12 Stupid Things People Care About Way Too Much

Why not give ourselves a nice refresher reminding us about the things we put way too much pressure on in life. By recognizing the absurd obsessions that we have in every day life, from chipped nails to celebrity drama, to the detailed plans regarding what kind of wedding dress we plan to buy in the future, we can focus on the important things that matter today.

Plus, it takes a weight off our shoulders when we understand that the $5 coupon we forgot to use at sushi the other night won't effect our lives in the long run.

Here’s a list of 12 things to take lightly today, or better yet, to forget altogether.

12 Instagram like count


From using excessive hashtags to spending hours over coming up with a clever Insta-caption, our Instagram addiction cannot be denied. We get a false sense of happiness from beating our record number of likes on Instagram. We’re constantly refreshing the page (as if we don’t already have push notifications enabled) and wondering why our best friends haven’t sent our recent post a like within the hour. When we don’t get the amount of likes up to our standards, we anxiously contemplate deleting it. In the end, however, let’s consider whether we even read half of our friends captions, or hardly notice how many likes they get.

Keep calm, post to Instagram and carry on.

11 Fake food allergies


Anyone have that friend who rants about how going gluten-free has changed her life, yet later accepts a handful of gluten-filled beers at the bar that night? It’s okay to have preferences over dietary choices, but it starts to get dangerous and borderline crazy to freak out over bread crumbs in a salad or the lack of dairy-free options at the ice cream bar if you don’t seriously have a food allergy.

10 Brand names


Macklemore said it best, “I'm gonna pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my pocket. I - I - I'm hunting, looking for a come-up. This is f**king awesome.”

It doesn't matter the brand of your crappy beach sandals, so save yourself the shekels. When it comes to most products, the quality doesn't change too much from brand to brand. The person who cares the most, is the person you don't want to make the mistake of considering as a real friend.

9 Small discounts and coupons


When we spent hours trying to recoup the $10 we lost on a purchase of an item that later went on sale, we often forget the time wasted haggling over the phone and email, or worse, in person at the shop. Cut your losses and move on to something more productive.

8 The rain


Since when was rain a poisonous liquid? So many people act as if rain will ruin the entire day (sometimes reacting as if nature has ruined their lives.) We need rain for food, water, and that little thing called life. Let’s embrace rain, and the way it slightly makes our hair curl and frizz in a way that no one will even notice!

7 Microscopic pimples


We can all relate to that massive pimple in the middle of our forehead that no one else seems to see. Of course, any bad breakout is reason to feel anxious over going out on your first date with a guy (although he probably won’t notice anyways – he’s a guy.) However, we often care way too much about blemishes and end up covering them up so much that they look worse than when we started packing on the foundation and concealer in the first place.

6 Chipped nails


Take a look at how many times over the recent months you’ve blown a significant chunk of money at the nail salon to redo a near perfect nail polish. We simply don’t need to go to the nail salon more than once a week, or once every two weeks for some. We care way too much over the smallest chip in our nails and often scorn the salon for poor service. Let’s accept imperfections and give the nice ladies/gentlemen at the nail salon a break.

5 Traffic mishaps


Often, we get the angriest in a traffic jam when we have no where to go. Especially when we’re in the car with friends, why not just accept the reality and put on some good tunes. When we care too much about traffic mishaps, by some weird law of the universe, they seem to get worse and last longer.

4 Office etiquette


We care so much about how we sound in emails – is a smiley face too unprofessional to send to my coworker, will I be promoted even though I was five minutes late to the meeting? At work, we care so much about small details and protocol, and very little about our actual productivity. Let’s focus more on getting things done, and others will stop keeping count of our shortcomings when it comes to dress code and tardiness (within limits, of course.)

3 Social media in general


How many people viewed our Snapchat story hasn’t changed much in 10 minutes. But why do we keep checking it? Oh my god, your ex looked at a picture of your alarm clock that you Snap-storied this morning. He probably clicked through it so fast that he failed to even know it was you that posted it.

With Snapchat’s new changes, it’s safe to say that most people don’t even watch our entire stories start to finish – opting to get through them by clicking away as fast as their pointer finger will allow them to. For all social media pictures, let’s lay down the fact that absolutely no sane person is sitting at their computer analyzing whether you look a pound lighter or heavier than you did in relation to the last selfie you posted a few days back. Let’s give ourselves a break and take the first step in curbing our social media addiction by admitting that we care way too much.

2 Celebrity drama


It’s fake anyways! From scripted reality TV, to Bieber and Selena drama, most of what we watch and read about famous people is completely run by the fact that we care way too much. Our bizarre obsession with celebrities and media entertainment has transformed unreliable news sources into cash cows that distract us from the truly important things in our lives. So when you find yourself dominating the conversation arguing over Beyoncé’s relationship with Jay-Z, remember to ask a friend how their day was. Then you can discuss Queen B's personal life.

1 Future plans


“I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.” ~ Mark Twain

How much of our time is spent inside our own heads, meticulously planning and fretting over a future that will never come to fruition? Be here, now.

The only things we should really be worrying about in life are what will effect seriously us in the present moment and near future. Sorry to break the news, but who won the Bachelor won’t change our long-term sense of happiness (and even if it does, the contestants will probably break up after the craze over their fake love affair has calmed down.)

Let’s embrace perceived setbacks such as traffic jams and unforeseen cloudy skies – instead opting to put on our bathing suits and dance in the ran, turning on the radio full blast in a traffic jam and laughing as the cars next to us stare or join in. In the end, let’s follow what we know to be true, that ultimately, most of what we worry about won’t matter in the long run, or even tomorrow. Good fortune comes to those who chill out.

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