12 Annoying Things Guys Do To Get Your Attention

Sure, a woman likes to get noticed by a man. It’s always flattering to have the cute guy in the room start talking you up about your solid drink choice or your killer negotiating skills with the doorman. But it’s not flattering when a guy comes up to a girl and makes her feel uncomfortable with weird one-liners and aggressive attitude. Women don’t want to be hassled when out and about with friends - or especially when out alone. While some guys get it right with their attention-grabbing conversation starters, there are others that aren’t so lucky. There are some things guys do that irritate the hell out of us and have us hightailing it far away from them. Here are 12 annoying things guys do to get a girl’s attention.

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12 Does The “Psst” Call

Ladies, you know exactly what this is. You're walking down the street and hear a guy say “psst” under his breath in order to gain your attention. He has nothing better to say or more intelligent to come up with so all he has is a random noise spewing from his lips. Not cute. And then when you don't turn around to see who this marvelous human being is, he gets mad at you. That's when he finally finds his words, nabbing your attention with names you wouldn’t even call your worst nemesis.

11 Gawking From His Car

How uncomfortable is it when a guy drives by you and stares out his window? Like really stares you. The car slows down to a crawl as he creeps by ogling your body like it’s the first female form he’s ever seen. It’s super uncomfortable and just plain freaky. No woman likes to feel that much on display especially when we are minding our own business pumping gas or going for a run. If you guys are going to look, can’t you be less conspicuous about it? Why not look in the rear view mirror like us girls do when we see something nice to check out?

10 Walking Up To You And Saying You’re Hot

While guys think this is a compliment, it’s anything but flattering thanks to the way it was executed. When a guy walks up to you randomly and interrupts your conversation to say how hot you are, it’s uncomfortable. Yes, women want to feel hot, and sure, we like to get noticed but having a complete stranger come up to us like that and blurt it out isn’t what we’re looking for. If you want to come up to us and make a lasting impression, say something a little less predictable, like maybe, “Hey, what’s up?”

9 Hooking Up With Another Girl

This goes for the dude a girl already knows and is actively trying to get her attention so she’ll finally say yes to a date. But unfortunately for him, that doesn't happen. And since he doesn’t get the reaction he’s looking for from the girl, he tries another approach: hooking up with another girl in hopes to make the one he’s actually into jealous. Gross. If the girl isn’t into a guy when he asks her for drinks the first three times, she most certainly won't be interested after learning he banged a girl they both work with.

8 Texting At Inappropriate Times

Unless you both are friends with benefits and agree on unpredictable, late-night booty calls, a man shouldn’t be texting you in the middle of the night. We don’t look forward to getting woken up at 3am because you wanted to say, “hi,” nor do we think it’s cute to find a text from you when we wake up saying you couldn’t sleep. So what? Is that our problem? Look, it’s flattering you’re thinking of us at such random times of the day, but don’t ruin our sleep because you are wide awake thinking about ravishing us.

7 Pretending Not To Be A Douche Bag

This one is always fun. You meet a guy and he tries to play it off like he’s a total catch, a complete gentlemen. He’s saying all the right things he thinks you want to hear - “I’m looking for my soulmate,” “I hate all these s!u++y girls in here” - but he’s anything but a nice guy. All he’s doing is trying to show you this side he thinks you want just so you’ll agree to go home with him - where he’ll end up throwing you out after the deed is done. Any guy who tells you he’s not into hooking up or he’s not like the rest of the guys who are only out for one thing, is exactly like the guy he's pretending not to be.

6 Gives Bad Pick Up Lines

Pick up lines are the worst. None of them are good, and none actually work. Really, we’re an angel that fell from heaven? Oh please. Stop while you’re ahead, guy. Lame pick up lines are not sexy and require only one way for a girl to respond: laugh and walk away. When a guy asks you where a certain bar is when the sign is right in front of him lit up like a Christmas tree, you have to wonder just how stupid he thinks you are. Too bad for him, you’re not. Later loser.

5 Grows Loud And Obnoxious

Seriously guys, no girl actually likes the loud and obnoxious dude. It’s just not attractive. A man who is offensive is not someone a girl wants to date or even go home with. So when you are trying to get a girl’s attention by talking really loud to your friends over the bad techno music or bang your hand on the bar to get your next round, it’s not going to make our panties come off any faster - it will only make us want to strap a belt on them to ensure they'll never come off again. 

4 Talks About How Much Money He Has

Yeah, women like money. Who doesn’t? And dating a smart, successful man who has made something of himself is totally awesome. But when a man is so vain and so into money that it’s always the topic of discussion - “you should see my new yacht,” “you’d love my condo on the beach” - it’s just annoying. More points start to drop when the guy never actually worked to get all his money, but was only born with a massive trust fund. Nothing less sexy than a man who doesn’t understand the value of a dollar.

3 Licks His Lips While Staring At You

Unless you’re LL Cool J, you don’t get to lick your lips while staring a woman down. It’s pretty awkward and doesn’t make a girl feel the least bit sexy. Instead, the guy looks like a fool and the girl, well, she feels sort of violated. Who is this weirdo licking his lips? And why does he think he has the right to be so blatant about staring at you like that? Guys, if you’re interested in a girl, don’t spook her by acting like a weirdo - or like you’re something you’re not, like a major hip-hop artist - because that whole routine ain’t working.

2 Starts A Fight With Someone

This sort of goes along the same lines as with being loud and obnoxious. A woman doesn’t want a guy being offensive, so getting in a fight with someone is a major no-no. Sure, it will gain a guy some attention from the girl - and everyone else in the bar - but it’s not the good kind of attention he's seeking. The girl is going to laugh at what an idiot the guy is and end up leaving with the nice, quiet guy that kept his hands by his side and his mouth from running.

1 Talking About Your Butt Behind You

Here’s the thing, we love having our man compliment our bodies - especially our butts  we work so hard at barre class for! But that’s our guys. Not some random dude on the street. When a guy starts making suggestive remarks about a girl’s ass while she walks by, it’s anything but favorable. The woman instantly feels like she’s on display and can get super uncomfortable. What’s worse is that most men know this and continue to do it just for their own amusement. Too bad those guys are usually going home alone.

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