12 Things NOT To Do While On A Date

First dates can bring up a whole slew of emotions. On one hand, you're feeling excited at the prospect of a new relationship and at having butterflies in your stomach again. But on the other, you're a bundle of nerves and are trying to wrangle your brain on all the ways to impress your date.

After all, it's a lot to juggle for one night. You have to look your best, answer hard and fast questions and determine if there's a real connection there, all the while trying to make out your date from under the dim lighting and avoid choking on your lemon chicken.

What's a girl to do? Here, take a read at the 12 things you shouldn’t do while on a date.

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12 Talk about your ex

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Seems like a no-brainer, yet the topic of past relationships is bound to come up at some point during conversation. The trick is knowing just how much to share and what to share. You don’t want to freak out your potential suitor by smack talking your ex or explaining how he was a UFC fighter and has a track record of being extremely and aggressively jealous of other dudes.

Same goes if you're still heartbroken about your ex. Talking in detail about him may raise some red flags that you're not over him or you may just end up venting and crying in front of the person you were there to impress.

11 Chew with your mouth open

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It’s good to feel comfortable on a date, but you don't want to feel too comfortable, especially in front of someone you just met. This may lead to you throwing all pieces of etiquette out the window and sitting there, chewing with your mouth open.

No one wants to be on the other end of this, especially since they're eating too. It also pretty much guarantees that a first kiss will not be happening. So brush up on some basic etiquette before and get ready to wow your date.

10 Drink too much

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Having a glass of wine or two at dinner can certainly calm the butterflies in your stomach and help loosen you up a bit, but getting full-on wasted is pretty much a guarantee that you will be one hot mess.

You might hook up with him too soon, embarrass him at the restaurant by getting asked to leave or say things you normally wouldn't say - all things that could ruin your chance at a real connection and completely give him the wrong impression of you.

9 Order nothing

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Sure, your date might love the figure you have from all your healthy eating and time spent in the gym, but men also love a girl who isn’t afraid to sink her teeth into a juicy burger every once in a while. If you decide to order only a measly salad and a glass of water, you may turn him off and make him feel self-conscious of his calorie-loaded mouth-watering steak and twice baked potato.

So don't be afraid to order something substantial that will actually satisfy you. Also, try to choose something that isn't too messy and that won't leave you with an embarrassing piece of parsley in your teeth later.

8 Show too much skin


You may want to impress your date and make him feel like the luckiest man in the room by wearing a sexy outfit, but it’s important that you don’t show too much skin. First dates are all about first impressions and the last thing you want is for him to think you're a bit promiscuous based off how you dress.

Enlist the help of your friends by having them decide on an outfit and ensure it's one that strikes a balance between both sexy and sophisticated. Rule of thumb is not being afraid of accentuating your best features, while still leaving him with a bit of mystery as to what's underneath.

7 Be too prepared

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Don’t do what Katherine Heigl did in The Ugly Truth and print off the dating profile of your date. Being too prepared in this way can totally backfire and freak most men out. He doesn’t need to know that you Googled him or saw on Facebook what his ex-girlfriend looks like. Keep some room for mystery by leaving the conversation portion of the date as your chance to learn all about him. You don’t want anything to feel too forced, nor do you want to leave the impression that you're edging on total psycho control freak behaviour.

6 Act like you’re on a job interview

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Dates can certainly feel like a job interview as you feel all nervous and you're answering questions to see if there's a mutual fit. Yet, the goal of a date isn’t to make it feel like you’re under pressure or on a job interview. Just relax and ease down on the rapid fire of questions. Most men won't appreciate answering things heavy things like, "where do you see yourself in 10 years?" or "how many kids do you want?"

5 Be too high-maintenance

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Being high-maintenance is a characteristic that turns most men off, partly because they feel it’s just too much work. No man wants to be in a relationship that consists of the girl demanding she be treated like a princess 24/7 and making him do things like always buy her presents, make her the first priority no matter what and living up to unrealistic expectations.

It’s a lot to handle for a dude, so acting too high-maintenance on a date by sending back the same dish over and over or getting angry when he doesn't open the car door, can scream 'red-flag' to him.

4 Eat food that you know will upset you


If you’ve watched the movie Along Came Polly, you’ve seen firsthand what eating spicy foods on a first date can do. And it isn't pretty.

No one wants to feel uncomfortable and squirming in their seat or having to end the date early in the hopes that they can make it home to their washroom in time. Or, even worse, hope that their date’s washroom has a fan to block the unfortunate noise of their stomach woes. To avoid all this headache, stick to foods you know won’t upset you and think twice before ordering the hit-or-miss ones like spicy foods and dairy.

3 Be too honest

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While it’s important to be honest on a date, being too honest can backfire. You want to get to know each other and see if there's a good fit there, but everyone has a few skeletons in their closet that don't need to be casually brought up, like how you were once arrested for streaking or that you have twelve cats at home.

Don’t let your freak fly too soon by keeping a careful watch on what you say. Avoid word vomit and if something potentially eyebrow rising does slip out, make sure you have a quick save prepared and allow the two of you to get comfortable before you start to share more about your wild side.

2 Text the whole time

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In this day and age, texting and talking on the phone are a major part of our daily lives; it was probably even the way the flirting exchanges between the two of you started. But when it comes to dates, keep the phones tucked away.

No one likes to talk to someone whose head is down and is barely paying attention because their too busy responding laughing at something their friend said via text or checking how many likes their pre-date selfie got. Dates are about face-to-face interaction and anything less will make your date feel unimportant and unappreciated.

1 Get it on 

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If the first kiss at the end of the night leaves you weak in the knees and wanting more, you may be tempted to ask him up for a nightcap or a cup of coffee. Think twice.

Hooking up with a guy too soon may result in him thinking your easy and ruin the dynamic of the relationship. Instead of it leading date-by-date into something serious, he may start to view you as only someone to hook up with. Guys like the chase and if you want him hooked and wanting more, you have to take things slow by making him work for it. When the time is right and you both feel it, go for it, but doing so on the first date is usually only asking for trouble.

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