punishment and can drive you crazy, so some people won't understand that you actually enjoy spending time by yourself. You enjoy your own company and getting lost in your own thoughts. Just make sure that you don't spend too much time alone since you can veer into recluse territory if you're not careful. You have to date people that understand the fact that you need your alone time because you don't want to take it personally that you're choosing solitude over hanging out with them.

5 Getting Jealous


Hello, Scorpio. When it comes to romantic relationships, you are one of the more jealous signs out there. You don't like sharing your love interest and take offence if another person even looks in the direction of your significant other. This can cause some problems here and there since your significant other might not get why you're quite that jealous. Blame it on your sign. Scorpios are known for being a bit wild and hard to control but actually, you're incredibly sensitive under your bold exterior. Cancer and Pisces can also get pretty jealous. All of these signs also happen to be water signs, which is considered the most emotional of the zodiac lineup. If you're jealous, that might be because you're super insecure, even though you're so full of pride you would never admit it. If you're also independent, you're going to defend your choices and beliefs as well.

4 Starting Drama


Aries, Cancer, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are all known for having their Drama Queen moments. Aries signs are hot headed and when something doesn't go their way, they want everyone to stop everything and pay attention. Cancers can be overly sensitive and aren't shy about expressing their emotions and crying. Leos need attention and will march around doing what they need to do until they get it, even if that means instigating conflict with their friends. The Sagittarius of the world don't like playing it safe and tend to speak out about what they want, whether or not that's going along with the general consensus about what other people think sounds like a good idea. Pisces would never consider themselves dramatic but they are highly emotional and sometimes use manipulation tactics to get other people to go along with what they want. It's more like low key drama, but it's drama nonetheless.

3 Holding Grudges


Do you hold a grudge? Whether you do or not could have a lot to do with your zodiac sign. No one likes having hurt feelings, but some signs are definitely are going to move on faster than others. Some signs aren't even capable of holding a grudge because they feel too guilty about it. Signs that are likely to hold grudges for the long term include Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn. Aries will also hold a grudge for a while but will be able to drop it by the year's mark. They just don't dwell long enough to care. Capricorns make sure that they have a sparkling reputation so if they feel like someone disrupts what they've got going on, they're not going to let that go easily. The water signs are emotional and prideful enough that they don't understand why anyone would ever hurt them and therefore don't believe in second chances.

2 Being Cheap

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The earth signs are more likely than other signs to be cheap. They believe that they have a responsibility not to carelessly spend money and are most likely to pay their bills on time. But others signs who are more likely to let loose and take chances don't think that saving money is much fun. The grounded and organized signs are just not as comfortable flying by the seat of their pants and waiting to see what happens. They'd rather cut out the fun for a while and save up until they're absolutely sure that they'll never be lacking before investing a lot of money in something. They will always do their due diligence to be sure that the investment is a good one. The earth signs know how to save money, that's for sure.  The signs who can't seem to save even a dollar should definitely get money advice from the earth signs.

1 Being A Cheater


Technically any sign is capable of cheating for different reasons, but some are more likely to seek out affairs than others. Some say that Scorpios, Libras, Leos, and Sagittarius are high on that list. Since most of those signs are also known for their egos and sometimes bold behavior, that can mean that they will step out on significant others more than signs with less ego-centric world views. Sags are known for being a bit restless so they sometimes get bored when they feel locked in by someone. Leos need to have their egos stroked so if the person they're with isn't doing that, they're going to find someone who will. Scorpios can be loyal but they have high drives, which occasionally can cause them to fall into the lap of an available suitor. Libras are a bit different because they don't like confrontation and might not actually sleep with someone else. But when they're significant other isn't giving them the emotional support that they need, they'll seek out other emotional relationships. At least now you know, right?

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