12 Things Instagram Girls Do Vs. Real Life

As much as life would be incredible if it looked exactly how we wanted it to on Instagram – social media only portrays one perspective of our true day-t0-day reality. And if we’re all being honest, it’s usually only half true at best.

To bring us all down the earth for a much needed reality check, we must admit that we’re living a huge lie by posting only the embellished, symmetrical, definitely not #candid versions of our days to our followers.

We’re taking more selfies than ever, pretending that “we woke up like this,” after hours of attempting to score the best “maybe she’s born with it” picture. Despite the fact that it’s fun and harmless to get creative on Instagram within limits, false perceptions of reality can lead to us making crazy comparisons of ourselves to others. Here's a hilarious, eye-opening list of 12 things Instagram girls do vs. real life.

12 Symmetrical Brunches Vs. Disaster


Would we really take the time to cut our avocado beautifully in half if it weren't for the pic that we hope to post before devouring it on a half-burnt piece of toast? What is behind the bizarre satisfaction with creating a perfectly symmetrical brunch for the world to see? Let's be honest, our DIY meals are often times a complete let down and although they may taste delicious - look like mush on a plate.

11 Loving Bae Vs. Fighting Bae

Of course no girl in their right mind would ever post a photo of her crumbling relationship. Yet, it's crazy to see a loving photo of your best friend and her boyfriend locking lips after you clearly saw them our last night going after each other at the bar. Sometimes, you can correlate the amount that a couple fights, to the number of #bae posts on their collective Instagram feeds.

10 Impeccable Outfit Vs. Pajamas


We all have our go-to pajamas that we will never see the light of day, let alone our Instagram feeds. And no, I am not talking about those cute Victoria's Secret pajamas that you would never wear alone in your room. When a girl posts a #ootd picture in her bedroom, it's most likely the base that she is facing a bored afternoon, trying on clothing and returning back into pajamas.

9 Sunday Scaries Vs. Real Sunday Scaries


Sure, it's ballsy to post a makeup-less selfie to Instagram. However, what's even worse than posting a glamour selfie to social media is pretending like you aren't trying to impress anyone when you are. Girls who fish out compliments with "ugly selfies" which have probably been attempted 15+ times need to stop, now.

8 Glamour Workout Shot Vs. Sweat


We all have that one Instagram nemesis who loves to fill us in on her workout schedule. How many miles did you run today? Please, I need to know. Not. If you're not looking like a complete slob while working out, what are you really doing at the gym? The best thing we can do while we work out is to put our phones away and go on a little social media detox.

7 One Glass Vs. A Bottle

Ah, that one classy post-work glass of wine looks so good on an Instagram feed. Especially with the glowing city backdrop enhanced through multiple photo-editor apps. But what we'd all be much more interested in is what goes down after that first glass of wine. Rarely do we get the pictures of our friends taking their fourth tequila shot, or alone on the sofa on a Friday night with their cat drinking an entire bottle of cheap white wine. It happens.

6 Pinterest Projects Vs. Pinterest Failures

So maybe you're really artsy and have pulled off a few huge Pinterest projects. Chances are, however, that you're like most of us girls who have a 99% failure rate when it comes to Pinterest. Most of us have gotten so disillusioned with the concept of Pinterest that we "pin" without any real goal of completing the project in the future. (I.e. Overheard at a group dinner: "I was so bored, I was actually on Pinterest at work.")

5 Loving Health Vs. Hungover With Chipotle

Sure, some girls post photos of their bacon filled Bloody Mary's and decked out double cheeseburgers at a rooftop hotel. Yet, many of us refrain from posting our late night Dominos and basic grilled cheese sandwiches to Instagram in fear of rejection and lack of likes. We may love kale salads and bean sprout smoothies, but a lot of it is just for show.

4 "Spontaneous Selfie" Vs. Double Chin

You didn't really think we'd believe that was a candid shot did you? When I am caught in a picture with a group of friends laughing hysterically, I usually find myself staring at a hideous picture of a neckless me. If the picture is genuinely candid, chances are it's one of a million. Congrats if you hit the candid jack pot!

3 Hipster Workspace Vs. At The Office

In reality, #officefortheday photos can be brutal. We're all sitting in our cubicles, or running ridiculous errands for our boss, checking Instagram and seeing a photo she posts at her "desk" at the beach or a hipster coffee shop. If you were really doing work there, would you really post it to Instagram? Or maybe we are all just jealous. Does it really matter?

2 Insta Beach Vs. Uncomfortable And Sandy

For many of us girls, 50% or more of the reason we go to the beach in the first place is to get that one bikini shot we've been working all winter for. Sure, rolling around in the sun and playing in the water can be amazing. But none of us like to lay without a towel, rolling around in the sand for more than a minute or two.

1 Candid Shot Vs. Anxiety Over Insta-Likes

Models like Essena O'Neill are coming out in bulk to expose the anxiety they face over keeping up their social media presence. A typical girl projects an image of herself as happy, free and surrounded by loving friends and family. It's important to note, however, that the confidence can be a complete lie, and that for many of us, our true, complex feelings will never be exposed via an Instagram post.

More and more celebrities and Instagram-famous models are coming out and admitting the truth about their lives versus what they project on Instagram. Was your family vacation really as magical as it looked on our newsfeed, or did you fight with your mom over her hotel choice right when you arrived in paradise?

It’s about time we see through the filters, crops, insane number of takes and hashtags, to uncover the reality behind our flawless pictures. When we stop taking a tool that was intended for fun as a way to create a pristine virtual life, we can actually use Instagram in a harmless way. Plus, when you have nothing to hide, living gets easier.

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