12 Super Funny Instagram Accounts You Need In Your Life

With 400 million monthly users, Instagram is making cool accounts grow big. If brands and celebrities are the most followed kinds of accounts on the super popular social networking platform, then hilarious feeds and funny pictures are making their way to big numbers too. Here’s our picks for 12 super funny Instagram accounts that you definitely need in your life. They will cheer you up whether you're checking your iPhone the moment you open your eyes in the morning (you know you do this) or taking a break at lunch to scan your feed.

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12 What’s The Color Of Your Life?

via: instagram.com

Can a basic clothing item describe a way of living? What about a beige cardigan? It looks like the perfect description of a trivial average life. Well, the @beigecardigan Instagram account describes ordinary life with irony and memes, and it makes us laugh so much. The 2.2 million followers put together by the wife of Elliot Tebele, aka @fuckjerry are proof!

11 A Not-So-Average Model

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If you’re sick of models and celebs taking them so seriously and editing their pictures with dozens of filters before posting an #Iwokeuplikethis selfie, switch to @tildalindstam. She’s a model and even walks the catwalk for brands like Dior, but she still feels down-to-earth. Her personal account is witty and self deprecating. She's super genuine and we would love to see this kind of down-to-earth attitude around more on social media.

10 What About Hip Hop And Renaissance?

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If you’re sophisticated and love wisecracks with a subtle humor, the @flyartproductions account is for you. With just 31.8k followers and thousands of likes per picture, this account is very original. The theme of the feed is classic paintings with hip-hop lyrics that will make you smile! What I love most in this feed is the caption. It tells you the name of the painting and when it was painted along with the name of the painter and the song the picture refers to. It’s tastefully hilarious, isn’t it?

9 This Coachella Pug Is Such A Fashionista

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Who doesn’t love puppies? Jeremy Veach is the imaginative photographer behind the @jermzlee profile. His feed counts 337k supportive followers in love with the super cute Norm an adorable and funny pug. The pictures on this feed aren’t just funny: Norm the pug seems to be quite the professional model. He can strike a serious pose and watch sunsets like he's Zoolander. Even if this feed isn’t exactly on the LOL side of Instagram, it will definitely make you smile and melt your heart because it’s so cute!

8 If You Need More Betches In Your Life

via: instagram.com

If you think your female coworkers are much too ladylike, you should check what accounts they’re following on Instagram. Because if they’re loving @betches, they’re definitely more funny than they seem. The @betches feed is literally filled with ludicrous memes and quotes that will make your day. The topics range from the work week to relationships and they always sound so vain and real. Maybe that’s why their follower count is headed toward 4 million subscribers, with thousands of amused comments under every picture. And if you find you want more betches in your life, they’ve also published a couple of equally crazy books. One is called Nice Is Just A Place In France and it’s so inviting!

7 The Millennial Entrepreneur

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Claudia Oshry is the absolute interpreter of our thoughts when it comes to work. Her dream job is... not needing one. Can you blame her? The @girlwithnojob feed is one of those social black holes that will make you completely lose your sense of time and reality. The pictures on her feed would look absolutely normal if it wasn’t for the text on overlay. The numbers on this feed show that @girlwithnojob might have already found the job of her dreams! With 2.1 million followers and a ton of likes and comments on every picture, this girl knows how to make you laugh!

6 Because It Is What It Is

via: instagram.com

Witty memes, cynic quotes, and sad truths that will make you laugh out loud. Vegar Landvsverk manages his @funnywhenitswrong feed from Oslo, and thousands of followers are joining him every day. Now he’s at 400k, getting an average of 10k likes and 5k comments per picture. His posts are basically funny explanations of the pictures, with dumb reflections. You will basically fall over laughing.

5 If He's Still So In Love

via: instagram.com

Exes are crazy, stalking, stupid, miserable, and you really don’t know what was going on in your mind when you were together. So what about taking revenge on them publicly? The @textfromyourex feed is fantastic just because it gathers real text messages the users got from their exes. The compilation is so freaking hilarious you won’t believe people can really write such things after they break up! It's super amusing to read the comment because many times they involve tagging exes or exes-to-be.

4  No You Don’t Need An Optometrist

via: instagram.com

If tastefully hilarious things are not for you, and you’re more prone to laugh at evident facts, you can’t skip @ThatLooksLikeADick feed. Don’t worry, it’s frankly not so unambiguous if you don’t know the theme of the feed. Because images shown there are really common, and taken from sources like the weather channel, but surprise surprise, they always have something that clearly reminds you of… d!**s! 328k followers for less than 600 posts as of today, make this account one of the fastest growing feeds we know. If you follow it, avoid scrolling your feed from your desktop screen while at work!

3 Go Buy Your Bras…

via: instagram.com

Imagine the pitiful scene when you go into Victoria's Secret and leave your boyfriend or husband outside, like a poor dog left out in the rain. Now, maybe you didn’t think about it until reading this post, but this scene is a loop going on 24/7 all over the world. Men waiting for their female counterparts on a shopping spree look so miserable, and as the @miserable_men tells in his feed, it’s truly a global epidemic. What’s really funny about this feed is that the pictures are so tested and true that they don’t even need a comment to make you laugh. It’s all about seeing the incredible amount of bored men that make it so miserably funny!

2 The Ideal Fashionista

via: instagram.com

To tell the truth, it seems Instagram has been taken over by a lot of fashionistas from all around the world, whose only concern seems to be looking good and skinny. Since eating disorders are such a serious thing, but they still seem to be overlooked by the most popular fashion bloggers, the @OMGLiterallyDead account is something to follow if you have a weird sense of humor. This parodic fashion blogging account has 295k followers under its belt and thousands of supportive comments. We’re happy to say that someone is clever enough to try to downplay all this fake perfectionism that we see on many popular fashion accounts.

1 If You Can Only Slay The Deli Trail

via: instagram.com

If you haven’t hear of her yet, you need to know now that this chick is a genius. Even though I wouldn’t like to be her neighbor when she takes pictures of herself in pantyhose in her garden, it’s undeniable that her feed is pretty unique. @CelesteBarber is an average woman taking picture of herself and basically recreating pictures that celebs post online. Since she puts the original and the recreated picture side by side, the result is dramatically ridiculous. But you know what? In the end, you really can’t say if you’re laughing about Celeste’s pose or for how she downplays those celebs taking themselves way too seriously.

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