12 Things Only Sephora Employees Are Supposed To Know (+ 5 Sick Things They'll Happily Share)

Sephora is like heaven on earth for someone who loves makeup, skincare, and overall beauty products. Sephora houses numerous brands of beauty items, where customers have the chance to test any product, get their makeup done for free and even take a few samples home before spending a whole paycheck on these luxurious items.

Employees at Sephora are happy to help a customer who isn't sure what foundation matches their skin color or how to create a glamorous makeup look for a night out. However, Sephora employees have things and secrets that only they know when it comes to makeup and the overall Sephora store. Luckily, past employees have shared some of these secrets and a few of them are just a little sick. So, before you sit down in that chair to get your makeup done, make sure the beauty professional is ALWAYS using clean brushes, and you'll be surprised to know that not every employee is a pro makeup artist.

Here are 12 things that only Sephora employees are supposed to know that will shock any customers and five sick things they will happily share that may make customers change their mind about their experience at Sephora.

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17 They Aren't All Professional Makeup Artists

Photo Via: business insider.com

When a customer walks into Sephora to get a makeover, they believe that these Beauty Insiders are professional makeup artists. However, these employees may lie on their job application just to get a chance to work at Sephora, so many of these employees might know just as much as the customer when it comes to makeup and the products, or don't really know much at all.

16 Employees Cannot Try To Stand Out From Their Co-Workers

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According to an ex Sephora employee, it's important that every employee look the same. It's not sure if they are talking about wearing the same makeup, lipstick color or hairstyle, but sticking out or even trying to be an individual is so not cool when working at Sephora.

15 They'll Happily Share: Returned Items Can Be Put Back On The Shelf

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One of the greatest perks about Sephora is that customers can pretty much return anything. It's awesome that customers can return certain products since lighting can be completely different in the store than outside or at home, but what happens to those products when they are returned? Some ex-employees have said that if a product is still intact, they will simply put it back on the shelf.

14 Employees Act Like They Work In A Theater

Photo Via: marketwatch.com

This one is strange, but it's true. Sephora employees have their own lingo and use a variety of terms to refer to where they work and even themselves. According to mentalfloss.com, employees who interact with customers on the floor, aka "the stage" are called "cast members" and managers are called "directors." Their wardrobes are dubbed "costumes" and all the free stuff they get is called "gratis."

13 They Get Hefty Discounts On Brand Name Products

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Just like working in any retail store, employees get pretty good discounts and deals. However, Sephora employees are known to get hefty discounts on brand name items that can range from 20 percent to a 40 percent discount. Sephora employees, who work at J.C. Penny, get an extra 20 to 30 percent discount on anything in Sephora and in the department store as well.

12 Corporate Is Always Watching

Photo Via: nudgerewards.com

Customers may feel watched when they're shopping in Sephora, and when an employee comes up to them they'll be talking their ear off about promotions, products, and whatnot. But, when a Beauty Insider is talking to a customer, it's corporate who is talking in their ear. No one wants to seem pushy, however, if an employee wants to keep their job they just have to talk up their customers.

11 Your Favorite Item Is Usually Not Out Of Stock, Employees Are Just Hiding It For Themselves

Photo Via: businessinsider.com

There have probably been plenty of times when customers walk into Sephora to pick up a particular item just to see that it's not on the shelf or can't even find it in the store's slide-out drawers. Apparently, the item a customer might be looking for is actually in stock, but an employee might keep it for himself or herself.

10 They'll Happily Share: Makeup In New Packaging May Not Be Clean

Photo Via: fromthebathtub.com

Knowing that Sephora employees may be putting used and returned items back on the shelf is downright gross and unhygienic. However, while there are testers for just about every product, customers should be aware of items in new packaging that other people might have tested instead.

9 Sephora Is Extremely Good At Product Placement

Photo Via:psfk.com

We are all victims of picking one of two items off the travel-sized shelves while waiting in line to pay for our makeup goodies. The thing is, we don't really need these items and Sephora is just really good at product placement. While some of these smaller items may seem like a good deal, they really aren't and customers shouldn't bother with them.

8 They'll Happily Share: Not All Brushes Are Clean When Customers Are Getting Makeovers

Photo Via: mentalfloss.com

It can be a chore to have to do our makeup every day, so having the option to let someone do it for us is like a small gift to ourselves. Customers’ trust Sephora employee's to use clean brushes every time, but that doesn't happen all the time. In fact, a forum talking about the store noted that due to high demand for makeovers, employee's can get used brushes mixed up and they could be used again and again without proper cleaning.

7 Employees Always Steal Products

Photo Via: realsimple.com

Employee thievery is a real thing and because makeup can be outrageously expensive, there have been times where Sephora employees steal products for themselves of for others. It's sad that employees steal eye shadow palettes or any other makeup item since they are getting some hefty discounts for them anyway.

6 They'll Happily Share: Employees Need To Look Good At ALL Times

Photo Via: admin.monagiza.com

Sephora is a high-end makeup store and corporate wants its employees to look good at all times. This means having a full face of makeup, wearing those red and black outfits and in some stores, not wearing a ton of jewelry. It is odd that a makeup store won't allow any individuality since makeup is a form of expression, but these are the strict rules a Sephora employee must follow.

5 Employees Push Products For Free Stuff

Photo Via: youtube.com

According to TheThings.com, a Sephora employee is able to get free products based on the products customers purchase with their recommendations. Ever go to the store and ask for an item and an employee recommends something else? These employees’ are pushing products so that they can get free ones for themselves.

4 They Don't Work On Commission

Photo Via: buffalonews.com

It's extremely surprising to learn that a Sephora employee does not receive any commission. Working in such a high-end store that sells a ton of products and sees thousands of customers can be very demanding. What makes it more difficult for these employees is when a manager pushes a goal for them to do and they aren't getting anything extra in return.

3 They'll Happily Share: Many Customers Do Not Practice Good Hygiene

Photo Via: insider.com

There are thousands of testers in Sephora, which is great for someone who wants to buy the perfect shade of foundation or lipstick. However, not every customer uses good hygiene and people with cold sores, chapped lips and those who are visibly sick think it's perfectly okay to try these products. Sephora employees always recommend that customers use disposable applicators that are given to them.

2 Employees Never Have To Buy Their Own Makeup

Photo Via: youtube.com

One way for a Sephora employee to receive free makeup is by product-pushing, but these workers can also get free makeup when a makeup or skincare company comes in to teach employees about their products. Companies can give employees their very own set of products to try out for themselves, for free.

1 Customers Can Get A Sample Of Almost Anything

Photo Via: freebie hunter.org

Sephora employees are happy to give customers free samples of just about anything. Usually, an employee can give customers three samples of whatever they’re choosing, but will gladly give more. Anything can be squeezed into a tiny container, think primer, foundation, and concealer are the easiest, but employees will happily try and scrape some lipstick, too.

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