12 Major Don'ts When He Doesn't Call You Back

I know you've experienced this scenario... You're talking to a guy you really really like. He's almost perfect, right down to the wispy hair that falls across his left eye every time he laughs. You start envisioning what your kids will look like, and you can't help but dream of spending every single day together. Aww, everything's so blissful and so perfect...or so you thought.

It seems like as soon as you start to really like a guy, he falls off the face of the Earth, right? An unanswered phone call is one of the most frustrating things when it comes to dating. Clearly, this guy has some issues, because who wouldn't want to talk to you? You're pretty awesome, so there has got to be something wrong with him. But whatever his reasons are for never calling you again, it's always best to take the high road. I know, you really want to let your inner Lorena Bobbitt out on him, but that will just get you locked up in prison. And, well, ain't nobody got time for that.

If you're having trouble keeping your cool because your love interest no longer calls you, keep reading to see 12 things you should NEVER do once he stops making your hotline bling.

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12 Bombard Him With Text Messages


Want to look like a super crazy and obsessed weirdo? Then go right ahead and bombard his inbox with a bunch of creepy text messages. No, he didn't lose your number. No, he didn't drop his phone in the toilet. He just doesn't want to talk to you! Ghosting on a woman is pretty immature and childish behavior, but bugging him about his reason for going silent won't do you any good.

11 Call Him Out on Social Media


Social media is not the place to air out your dating troubles, especially if the culprit is on your friend's list. Again, this is yet another childish way to go about things. Try your hardest to keep your fingers away from the keyboard when you're all up in your feelings. You're bound to say something you'll later regret.

10 Ask His Friends If He's Okay


Seriously, are you really going to bug his friends over a lack of phone calls? Try not to drag any unnecessary people into the situation. They'll not only look at you like you're crazy, but they'll probably run back to him to let him know he's got a stage 5 clinger on his hands. Yeah, just go ahead and give up any hopes of him calling you back at this point.

9 Delete Him From Your Phone


You just hate scrolling through your contact list and seeing his name, and that cute little picture of him you swiped from his Facebook photo album. But don't feel the need to prematurely delete his contact information from your phone. Chances are, he will reach out to you at some point, and if you have his name and number still saved, you won't have to ask "who's this?" when he does call.

8 Ignore Him When He Finally Calls Back


I know it's tempting to give him the same treatment he gave you, but ignoring him once he finally calls is not the answer. Maybe he does have a legit reason as to why he never called you back, and wouldn't you like to hear him out? Even for closure purposes, it's best to let him give you the low-down on his disappearance, and then you can decide whether you will give him another chance or not.

7 Show Up at His Job


Are you really trying to get escorted off of his work premises? Do yourself a favor, and never ever show up at his job. I don't care if he's the manager at your local Starbucks, and you're just dying for a latte. No, no, no. Just don't do it.

6 Call His Mom


Perhaps you met his mom in passing, or maybe she's just one of your many Facebook friends (which is very strange, BTW.) But please don't call his mom to ask about his whereabouts. Getting a parent involved in some dating drama is a huge no-no, and your guy will probably give you a call later that day...to rip you a new one!

5 Sit and Wait


Wait, so you're really going to lay in bed with your ringer on all weekend in case he calls? Girlfriend, get yourself together! No man should ever leave you waiting, and if he does, he's clearly not the man for you! So call up your girls, and get lit! You'll be having so much fun, you won't even care if he does decide to finally call you.

4 Blame Yourself


Repeat after me: this isn't your fault, this isn't your fault, this isn't your fault. You didn't do anything wrong, so stop blaming yourself! Guys stop calling for a number of reasons. He could be going through a major crisis at home, maybe he's stressed from work, or perhaps he decided to rekindle things with his ex. Either way, shifting the blame onto yourself will only make you feel worse.

3 Cry


You're shedding tears over a missed phone call? Just go ahead and slap yourself one time. Crying should be reserved for deaths, weddings, the birth of a new baby, and when H&M runs out of those cute summer dresses in your size. Don't shed tears over a guy not calling you because honestly, this probably won't be the last time you're in this predicament.

2 Call Him Repeatedly


For now, you're just a girl he doesn't want to talk to, but if you keep calling him repeatedly, you'll be the newest contact on his block list. Don't be that girl. Remove your hands from the dial screen, and take a deep breath. Everything's gonna be OK.

1 Drive by His House


You've made it this far in life without a criminal record, do you really want to get hit with a stalking and trespassing charge? If a guy stops calling you, it's his loss, but driving by his house is crossing the line! Where the heck is your dignity and pride?

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